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Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping

Romsey Ecotherapy Park

Romsey is a town in Victoria, Australia, that is part of the Shire of Macedon Ranges local government region. It is 61 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD. The population estimate for Romsey, as of June 30th, 2021, is 4,380.

Romsey in Autumn - Reds Landscaping & Design
Romsey in Autumn. Photo Visit Macedon Ranges.

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park is located in Romsey, Melbourne, on the corner of Main and Palmer streets.


Climbing Forest - Reds Landscaping & Design
Climbing Forest - The forest sits alongside the beautiful oak cubby and provides an exhilarating challenge for the young, the brave and the young at heart. -Photo credit MRSC

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc. committee (REP) initiated a community-led campaign to create a welcoming and freely available recreational open space for local residents and regional visitors. The design focuses on offering a unique sensory and rehabilitative experience to people of all ages and abilities through interaction with nature.

The City of Romsey Council purchased the former Romsey Primary School site from the Department of Early Childhood and Education and Training in September 2015 in support of local community efforts to create an all-abilities park.

The Department of Early Childhood and Education and Training sold the former Romsey Primary School land to the Council in September 2015 in support of local community efforts to develop an all-abilities park.

Importance to the community

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Commercial Park Seating - Reds Landscaping & Design
Romsey Ecotherapy Park. Quality commercial park seating, a three metre high ropes course, lookouts, a rope bridge, avertical climbing net and a hammock.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park was created to provide a variety of active contact and physical challenges for both children and adults. The Romsey Ecotherapy Park's mission is to develop a sense of community while also encouraging a connection to the environment as a means of improving health and well-being.

A community space and park that serves as a key meeting point for inhabitants and visitors to the region who want to engage with nature. This one-of-a-kind all-inclusive nature environment is designed for people of all ages and abilities to explore, play, and discover.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Romsey Ecotherapy Park

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping was completed in 2019. It was completed for the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The experience we had at this facility was simply amazing, and this is why we are highly excited for the second stage.

"The Romsey Ecotherapy Park is a different all-inclusive nature space for people of all ages and physical abilities to explore, engage and play with and discover nature.

It is a unique, nature-based healing space located in the Macedon Ranges which is almost an hour from Melbourne. It is just a stone’s throw from Spa and Daylesford.

The Park is constructed not only to excite and entertain children and people of all ages but also to provide sensory incitement and healing space for relaxation and reflection for all ages.

Being Located on the old Romsey Primary School site, the fascinating school building and grand old oak tree remain, honoring Romsey’s heritage. The site reinforces the Park as a place to assemble and strengthen community links." – Romsey Ecotherapy Park Website.

Park landscaping

Landscape design not only improves the appearance of your yard but also increases the value of your home. Landscape design and maintenance, on the other hand, is not an easy undertaking for homeowners. This is especially true if you lack the necessary time or experience. Let Red’s Landscaping company take care of the dirty work. We are a landscape contractor. We provide a number of services that will undoubtedly improve the curb appeal of your home, park, or garden.

Landscape Architecture

Red’s Landscaping company creates your landscape based on the present look, lifestyle, and preferences of your home. We collaborate closely with you to design a yard with plants, hardscape, and other features that highlight your home’s natural beauty.

Maintaining Your Lawn To keep a lawn looking clean and healthy, it must be maintained on a regular basis. For your grass and soil, our commercial lawn and landscaping service uses high-quality equipment and fertilizer. Throughout the year, we ensure that your lawn is thick, homogeneous, and disease-free.

Exterior Lighting

After a long day, do you want to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings? Are you interested in hosting regular nocturnal gatherings at your home? Outdoor lighting must be both attractive and functional. Even at night, we design our solutions to bring out the best features of your landscape!

Sprinkler Installation and Repair Sprinklers are a quick and easy way to keep your grass moist. Sprinklers are strategically placed throughout your yard by our crew to provide optimal coverage. Give us a call if your irrigation system isn’t working properly, and we’ll fix it as quickly as possible.

Removal of trees

Even if you wish to retain a tree that has been growing in your yard for years, if it is diseased or damaged beyond repair, it will be an eyesore. You can enlist our assistance in safely and efficiently removing the tree from your property.

