Best Landscape Design Software for a Student or Beginner

Best Landscape Design Software for a Student in 2022

This year’s best landscape design software is more advanced and realistic, you may also want to know which of them offers a free trial or demo first before you can be satisfied with the software you would use and know the type of operating systems that is compatible with the software because you may have an operating system that may not be strong to run the program or software, although each of them may have their specialty on different aspect let’s have a look and see which one gives more realistic imagery than others and am going to be listing each of their Pros and Cons for each of the software listed. Here is the top best landscape design software for this year, we have

  • Smart draw ( this software is said to be the best overall)
  • iScape  ( this software is best for ios devices)
  • VizTerra (the best software for 3D design)
  • PRO landscape (the best software for tablets)
  • Home Designer Software (the best software for DIYers)
  • Idea Spectrum ( among the best in 2D and 3D design)

All these listed above are the best landscape architecture/design software and we are going to know each of them well and where their main specialty is or if they are good in every aspect.

Smart draw

The Smart draw is the best overall due to its intuitive templates for creating or designing gardens, decks, backyards, and more, the software has been programmed by the company’s interface to simply navigate with multiple templates and samples to build on. The software works perfectly well for both residential and commercial properties. The software also permits multiple people to work on the same particular project using features like Smart draw folder sharing or another sharing platform like Google Drive, onedrive, and so on and it’s all over easy to send or share your designs with others through Smart draw features. There’s a library with lots of ready made symbols and shapes for professional landscapes and backyards.  The software is easy to use although it may also sound difficult, you can design your landscape and home lawn or garden developments without having to learn CAD software, which is known as Computer Assigned Design. The Smart draw software whether you are a beginner, amateur, or a professional, designing landscapes is an easy task. The Smart draw has been streamlined enough for the beginners and still looks sophisticated for the experts. The software is compatible with most operating systems on PCs and Macs. Below are the Pros and Cons which I also call advantages and disadvantages


  • It is affordable
  • The software offers a free trial
  • It also has design functions for both amateurs and experts
  • It gives us easy features like samples and drag and drop tools and multiple templates


  • It has NO 3D templates for landscape design

The software is very unique, it has lots of templates, it also offers a free trial, and has an online edition that costs around $120 a year for one user; if you have a group of teammates which whom you all do the work together you can buy the five-plus users for $357 annually.

Smart draw landscape design software
smart draw landscape design software


The iScape software which is known as the ios based landscape software is speedily getting recognition as one of the easy software to use and because it is an ios based software, the landscape industry is revolutionizing very fast due to its ease to use the app. The immersive design tools your landscape planning project a snap, the fun part of all is that it can all be done through your phone.


  • It is specialized in ios products only
  • It offers a free parts
  • It platforms have a unique user-friendly software
  • Its designs are numerous, they are up to 5 million designs created


  • It is not compatible with android devices or non-ios products

The software scheme and envision tools users to picture their ideas and create projects faster, it also permits sharing of projects with others through their app. The basic thing that makes them very unique from other apps or landscape software is that the users can buy many plants, trees, furniture, and other accessories they add to their landscape design directly within the app. The software is compatible with most ios devices, starting from iPhone 6s and above as well as 5th generation iPads or higher. The app is free to download on the app store but to access every feature, you will need to upgrade to Escape Pro, which you pay ($29.99) a month.

iScape landscape design software


This software is very interesting and good; it allows you to design your landscape plan in 2D before reviving it to life with a 3D conversion with just a click. This software will be loved by graphics designers; the 2D drawing is what people will be inspired more about because it simply gives you the chance to picture anything you think about on a paper or something before giving it its final touches with a 3D finishing. If you also want to present it, you have to make sure that your 3D will be fully interactive. The library is full of everything you could think about concerning landscape plans, letting you select 3D designs for your plan. You can also browse categories for your yards or garden like trees, plants, and decking. You also have the opportunity of designing in stages that’s if you’re not doing a complete landscape overhaul and can also calculate the material costs as you are creating or designing your landscape plan. After that, when you’re done with finalizing the project, it can be presented using picture mode or an accurate video with a better-enhanced sound.


