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7 Tips for Better Commercial Garden Maintenance

Commercial garden maintenance of landscapes and green gardens provides us with a multitude of environmental and ecological benefits. While the beautification of our neighbourhoods is one of the most appealing surfaces of green spaces, the commercial garden also provides physical and psychological benefits that contribute to our quality of life and sense of well-being. Through landscapes, we connect with nature, even in the most urban settings.


commercial landscape garden maintenance - Reds Landscaping & Design
Public space commercial landscaping designed for low maintenance. Mill Park Leisure Centre.


Green spaces and vegetation facilitate personal relaxation, transformation, and socialisation by attracting people outdoors to engage in their community. Landscapes can also serve as informal meeting places for group and individual activities. A single tree can be the landmark where groups get together. These benefits extend to both genders and all ages and cultures.


commercial garden maintenance for low maintenance - Reds Landscaping & Design
Designed for low maintenance. Mill Park Leisure Centre.

A well-designed and well-maintained commercial landscape will strengthen the image of your business. The commercial garden will help your business attract new clients and retain existing ones. Commercial landscape services guarantee a better and more beautiful working environment for your employees and clients. Commercial landscaping improves the aesthetic value of your building. Studies show that workers in an office are more productive than those in the natural environment.


commercial garden maintenance services - Reds Landscaping & Design
Low maintenance design at Mill Park Leisure Centre.


A commercial garden needs attentive care and consistent maintenance to stay green, bloom, and healthy. Ignored lawns can begin to get dry, irregular, and weedy. The commercial garden should be safe for employees, customers, and the general public with proper maintenance. Maintenance of the garden is necessary because the unchecked plants and bushes can grow out of control and make it difficult to see and move around. As bushes and shrubs grow larger and tree branches start to grow out and down, they can encroach on walkways and block driveways and parking. Weeds will be grown out, which can destroy the man decorative plants. Sometimes the maintenance will be costly; therefore, the low maintenance garden is essential. Here are the eight (8) helpful tips for better commercial garden maintenance.

  • Xeriscaping for better garden maintenance

Xeri comes from the Greek word xeros, which means "dry" combined with landscaping. It is also known as drought-resistant landscaping. Xeriscaping is a landscaping philosophy that uses as many native, drought-resistant plants as possible to arrange them in practical, water-saving ways.


Xeriscaping - Reds Landscaping & Design
Xeriscaping for an arid landscaping.


Depending on the property set up and design preferences, xeriscaping can be done in several ways. You can choose to plant drought-resistant greenery and make sure to group plants with similar water needs together. Several materials are used in xeriscaping, such as mulch, to prevent moisture loss from the soil.


low maintenance drought resistant planting - Reds Landscaping & Design
Low maintenance drought resistant plantings at Mill Park Leisure Centre.

Advantages of Xeriscaping for better garden maintenance

The most significant advantage of xeriscaping is that it saves water. Due to xeriscaping, we can significantly decrease water use because water will be very scarce during the hot and dry summer. Because of this property, you can also save money on your monthly utility bill. With xeriscaping, you can also save a significant amount of time from continuous weeding, lawn mowing, and watering the lawn. To learn more about drought-tolerant landscaping (xeriscaping), you can visit

  • Plant Native Species for Better Commercial Garden Maintenance

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they have evolved. They are the ecological basis upon which life depends, including birds and people. Native plants and trees tend to require less maintenance as compared to non-regional and exotic species.


Trees and shrubs from the region are already familiar with the weather pattern and climate of the area. Therefore, they need little maintenance to stay healthy in their native environment. With a bit of study and research, you can decorate your property with various native plants and trees that complement each other both beautifully and symbiotically without putting in a lot of effort.


Native plants do not need fertilisers and require minimal pesticides. Native plants familiar with their habitat can hold water better than non-native plants, saving a significant amount of water. The water expenses will be lower and there will be more savings. Native plants help in preventing erosion significantly. Native plants also help in reducing air pollution and provide shelter and food for wildlife. Native plants also tend to survive the environment better as compared to non-native plants. Most native plants are not aggressive and will allow all other plants to grow freely in your garden or yard.

  • Planting Evergreen

An evergreen is a plant or tree that maintains its leaves throughout the year. Whatever the season, the leaves of evergreen are always green. The team of workers in landscaping should be at the start of the procedure when you are primarily putting in all your new greenery. Selecting to include perennial flowers and trees that bloom year after year as a substitute for annuals that need regular cultivation in your landscaping will save you a lot of maintenance work later on.


Planting evergreen trees like conifers, ficus, and other tropical hardwoods can also help, providing a constant source of green and shade throughout the year. When deciduous trees lose their leaves, evergreens maintain their leaves green all year. Evergreen plants provide the same summer shade benefits that we require on the hottest days of the year. They also do excellent work protecting our homes in the winter when the deciduous trees have dropped their leaves to hibernate. Evergreen plants look good and do not require a lot of maintenance. Evergreen trees are great for the environment and provide enough oxygen, clean air, save water, and prevent soil erosion. Evergreen plants help sustain populations of birds and other creatures that help to maintain a balanced yard ecosystem. Birds use their normally green branches to find shelter in the winter. To get beneficial knowledge about the evergreen ficus plants, you should read the blog at

  • Mulching

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. There is no need to cover every inch of your outside space in grass or plants. Your plants need some space to be able to grow. Space out your plants properly and fill the remaining adverse space with mulch or block cloth. These will help lock in moisture and inhibit weeds from emerging. You can use these techniques to carve out or create paths throughout your property with minor maintenance required.