Tree Pruning and Care Allow our tree care staff to take care of your tree if you don’t have the time or capacity to keep it healthy and safe. We utilize high-quality tools and supplies to keep your tree disease-free and away from your roof and power lines all year.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park

Project founded by freemasons_official
Plants supplied by thenursery. co

Media Release from Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas

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commercial landscape design

Landscape Design Tips for Commercial Sites

Landscape Design for commercial landscaping is important for the creation of quality open green and accessible places for the community. We take a look at how Melbourne's best Landscape designers are doing it.

What is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is a multi-dimensional landscape service that involves planning, designing, installing, and maintaining attractive outdoor business spaces. A beautiful working environment is known to increase workers' output, attract more clients to the business, and create a fresh atmosphere for employee health and efficiency. There are many benefits to investing in your commercial landscape because an unattractive or poorly maintained landscape will negatively impact you. On the other hand, a beautiful and well-maintained landscape will positively impact potential clients and increase the value of your property.

Aerial view commercial landscaping landscape design - Reds Landscaping & Design
Aerial view of the commercial landscaping at Mill Park Leisure Centre. Design by Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd


Commercial landscaping is a little different from residential landscaping. The whole focus is on professional properties such as office buildings, commercial projects, restaurants, strip malls, and indoor malls in commercial landscaping. Commercial landscaping is very complicated depending on the layout, indoor and outdoor lighting, availability of sunlight, access to parking lots, etc. And these factors are different in different conditions.

What is landscape design?

Landscape design is the arranging and modifying of features in a landscape, urban area, or garden. It involves the planning, designing, and managing of open spaces to create urban and rural environments. Landscape design is often characterized by aesthetic composition and artisanship, horticultural skills and experience, and a concentration on detailed site connection from creative level to final construction.

commercial landscape design - Reds Landscaping & Design
Illustration of an idea and implementation of urban landscape design.


Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition practised by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice, landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design. It is done to create a natural scene by planting lawns, trees, and shrubs. Landscape design is both an art and a science of establishing a ground in such a way that it gives the effect of a natural landscape.

Landscape Design with a pencil sketch - Reds Landscaping & Design
Landscape Design with a pencil sketch.

Landscape design is also important for practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability. It is always divided into hardscape designs (Non-living elements, such as pavers) and softscape designs (The living elements, such as flowers). Professional landscape designer provides a wide variety of design and planning skills that are personalised to the specific needs of their clients.

Landscape design ideas for commercial buildings

The outdoor space of your commercial building is the first thing people see, so it is important to make a good first impression. Commercial buildings have to look perfect with a well maintained outdoor landscape. A well maintained and excellent garden invites most customers and increases your company's reputation. Studies showed that in 2005, the property's perceived value increased by 11% when an insufficient investment occurred in landscaping. Retail products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements of nature. Your business will benefit when you embrace the following commercial landscaping ideas.

Commercial Landscaping - Landscape Design Adds Value - Reds Landscaping & Design
Professional commercial landscaping landscape design adds value to a business. Mill Park Leisure Centre Design by Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd.

Focus on the beautiful and welcoming entrance.

Welcoming entry space is vital for a commercial building because it invites the clients. Highlighting the doorway and providing special access to your business property creates a welcome entrance. Place bright flowers by the entrance to attract the attention of clients. Use decorative features such as exposed aggregate paths from the parking lot to your entrance. Include symmetrical planters on both sides of the entrance.

commercial landscape design entrance - Reds Landscaping & Design
Commercial landscape design. The entrance is designed to be inviting. Mill Park Leisure Centre. Design by Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd.


Commercial Landscaping Melbourne - Reds Landscaping & Design
Commercial landscaping Melbourne creating great public spaces. Wide exposed aggregate pathways near the entrance. Mill Park Leisure Centre. Design by Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd.

Include bushes, shrubs, trees, and flowers.