  • It has a free trial
  • It doesn’t require any internet connection
  • It includes video and photo presentation modes
  • It converts 2D designs to D in just one click


  • The cost is high and so is the setup fee
  • It is not compatible with Macs software or mobile devices

The VizTerra software turns your project into a real idea and gives it more realistic imagery for the suitable purpose of your choice. As has been said above, the setup fee is high which means that for you to upgrade your software you have to pay a certain amount. The VizTerra is around $97 per month, then new customers must pay a one-time setup fee of $95 with the option of upgrading design features, there’s also a prepaid annual membership which is around $997, the monthly type of this membership is around $83 a month a little bit cheaper than the annual type.

The software is compatible with Windows 8.1 or higher.

PRO landscape

The PRO landscape is the best software on tablets, which allows you to design and build your landscape view of choice on a tablet just as easily as it's on a computer. The device is also a multi-user device that lets users across the software by installing the software on two computers and the tablet through its app. The PRO landscape has greater realistic imagery, it looks more realistic because it uses a photo imaging feature that allows you to use real-time images of the particular property you are designing. The PRO Landscape software has lots of improving features that are very good and realistic, it has an excellent 3D rendering, its photo image is very fantastic, it has a lighting design, and it is easy to use CAD  here on the PRO landscape app.

The PRO landscape is presently the best landscape software on tablet phones, its realistic imagery has been appreciated by the professionals and they find it easy using the PRO landscape because it can be connected to your system. This software has a 60  money-back guarantee, if they don’t meet up with your necessities, you can get your money back before 60 days for no dispute and if you wish, you can allow them to do some corrections if you’re okay with it. They also have free lifetime tech support that are in charge of your technical support for as long as you are in control of the software and the most exciting part is that they do not charge for their support.


  • It is available in multiple languages
  • It offers an online demo
  • It has a lifetime support
  • It is compatible with Mac, PC, Android, and ios


  • It is very expensive

The PRO landscape software app is available for android and apple powered tablets. The cost of the licenses of the app is high ($1,500) per user, but there is a free demo that you can try before dedicating yourself to it. The landscape architects appreciate the software for its a way of impressing customers with a photo imaging project, using the CAD drawing design skills for commercial projects also makes it perfect, adding the lighting design and its features. The best p[part is showing the client that you are good with what you’re doing, designing the landscape plan in the presence of the client, that will make them sure and happy about what they are getting from the landscape architect.

Home Designer Software

The Home Designer Software helps DIYers (homeowners) build their dream yards with no formal training required. The software offers a free trial that is available in different versions of the program and the users may choose to either buy or rent the software after getting it, to help them know how to remodel or design their homes to their taste. This Home Designer Software is the best choice software for homeowners; it lets you design everything at once from anywhere in your home, you can also design your kitchen, rooms, and other important rooms in the house. You can choose to customize your home the way you want, you will be able to visualize the final product before you start the actual construction phase of your project. The Home Designer Software has live chat support that assists you in designing your home, it can be done via the app software customer support, and so they will assist and show you the way you should properly design your backyards, decks, outdoor kitchen, and garden. The designs to choose from are more than 3000; from there you can choose the designs that would make your choice


  • It has a 3D library
  • It has live chat support
  • It offers multiples packages
  • It has an available free trial
  • The user can buy or rent the software


  • It is not available on mobile devices

The Home Designer Software best known for DIYers is very good for homeowners who are hardworking and like to tackle their problems on their own without the help of anyone, so if you’re buying the software, it has different versions to buy, like for the beginning is at $99 but the users can also rent the pro version for $59 per month, so going for the rent may be the best idea and could save you more. The Home Designer Software is compatible with both PCs and Macs. DIYers are going to love this software and it will also help them in getting the best landscape design and remodeling to their satisfaction.

Home Designer Software landscape design software
Home Designer Software landscape design software

Idea Spectrum

This software is also good; well it is also listed among the best but not on all sites, it's user-friendly landscape design software that offers multiple options on how you want your garden or landscape design to be. It is good in such a way that it allows the users to explore what kind of trees they want towering over their property and what type of plants to grow, which beautiful flowers would brighten the landscape design. The app doesn’t have a free trial, you purchase it for use and it only works on the Windows operating system.


  • It uses 2D design and 3D design
  • It covers photos with real 3D landscape design
  • It uses CAD drawing software
  • It is compatible with windows O.S


    • No free trial

Home Designer Software landscape design software

Home Designer Software landscape design software

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More Information on the best Landscape Design Software



  • iScape  ( this software is best for ios devices)
  • VizTerra (the best software for 3D design)
  • PRO landscape (the best software for tablets)
  • Home Designer Software (the best software for DIYers)
  • Idea Spectrum ( among the best in 2D and 3D design)