Landscaping Mission Statement

Mission Statement - Red's Landscaping and Design

Our We Landscaping Mission Statement

As a professional landscaping company, our mission statement outlines our core values and goals.

  • Our mission is to create customer delight through the design and construction of dramatic low maintenance Melbourne outdoor and roof top living spaces, whilst ensuring they are functional, self-contained, eco-friendly environments.
  • To design and maintain thriving landscapes using low maintenance ecological garden designs and the latest plant health management techniques, whilst still providing cost effective solutions.
  • To creatively approach every landscape challenge with garden design solutions that maximise the effectiveness of the client’s investment.
  • To exceed the client’s needs and wants with creative approaches that eliminate potential garden problems with practical, innovative, and clever garden design solutions.
  • We make it our mission to continuously improve our landscaping design, construction, and maintenance processes by investing in quality, relevant landscaping education and certification.
  • To inspire customers, both gardeners and potential gardeners, to contribute to plant biodiversity, provide a haven for wildlife and human spirit, while doing no harm to the earth, wildlife, or those who maintain the garden.
  • To continually learn from the natural world, other gardeners, and the scientific community about new and effective techniques for sustainable, low maintenance garden design and management.
  • It is our mission to be a good corporate citizen by exceeding the requirements of regulations, legislation, and environmental protection. This is achieved by specifying the best possible materials and processes to be used by our landscaping sub-contractors.
  • To accurately create the landscape architect's vision when creating urban public spaces.
  • To source the highest quality and most cost effective landscaping materials such as topsoil and services.

Examples of our implementation of our mission statement.

Commercial Landscaping of Public Spaces

In Commercial Landscaping of Public Spaces, our mission is to provide quality, open, green, and accessible places for the community. From walkable shady streets to the commercial landscaping around libraries, museums, and community centres, these landscaped areas form the heart of local communities. It is our mission to play a significant part in the creation of these spaces.

It is through these areas that many people in local communities connect, play, walk or cycle. In these ways, commercial landscaping supports the health and well being of local communities as well as provides essential environmental habitats for indigenous species. The design of the commercial building landscape has a significant impact on the success of these public spaces. The quality of construction of these commercial landscapes represents the mission and core values of Red's Landscaping.

Some examples of our work in commercial landscaping of public spaces include the following:


Our Mission with 3D Landscape Design Packages

Our mission, with our landscape design packages, is to offer exceptional value for money and will save clients money in the long term.

Our 3D landscape design package will allow you to collaborate on your design in real time with one of our senior landscape designers. Using some advanced software and hardware, we can create immediate 3D renders. This allows visual assessment of the design from every viewpoint. It will let you see and understand how all the elements are intended to come together, giving an instant serenity.

Our software can create an artificial sun and project light and heat on any given day or time. This ability to replicate the exact angle and temperature of the sun rays projecting on the building prior to construction is why this package is the people's favourite. With this amount of influence and control over your future outdoor space, it's easy to see how this package will drive confidence, clarity, and transparency into the build and assure all trades and parties are moving towards the same goal.