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Banksia Coccinea Landscape Design

Banksia Coccinea, like all Banksias, is a member of the Proteaceae family, which is in turn a member of the protea order. Banksias, also known as the Australian Honeysuckle, are named after the famous botanist Joseph Banks, who sailed to Australia with Captain Cook.

Banksia Coccinea flowers with leaves - Banksia Coccinea
Banksia Coccinea flowers with leaves - Banksia Coccinea
Garden Design Ideas. Banksia coccinea can be a great focal point in smaller gardens or in commercial landscape projects.

Banksia Coccinea Garden Ideas

Banksia Coccinea facts

Native to the coastal sand dunes on the southern edge of Western Australia, this banksia is also known as the Albany banksia, the Waratah Banksia or the Scarlet Banksia. It natural habitat is slightly acidic, deep sandy soil in scrubby areas with reasonable rainfall. This makes it a good plant for coastal gardens with sandy soils.

Growing Banksia Coccinea

This Banksia can be grown either as a shrub or a small tree. Normally growing to around 5 metres, it can grow as high as 8 metres tall. If you are designing for a small garden, consider using one or two of these as a focal point in your small garden design. Banksia Coccinea is also a favourite with florists with its vivid dark red, orange or scarlet pistels. Banksia Coccinea’s magnificent flowers and attractive foliage make it popular with florists as well as gardeners. An added bonus is the very long flowering period.

When does Banksia Coccinea flower?

It can be in flower from June all the way through to January, which is great for the wildlife which will come to feast on the abundant nectar. After the flowering season the seeds will also attract cockatoos to your garden.

Banksia Coccinea Flower - Banksia Coccinea
Banksia Coccinea flowers with leaves - Banksia Coccinea
Garden Ideas. Banksia coccinea has dark green serrated leaves that are grey green underneath.

Garden Maintenance for your Banksia Coccinea

Better suited to sandy soils and warm dry temperate climates, this Banksia can be sensitive to clay soils. If you are in a humid climate like the Melbourne, make sure you prune it to allow plenty of air circulation. As it is drought tolerant, and requires very little watering, this plant is ideal for sunny positions in your Melbourne Coastal Garden. Feed this plant  lightly twice per year with a low phosphorus fertiliser, and water sparingly.  A good fertiliser for native plants is Neutrog Bush Tucker.

Benefits for Wildlife in the Garden Landscape

In addition to its attractive appearance this banksia is a prolific nectar producer.  This will attract nectar eating native birds like Honeyeaters and rainbow lorikeets to your garden as well as bees and even small marsupials. The seeds are eaten by birds such as cockatoos, making Banksia coccinea the perfect plant for attracting wildlife.


Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) - Banksia Coccinea
Banksias will attract wildlife like Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) - Banksia Coccinea
Garden Design Idea. Growing Banksias will attract wildlife like Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) to your garden.

Contact Experienced Landscape Designers

For help with the design and development or your landscaping ideas, contact one of our experienced Landscape Gardeners. We can help with small garden design all the way up to Commercial Landscape Design.  Our specialties include fast growing screening plants, plant health and horticulture, garden lighting and outdoor pool landscaping ideas. For more landscape garden design ideas, take a look at our Garden Design blog for information on more plants.

3D Renders – What To Expect

3D render allows you full access to see your future landscape as it would be built.
Renders allow you to visualize the designed spaces not only from top and side views but from every view: out of key viewpoints such as balconies, views from the spa, underneath the pergola: 3D modelling lets you spatially see how it all fits together.

Our render package includes 5–10 images like the one here, as well as a flythrough video, which takes you on a journey through your landscape. These are great for understanding how the area would be experienced, as you are seeing it as you would if you were really there.

Design Fee Proposal Options

Please see below the 2 options for your landscape design. These prices have been custom priced according to your brief, site conditions, and the landscape elements required.

2D Landscape Package

  • This option includes a 2D fully scaled landscape plan drawn at 1:100, with annotation depicting design elements on the plan.
  • A mood board document with indicative imagery, such as Pinterest photos of poolside paving, planting styles etc – all included to give an indication of the design intent.
  • A planting schedule and materials schedule will break down exactly what plant species and hardscaping materials are within the design.
  • You will be able to obtain quotes and build from these plans once the 2D Landscape Package process is complete and you’re happy with your design.
  • 4 hours of allocated change/revisions included in price, revisions beyond quoted amount will be charged at an hourly rate




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