The bright green and bright colour of the plants and flowers evoke positive responses, such as relaxation and prosperity. You have to grow shrubs, bushes, trees, and flowers if you want to exist, and new customers will feel pleasant emotions when they enter your building. You have a flower garden that displays your company name and logo. You can represent your brand's colour by using flowers. Your flower garden should be separate from your lawn. If you don't have a lawn, use raised beds for flowers for pleasant aesthetic value. Use shrubs to line the pathways and walkways. Set up a line of shrubs and small trees within the perimeter of your building. This looks beautiful and will reduce the energy bill.

Yoga mat near the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre - Reds Landscaping & Design
Yoga mat near the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre. Design by ACLA Consultants landscape architects.

Add benches, shade, and trees.

Fresh air is the first choice of everyone. An outdoor seating area in your landscape garden will be an attractive point. Elevate your commercial landscape by adding benches and deck chairs. Also, add shade for additional comfort. Tall trees and large shrubs are a beautiful choice for shade.


Outdoor Furniture on Exposed aggregate concrete - Reds Landscaping & Design
Outdoor Furniture on Exposed aggregate concrete. Design by ACLA Consultants landscape architects.

Add water feature

By including a water element in your landscape design, you may enhance it. A simple pond or fountain may quickly become the central point of your business landscape, adding low-lying plants and statement rocks around the water feature. This is an easy and efficient way to enhance your commercial landscape design.

Outdoor Garden Design Ideas - Reds Landscaping & Design
Outdoor Garden Design Ideas. Design by ACLA Consultants landscape architects.


Use plants to create hedges.

If you have fences in your garden, use plants instead of them. The addition of lush and beautiful plant hedges will immediately boost your commercial building and create a more inviting and pleasant space for clients.

Melbourne Landscaper - Reds Landscaping & Design
Syzygium australe is an Australian native hedging and screening plants.


Add outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lights are a lovely and simple way to increase the beauty of any business space. With the addition of outdoor lighting in the commercial landscape, the benefits will be increased. Use string lights to create a romantic ambience, a spotlight to draw attention to your service sign, and lamps to create a professional outdoor atmosphere.

Water Feature with lighting for effect - Reds Landscaping & Design
Water feature with lighting for effect.


Outdoor Entertaining Area - Reds Landscaping & Design
Outdoor Entertaining Area. Good lighting design benefits both residential and commercial landscaping design.

Use native plants to reduce maintenance.

Suppose you are finding methods of reducing the cost of your commercial landscape. Then one method used for this is to grow native plants. Native plants are a great choice for landscaping because they fit into the natural landscape. They are well-suited to the climate, and they need less maintenance.

Drought Tolerant Native Plants - Reds Landscaping & Design
Drought tolerant native plants. Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd.


Use beautiful and decorative walkways and other hardscapes.

If you want your guests not to hurt themselves and your garden to look attractive, then install attractive walkways such as exposed aggregate paths, which are very beautiful. Create stone retaining walls to convert a slope into a usable flat yard. Use concrete patios, which are low maintenance and versatile patio options.

Commercial landscaping public walkways - Reds Landscaping & Design
Commercial landscaping public walkways in the carpark at Mill Park Leisure Centre. Land Design Partnership Pty Ltd.

Top tips for designing a commercial landscape garden

A successful business does not always need large financial backing, an efficient working environment, or other business processes. Sometimes, small factors have the biggest impact on your business, such as a commercial landscape garden. An excellent and well-maintained garden provides a vibrant and colourful environment, invites most customers, and enhances your company's reputation. Overall, the landscaping garden aims to make your business as presentable, professional, and welcoming as possible. Here are the top tips with the help of which you can make your beautiful commercial landscape garden.

Portuguese Laurel tree (Prunus lusitanica) - Reds Landscaping & Design
Portuguese Laurel tree (Prunus lusitanica) at Trinity St Kilda.

Make wide and clear walkways

The most noticeable parts of the commercial garden will be the walkways because they direct people towards specific parts of the building. Ensure that your paths are broad enough to allow easy travel because nobody likes to travel through cramped spaces. Major garden routes should be at least 5 feet wide, through which two people can move side by side easily. The width of the secondary walkways (where people travel in a single file) must be at least 1 metre. In addition, these walkways should be clean and clear.

