Commercial Landscaping Melbourne

Commercial Landscaper Melbourne

Commercial landscaping requires people who are experienced allrounders. For redeveloping public spaces the commercial landscaper needs skills and experience.

Commercial contracting involves much more than planting trees and grasses. In the commercial world, keeping to the required timing plan is essential. This is especially the case when working with large commercial construction companies with strict deadlines and millions of dollars of materials on the commercial sites.

What is commercial landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is landscape construction primarily for commercial properties and public spaces. In some cases, it may also involve design, or it may require working with a landscape architect instead. Commercial landscaping also requires many of the skills of commercial concreting.

Reds Landscaping using a boom pump to pour architectural concrete walls - Reds Landscaping & Design
Hard Landscaper at work. Commercial and Architectural concrete construction. Concrete being poured for an in-situ wall.

What skills does a commercial landscaper need in this field?

These landscapers need to be skilled at reading and interpreting building plans; project management; people management; and material estimation. In addition to this, the contractor needs to have a thorough understanding of horticulture, concrete construction, and the principles of design. It is also important to have spatial skills and artistic flair in order to convert what is seen in a 2D drawing into a real commercial landscape.

Landscaper bringing materials - Reds Landscaping & Design
Landscaper bringing materials to the worksite to build the formwork for the insitu concrete.


To achieve the required aims in commercial work, detailed planning is essential. This involves working with contractors such as concrete form workers, commercial concreters, and horticulturists to ensure everyone knows and meets the work schedule.

Working in commercial work also requires an eye for detail. When working with the local councils or other local authorities, the drawings are provided by the landscape architect or landscape designer. There is a great deal of skill for the commercial contractor to interpret the drawings and ensure an accurate, high-quality interpretation of the landscape architect's vision is brought into fruition.

Negotiating with clients is part of the landscaper's role - Reds Landscaping & Design
Negotiating with clients is an essential part of commercial work.

What are the properties commercial landscapers develop?

These landscapers work on projects as diverse as office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, factories, and public spaces around community infrastructure. Professional commercial work is also used around freeways and railway lines.


Unloading plants. Plants arriving for a big Project - Reds Landscaping & Design
Unloading plants. Plants arriving for a commercial landscaping Project.



What else is important in this type of landscaping?

Landscapers need to be aware of their responsibilities to protect the environment and maintain a safe workplace, as well as a safe facility for clients and members of the public. The quality of materials brought onto the work site as well as the disposal of materials from the work site is important. These landscapers need to be true all-rounders. As well as the horticulture, project management, and business skills, the contractor will need to have excellent knowledge of drainage and heavy duty irrigation systems.

What is a public space?

Public spaces are often parks, and also include streetscapes, public squares, and shopping centres, regardless of who owns the property. An urban or rural outdoor space designed to produce benefits for the public. Even though the space might not be owned by the public, well designed and constructed landscaping will greatly add to the public amenity of the area. This could be through the installation of well designed and attractive exposed aggregate concrete pathways or the aesthetic of the landscaped garden.

What materials are used?

In this field the materials used can be quite different to residential work. Public space play areas often use soft rubber surfacing, in-situ concreting and alternating coloured exposed aggregate concrete.

Where can I study to become a landscaper?

In Melbourne, landscaping can be studied at Holmesglen. A Melbourne suburb near Glen Waverley.

The Certificate 3 course in Landscape Construction provides skills in areas including building with concrete, with brick, and with block or stone. Important skills include constructing paving, installing drainage systems, and building different types of retaining walls. Students also learn about plant health and topsoil structure.

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