The great advantage of mulch is that it improves the fertility and health of the topsoil. Topsoil is the top layer of soil high in organic matter and nutrients, formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying organic matter over thousands of years. It is often necessary to utilise quality topsoil to balance out the nutrient content for a project. Mulch improves the quality of your topsoil by breaking up clay and allowing better air movement through the soil. Mulching reduces the cost of the fertilisers because mulching of plant residues acts as organic manure, which adds several macro and microelements to the topsoil. Due to this, the physical, biological, and chemical properties of the soil increase, which directly improves the structure, aeration, micro-organisms, and water holding capacity of the soil.

Mulch provides nutrients to the topsoil and increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Mulch also acts as an insulating layer on the topsoil, keeping it cooler in the summer. Mulch is important for the survival of a garden during a drought. Mulch reduces the amount of water that evaporates from the soil. Weed growth will also be inhibited with mulching.

  • Maintenance of the irrigation system

One of the essential things you can do to confirm a healthy landscape is to check the water system. The maintenance of an irrigation system is critical, and its care should never be forgotten. Without a suitable volume of water, your flowers, bushes, and shrubs will turn brown. I checked the irrigation system and ensured that the water was getting to all those places where the plants were present. Make sure that there is no disruption to the underground pipes. Otherwise, you could save wasted water or save money. Problems currently in the irrigation system should be resolved quickly, specifically during the summer season. You cannot leave your commercial garden without a suitable amount of water during these hot days of the season. Install that type of irrigation system, which can save the amount of water you use and also money on waste and water bills. Such an irrigation system will also save your time and your maintenance costs will also be low because watering is the most time-consuming of garden maintenance techniques. To know about the best irrigation systems for commercial gardens, you should read our blog "5 Best Commercial Irrigation Systems" on because proper commercial irrigation systems have several advantages, which you can read about in this blog in detail.

  • Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming are always used interchangeably, but it is surprising that there is a difference between the two. Pruning is defined as removing the dead, loose, and infected branches or stems from their respective plants, whereas it is known as the cutting and removing of overgrown parts of the plants.

Pruning and trimming are always essential for your trees and bushes because it keeps their shape. Overgrown branches of a tree or bush can damage your property; therefore, their cutting is necessary as soon as possible.


Pruning and trimming can control the insects and diseases related to plants because there are several types of insects that build nests in your trees, eat the surrounding foliage, spread disease, and weaken the plant. So, by cutting the extra branches, their colonies will be destroyed. Death and diseased branches create a severe problem in your home. Clients and visitors are also susceptible to the danger of falling death branches. By pruning correctly, you can ensure that your clients, workers, and property are safe. Plants and trees require correct maintenance for satisfactory growth. By pruning and trimming the overgrown branches of trees and shrubs, the health and strength of these plants will be increased.

  • Plant flowers tactically

Flowering and ornamental plants always need more care as compared to evergreen trees and plants. Make the best use of your landscaping energy by firmly placing flowers and attractive greenery at the most regularly seen spots on your property while using more hardy plants substantially. Consider placing flowers at your building's gateways, office buildings, and near services you provide, such as a clubhouse or pool. Tactically, plantation of flowers limits your usage and makes it easier to maintain your commercial garden design in the long term.


tactical planting - Reds Landscaping & Design
Tactical planting of attractive cycads in a raised garden near a buildings main entrance. Plenty of mulch is provided to keep the moisture in the topsoil.


Thoughtful landscaping that incorporates low-maintenance options such as drought-resistant plants, xeriscaping, and strategically placed flowers will go a long way toward beautifying your property and making your occupants feel pampered. Planting drought-resistant flowers is also a good option for low-maintenance gardens. Additionally, it will also use minimal water and reduce water bills.

  • Rocks Installation: it is also a part of nature

Landscaping does not mean that it contains greenery. Stones and rocks are also suitable materials to structure your outdoor area naturally and need nearly no maintenance. Including stones and rocks in your landscape design will enable you to highlight several areas and help to preserve the shape and moisture level of your garden. Choosing rocks and stones obtained from your local site is a low-cost option that can add further detail to native landscape design. Natural stone landscaping provides an attractive way to improve the beauty of your commercial garden.


Decorative landscape rocks can help bring out the aptitude of your outdoor space through attractive styles and patterns. The cost of maintaining the garden is incredibly high. The decorative landscaping rock is almost maintenance-free. Natural stones prevent the growth of weeds, eliminating the need for regular mowing. Traditional garden settings demand a lot of preparation before setting up your garden, whereas landscape stones are easier to put in place. Incorporating ornamental landscaping rock into your commercial garden may enhance drainage within your property.

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