Exposed Aggregate Pathways - Reds Landscaping & Design
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pathways.


Make a plan for plants

Give your plants room to grow. If you must have a dense, full landscape right away, plant with the intent to relocate or remove some plants as they mature. You can also plant quick-growing, short-lived plants to temporarily bulk up your planting. Design your commercial landscape with extra bulkiness, short edges, plants that require less maintenance, or anything else that allows it to keep the same look over time.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pathways - Reds Landscaping & Design
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Pathways at Mill Park Leisure.


Create a comfort zone through plants

Plants can do more than look good in the garden. Choosing the correct plants and properly arranging them may make your garden much more enjoyable and useful. Evergreen trees with broad leaves help protect your landscape from strong winds. Perennial and decorative grasses may be used to create an immediate privacy screen. Plant a tree or tall shrub border around your garden to cool down on a hot summer day. There is plenty of room in your garden for trees. So many small-footprint decorative trees are now available, which can be used in any garden.

Add colour to your garden through flowers and other plants

Colour is generally the first thing people notice when they see a flower garden. Therefore, choosing plants in pleasing colour combinations is important in designing a new garden. Colour choices are a matter of personal taste. The colour theory can help you to combine different colours of blooms, foliage and other elements in a way that you find pleasing, except for flowers' extensive colour choices with foliage too. Add the plants with many shades of green, yellow, red, blue-grey, and earth tones. Bark, buds, and other plant parts contribute to your palette as well.

Outdoor furniture

Installing outdoor furniture is very important in the commercial landscape garden. So place modern and traditional furniture outdoors for the employees and customers visiting your place to feel comfortable. Plain wooden benches can create a sense of relaxation.

Use drought tolerant plants

The ideal landscape garden incorporates all elements to enable harmony and facilitate maintenance. A drought-tolerant plant can survive in your garden with less than the normal amount of water. There are many benefits of drought-resistant plants, such as they require minimum water, so you can use your water for other purposes. Your water bill will be lower as well. These plants are low-maintenance.

Proper irrigation system

A properly installed irrigation system has several advantages for your garden. Installing a proper and professional irrigation system helps create and maintain a great looking garden and saves money, time, and energy. Manual irrigation has many disadvantages, such as excess water supply, loss of water, and heavy electricity bills.

Add Decorative features

Decoration of the landscape is very important. Use decorative features like fountains, statues, and other hardscapes. Choose sculptures that are appealing but also complement your buildings. Pathways such as exposed aggregate paths with colourful plants offer a pleasant experience for the clients who walk into your office.

Highlight important points

Using distinctive plants, distinguishing structures, and garden decorations, you may draw attention to the most significant features of your commercial building. Contrasting forms, textures, sizes, and colours will assist in drawing attention to a particular location.

Who are landscapers?

The commercial landscape design includes more than just mowing and blowing. It needs qualified and skilled landscape experts who can understand the significance of landscaping for business and should know how to enhance the aesthetic value of your building. Such skilled and experienced people are called landscapers. Landscapers can help you plan and create a low-cost and beautiful workplace. They may perform regular or seasonal maintenance services such as mowing, pruning, trimming, weeding, and planting. They can identify what activities need to be performed to keep your building neat, clean, and fresh.

Large corporations must manage commercial grounds, colleges and universities must maintain campus grounds, cities and towns must maintain and enhance public parks, and zoos and theme parks need landscape design solutions. All of these people are prospective customers for a landscaper.

What does a landscape designer do?

Landscape designers design attractive public spaces such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, commercial buildings, and college campuses and increase the aesthetic value of these places. They plan the locations of building roads, walkways, flowers, shrubs, and trees within these environments. Landscape designers design these areas so that they are easy to use and harmonious with the natural environment.

A landscape designer will work with their client to meet their vision for their outdoor space. No matter how big or small the project is, a landscape designer can turn a bland land space into something attractive, beautiful, and special. The landscape designer aims to improve natural beauty and promote environmental advantages. They also create rooftop gardens that may be used to retain stormwater, absorb air pollutants and cool the buildings while also providing pleasant scenery.

