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Italian Garden In Southport

Italian gardens are often characterised as being green with few flowers. Often with evergreen shrubs, manicured into geometric hedges or topiaries. As with most styles of Mediterranean gardening, Italian gardens are a practical solution for Australian landscape design.

Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool - Reds Landscaping and Design
Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool.

Italian Landscape Design Style

Touring an authentic Italian garden will appeal to gardeners with an eye for classic design and an interest in history. The hallmark of the Italian garden is order, expressed through symmetry and an ultra-neat look. Most homeowners can not afford to implement the design. It requires the use of hardscape, formal lines, and extensive maintenance. However, some properties and components can also provide an Italian flair in the home garden.

An Italian garden is a type of formal garden design perfected in Renaissance Italy. It is characterized by a heavy reliance on hardscape features, manicured evergreens, and Mediterranean plants.

The Origins Of The Italian Garden

The Italian-style garden has its roots in ancient Rome. Wealthy Romans complemented their majestic villas with equally impressive outdoor spaces. These rooms were separated by boxwood hedges and masonry walls, and the use of topiary was also pleasing to the eye. Pliny the Younger describes his Tuscan estate in such terms, speaking of clipped box hedges and other box trees formed into topiary with animal depictions.

Construction Of Italian Garden In Southport

Is it good to live in Southport?

Southport was once an exclusive, highly fashionable English style seaside resort for Brisbane’s elite in the 19th century. Southport is now an important commercial and administrative centre in the northern part of the City of the Gold Coast.

This structure certainly makes an entrance. Designed by Callum, who is the founder and lead designer, this project was reviewed and seen thoroughly from end to end and contributed to with the property owners' best interest in mind, and of course, with the professional recommendations of our experts leading the way.

Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool Drone Footage - Reds Landscaping and Design
Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool Drone Footage.

Some gardens and landscapes require a more heightened sense of drama and scheme than the lush and well-maintained gardens of the Italians. The homeowner wanted a space designed which considered the pre-existing architecture of the home and also connected traditional elements of the Italian landscape.

All the well-known and best Italian gardens refer to symmetry, and this building is no exception. formal in design, yet playful and educational at the same time.

Because of the edible goods in the small fruit orchard and herb garden, the children of the house felt connected to the location of the product they were eating and a link back to their lineage.


Italian villa styled mansion - Reds Landscaping and Design
Italian villa styled mansion located in Queensland Australia, showcasing absolute luxury.

Our Company

Landscaping is the means of transforming your house’s front, maintaining or upgrading your gardens, or simply boosting the aesthetic allure of your space. It’s concerned with the good impression your property makes on others.

For first-time proprietors or newly created properties, the landscaping service should be delivered by professionals because experimenting with limited to no experience might result in an unpresentable and high-priced adventure.

We, at Red's Landscaping Company, provide a team of professionals with much-acquired experience and a developed customer support team, who will definitely make your experience hassle-free.

The team will coordinate with the property owner about their visions and budget for the project and propose a list of options with the provision to glorify in the future. We guarantee you the best service.

Red's Landscaping Company provides the services of maintenance, restoration, and improvement for your landscape.


If you are looking for professionals to maintain your landscape, Red's landscaping services can provide you with enough help, which includes grooming, printing, perpetual weeding, mulching, fertilizing, pest control, and irrigation. We also regularly wipe out fallen leaves, branches, and debris to guarantee that your garden retains its natural state and beauty.


If your garden has lost its beauty because of a lack of attention, we can help you bring it back to life by restoring the dead grass with new and planting or transplanting trees. Our specialists use machinery and industry-powered tools to acquire the results you are looking for.


Are you not happy with your current garden? We can bestow it an entirely new look. Our experts eliminate poorly performing plants, pull weeds, and equip the land for the upcoming season. We can adapt the project to fit your budget and preferences and suggest cost-effective solutions.

We had a recent project at Southport Italian Garden Construction, which was a stupendous experience.

How do we care for your garden?

Herringbone Armold Granite Paving - Reds Landscaping and Design
Herringbone Armold Granite Paving featured in Italian garden and Landscape GC.

Our team of lawn care experts at The Grounds Guys will assist you in keeping your house looking great all year. Customers come first; attitude, respect, and enjoying life in the process are our key beliefs.

Our customers rely on us to put their needs first and to provide high-quality care to keep their landscaping green, healthy, and pest-free.

Honest, professional, and trustworthy.

Our crew maintains professionalism by providing home lawn care services that are both efficient and reliable, in addition to appearing on time and in uniform. We take pride in our work, which is why we offer free estimates and transparent pricing. The Grounds Guys staff works hard to earn your trust by consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. You can trust us to do everything we can to make you happy and keep your home looking lovely all year.

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