It might be difficult to find a qualified and skilled landscaper for your property. It is preferable to use a landscaping company that interacts well with you. They should constantly contact you to inform you of what is required for your property and what must be done. Choose a landscaper whose charges are clear and honest and who will provide you with all of the details regarding where your money is going.

The team at Reds Landscaping & Design are experienced and talented. The red landscaping has a lot of experience building commercial gardens and landscapes. They can create a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape for you on a budget. Their landscaping and garden projects will ensure that the building of your project is both low-cost and time-saving while also ensuring the highest quality result.

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Backyard Outdoor Entertainment Area Design

Outdoor Entertaining Area Designs

The outdoor entertaining area is the ideal addition to the Melbourne Garden. Melbourne's climate and lifestyle make this a very practical part of the landscape design.

Australians are known for their love of spending quality time outdoors, especially in the summer season. More and more people utilise their outdoor space to entertain family and friends. There is nothing like meeting up with loved ones outside of entertaining areas, whether it is a small family gathering or a large celebration with friends. The outdoor entertaining area can make the difference between a pleasant and a stunning social gathering. There are many ways to maximise your space to create entertaining outdoor areas that you and your guests will never want to leave.

The Outdoor Entertaining area kitchen

The outdoor kitchen trend is a welcome part of landscape design. Combining this with a vertical garden with fresh cooking herbs is ideal for the Melbourne Outdoor Entertaining area design. The "Space to Grow" gold medal winning garden by Tony Woods of Garden Club London displayed many of the practical landscape design features for outdoor entertaining.

Landscape design Ideas Urban Flow by Tonny Woods - Reds Landscaping and Design
An outdoor kitchen design using a concrete bench with cooktop, wooden paling fence and vertical kitchen garden. Urban Flow by Tony Woods. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

The Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen was supplied by Dade Design, a Swiss high end designer of architectural concrete products for indoors and outdoors. Dade Design is at the forefront of concrete design and manufacture, and their products, manufactured in the Rhein Valley in Switzerland, display the perfection of Swiss precision.

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture was supplied by Italian furniture designer and manufacturer Ethimo, a specialist high end supplier of outdoor decor and furniture.

Landscape Design of the Outdoor Entertaining Area

As the weather gets warmer, we all want to spend more time outdoors. Even simple things like eating dinner and having a drink are much better when you are outside. Therefore, outdoor dining and bar areas are pleasurable and should be enjoyed as often as possible. You do not need to go out and pay exorbitant restaurant prices when you can create your own dining space in your outdoor space. You can renovate your outdoor space with several excellent outdoor dining area ideas. For example, add a dining area on a covered porch, setting up your dining table below the canopies of large trees. Your verandah is also a perfect spot for outdoor dining, where you can enjoy the view and fresh air.

Using modern landscape design tools, the outdoor entertaining area can be designed and checked for aspects such as access, visibility, privacy, and shade. Different landscape design concepts can be explored and fine tuned to achieve the optimal landscape design outcome for the client.

Shade over the outdoor entertaining area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Shade over the outdoor entertaining area. Using the landscape design tools, the outdoor entertaining area can be checked for shade. If the shade is insufficient, then shade cloths can be added to the design. The optimum position for the outdoor kitchen bench can be designed in.

The outdoor fireplace is also a useful part of the landscape design in Melbourne. A chimney can be used to carry the smoke away from the guests.

However, if Australia is not famous for its extreme cold, there are some chilly cold nights. In such conditions installing outdoor heating in your garden can be a great way to stay warm as the weather cool, allowing you to enjoy living outside for a longer time. Many outdoor heating options differ in fuel, installation, and ambiance, including a gas patio heater, electric heat strips, fireplace, fire pit, etc. Choosing the proper outdoor heating will primarily come down to using your space and its setup. An outdoor heating area can help you create a focal point, upgrade your décor, and serve as a place to gather, entertain, relax, and enjoy time with your loved ones.

Using the landscape design tools, the views from various angles can be checked for fine tuning the details of the design.

Outdoor Entertainment Area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Outdoor Entertainment Area.

The landscape design tools can also be used to check the outdoor areas at night. The outdoor fireplace is a feature of many new outdoor areas.

Lighting is one of the most affordable and effective ways of transforming your entertaining outdoor area because your landscape and entertaining outdoor space should not be limited to daytime use. Several lighting ideas are used to create the perfect outdoor entertaining area. For example, the use of string lights suspended high above a patio or other gathering area creates a festive atmosphere because string lights are lovely, delightful, and instantly create a festive atmosphere. Path lighting can help your guests travel through your yard safely. Up-lighting trees and other key landscape elements in the surrounding landscape can make the atmosphere feel more alive and energetic. It sets the stage for a beautiful evening. Add accent light fixtures to your outdoor space to create something distinctive for you and your guests.


Outdoor Entertaining Area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Outdoor Entertaining Area with lighting design and open fire.

Getting together for a barbeque is always a cheering affair. Nothing beats the smell of freshly grilled meats and veggies in the evening. A barbeque can fit into almost any outdoor space, from patios, decks, and balconies to more sizeable gardens. The outdoor barbeque area can serve as a focal point in your property, helping you bring life with mouth-watering recipes. Patios, pergolas, verandas, and decks are good launching pads to get your barbeque area set up quickly.

Creating an Outdoor Relaxation Area

The outdoor relaxation spot is significant in your lawn where you can spend time with your soul mate, where you can enjoy your loneliness, and where you can recharge yourself after a long stressful day. That way you can escape from reality and enjoy the wonderful nature. The relaxation spot can be created by adding a little water feature, a very relaxing little place where you can relax and let the day's stress melt away. It could also be a little garden spot in your landscape where you can plant your favorite plants because plants make you happier, more creative, and more relaxed. Gardening is known to be therapeutic and relaxing as you. It can also be created by planting sweetly scented flowers such as lavender, relaxing your mind, and making it peaceful.

Children's play areas should also be considered in the landscape design.

Poolside entertainment area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Poolside entertainment area.

Outdoor entertaining areas and swimming pools go well together. The landscape design makes best use of the usable space and ensures the design themes are carried through the garden. Access to the swimming pool, seating areas, and outdoor fire pit can be checked.

Creation of Outdoor Privacy

If you live in a densely populated, busy area, having a peaceful, private place to call your own may seem impossible. The good news is that there are several techniques to create privacy on your lawn, such as establishing a divider made of climbing plants or installing an aesthetic screen to create a fashionable barrier. The ground-level terrace with a pergola and lattice sides is ideal for respectful discussion. Plant climber plants along the lattice to provide extra shade and privacy for the room. You can also create privacy by planting deciduous trees with light, airy foliage, planting climbers, and adding ornamental panels.

Swimming Pool Entertainment Area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Swimming Pool Entertainment Area.



Vine Covered Veranda

A veranda or pergola is one of the best ways to maximize your outdoor space and an excellent investment for your home. The right veranda design will allow you to increase the use of your outdoor areas, enabling you to enjoy the fresh air all year round.



Outdoor Entertaining under a veranda - Reds Landscaping and Design
Table set for dinner at the veranda.

With an elegant, vine-covered, and functional veranda design, you can make your outdoor space a beautiful extension of your home. You can completely transform even a narrow space into a dreamy patio with a vine-covered veranda. A patio with vine-covered columns, a lush lawn, and beautiful furniture turns this outdoor patio into the perfect spot for outdoor relaxation.

A Garden Pergola

A pergola can add an extra dimension to your lawn and set it apart from the competition. It provides additional space for plants to bloom and breathe life into your garden. It also adds an extra layer of protection from the elements and can help screen out unsightly views.


CAD design of a garden Arbor - Reds Landscaping and Design
Sketchup landscape design of a garden Arbor.


A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. A pergola can protect you from the elements and extend your season in all weather. You can add materials such as heaters, a small kitchen, a refrigerator, etc., which can make pergolas an actual four-season outdoor living area.


Swimming pool design with Pergola Outdoor Entertaining - Reds Landscaping and Design
Swimming pool design with Pergola. Photo realistic CAD model.



Vines that flower best in the full sun make an ideal veranda cover. For example, bougainvillea vines love full sun locations and add vibrant color to your veranda with flowers in shades of purple, pink, and red.



Using 3DWarehouse furniture like tables and chairs - Reds Landscaping and Design
Outdoor Entertaining Area designed using Trimble Sketchup. 3DWarehouse  provided the CAD models for furniture like tables and chairs.

Pre-cast and In-situ Concrete seating and furniture.

Outdoor furniture can be designed in a range of shapes to either maximise the usable space or soften the design with rounded shapes and adjacent lush planting. In-situ concrete allows a range of shapes as well as durable permanent furniture.

Outdoor living extends your lifestyle into your backyard. It is about taking components of ordinary life that may occur in it. Outdoor living involves actively using your garden as a space to spend time. Outdoor living rooms allow property owners to expand their living and recreational areas creatively. You can add a fire pit, a hammock, and a porch swing to your outdoor living room or set up an outdoor game in your backyard. You can also place a TV in your outdoor living room, which will make your space a perfect destination on match day. Use cozy furniture that is comfortable for you and your family. Don’t forget the ceiling fan in your outdoor living room.


Pool and Outdoor Entertaining area - Reds Landscaping and Design
Pool and Outdoor Entertaining area.

Curved outdoor seating

Curved outdoor furniture with close planting softens the look of the hard landscaping. This type of furniture also makes it easier for groups of people to face each other and have a chat.


Curved Garden Seat - Reds Landscaping and Design
Curved garden seat with irregular stone paving by Naomi Ferrett Cohen Chelsea Flower show 2018.

Sunken and partially sunken areas.

Seating and colour themes that match the garden plants can be used to great effect when landscaping seating areas in the garden. Carrying a colour theme from inside the home, to the patio, and then to the outdoor room areas will create an illusion of greater size in the landscape.


Fast growing Hakea salicifolia screening out the rear fence - Reds Landscaping and Design
White sweet alyssum Lobularia mariti is a colour match for the white outdoor furniture and sandstone lawn pavers.

A sunken garden is another way to create the illusion of greater space. In the award winning landscape design, LG Eco City by Hay-Joung Hwang, the colours and textures of the seat cushions match the lupins and foxgloves in the garden. This colour theme is carried on to the garden kitchen behind large opening glass sliding doors.


Garden idea - Sunken Garden - Reds Landscaping and Design
Great colour coordination with the natural concrete colour with matching outdoor couches. Note how the cushions match the colours of the garden. Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Landscape design by Hay-Joung Hwang.


Concrete Architecture Outdoor Entertaining - Reds Landscaping and Design
Concrete Architecture can be softened with garden plants and garden furniture. Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Adding Garden Water Features to your Landscape Design

Adding a water feature to your yard has endless benefits. It creates a soothing sound and visual beauty, but it also adds texture and movement to each landscape design.

Water features help to promote relaxation and de-stress. The sound of running water is used in many ways to promote peace.


Water feature with lighting for effect - Reds Landscaping and Design
Water feature with lighting for effect.


A water feature can add a unique and specific definition to your landscape. A water feature can accurately transform a plain, unappealing yard into a cozy, nature-filled getaway.


Water fountains and gardens near Almudaina Palace - Reds Landscaping and Design
Water fountains and gardens near Almudaina Palace in Palma de Majorca, Balearic Islands Spain.


Water features can be as simple as a small reflecting pool or as elegant as a waterfall dropping into a fish pound with a fountain. Many water feature ideas are used, such as the garden creek, koi pond, water wall, hanging wall fountain, rain fountain, simple fountain, etc. are used in the gardens.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas in Commercial Landscaping.

Modern Melbourne commercial landscaping of public places features outdoor entertainment areas. Often, these will consist of a permanent barbecue with tables and seating benches. The seating benches can be made of a recycled plastic fibre composite.



Commercial Landscaping Outdoor Entertaining in Public Spaces - Reds Landscaping and Design
Commercial Landscaping of the Entertainment areas of public spaces often includes barbecues and sports facilities like table tennis tables.



Contact us for design and construction of your outdoor entertaining area or commercial landscaping projects.

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