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5 Great Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

A backyard landscape is a residential garden sanctuary for relaxing, playing and entertaining. In modern suburban and gardening culture, backyard landscapes have a distinct role.

Backyard Outdoor Entertainment Area Design
Backyard Outdoor Entertainment Area Design using modern landscape design tools.

The Backyard as an Extension to the Home

The backyard has indeed grown to be a part of the house. A backyard may contribute to your outdoor living area by being appropriately landscaped, allowing you to entertain friends and family. Backyard gardens have developed into places for entertainment and relaxation.

Outdoor Entertaining with kitchen and vertical herb garden.
Outdoor Entertaining with kitchen and vertical herb garden.

Many features formerly reserved for the indoors are now included in the backyard decoration ideas, including fireplaces and fully functional kitchens. Backyard landscaping has multiple advantages, including improved quality of life in cities and other health and psychological benefits. For example, simply looking at a plant has been proven to lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that people who spend time in green areas have less stress and use fewer medical resources. Backyard landscaping can help reduce your energy bill because plants shade your property, allowing you to spend more time outside during the hot summer months.

An Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor living area can be transformed into a multipurpose place for entertaining, relaxing, and playing with intelligent planning, design, and construction. The economic value of your house can also increase with customized backyard landscaping. It is usually ideal to start with a strategy when starting a backyard landscape project, so spend some time collecting landscape ideas and looking at photographs before entering into your backyard renovation. Here are the top five low-cost and environment-friendly backyard landscaping ideas.

Create a Vertical Living Wall

Vertical gardening is a technical term for developing a garden vertically with the help of a trellis or other support structure. These gardens adds a new dimension to growing environments. Vertical gardens are an excellent way to decorate garden walls. This form of gardening is highly economical, mainly if you use recycled items such as old plastic bottles, paint buckets, etc. Making a vertical garden can be an excellent way to save space while presenting your plants uniquely and creatively. The following are some vertical gardening ideas.

Using Old Shipping Pallets

Using wooden shipping pallets as a base for a vertical garden is one of the simplest and most successful methods. Old wellington boots attached to a wall or fence can be used to create a unique vertical garden. Make sure to drill drainage holes into the soles of your shoes to prevent waterlogging.

You can express your creativity by building a bunch of geometric-shaped wooden boxes. Colour these boxes differently, mount them to the wall, and decorate them with flower pots to enhance the beauty of your wall. Do not dispose of empty cans and paint buckets. You may reuse them by adding paint and rope and making them part of a stylish vertical garden.

Installing a Backyard Pergola

A pergola can serve as your yard's elegant and efficient focal point. They can be used to frame an entrance to a dining area or other destination and provide shade in a sunny location. Pergolas come in various forms and sizes, but they always serve the same purpose: to shield homeowners from harsh weather. Pergolas provide homeowners with more chances to enjoy their outside living space. It has organically developed into a focal point in backyards.

Backyard landscaping
Backyard landscaping. The pool is large and the second is not deep and small. Pergola with sun lounges. Trees in the background. stone tiles on the ground. 3d rendering.

Pergolas help in the Harsh Melbourne Climate

The top of a pergola is often made up of slats that provide a little shade. By planting and encouraging the growth of vines to cover them, you may create a living canopy that will make your place more natural, beautiful, and enjoyable during the hot summer months. Growing deciduous vines will save energy because they will cool your space in the summer and allow sunlight in the winter. A pergola filled with aromatic climbers such as jasmine, roses, wisteria, honeysuckle etc. will transform any yard into a beautiful area. All of these floral vines add beautiful colours to the pergola and landscape.

Add a Swimming Pool to your Backyard

Swimming is considered one of the best ways to keep the body in shape and in good health. It is a type of sport in which one can perform cardio workouts that is much easier than cycling and jogging. Swimming is also an excellent way to cool off in hot weather. Here are some swimming pool landscaping ideas for your backyard.

Photorealistic CAD design of a Backyard Swimming Pool.
Photorealistic CAD design of a Backyard Swimming Pool using Sketchup and Lumion.


Swimming pools are not limited to large landscape designs. You can also create a swimming pool in a small backyard landscape. For example, you can add a narrow lap pool to your backyard landscape, which is an excellent addition to a small backyard landscape. You can enhance its beauty by surrounding it with attractive flowers in pots. The wooden fences that surround the pool are sufficient to make it a relaxing area of the house.

Swimming pool designed with Sketchup and rendered with Lumion.
Swimming pool designed with Sketchup and rendered with Lumion.

You can construct a small basketball ring outside the pool for children so that they can play even while swimming. It is an excellent way to make bonding time more enjoyable.

You can also create a natural swimming pool using plants and a biological filtration system rather than chemicals to clean the water and maintain its purity. It is the same as providing nature with all the tools it needs to create an ideal and extremely secure swimming pool.

Planting Trees in your Backyard

Tree planting around the lawn is the most straightforward and sustainable approach to making a landscape more vibrant and inviting. When you plant the right tree in the right place, your tree is more likely to live a long, healthy life. The proper tree will also increase your garden's usability and benefit the environment and ecosystem. For example, for shade, you need to pick the trees with a broad canopy that will cast a big shadow. Deciduous trees are the best choice to provide shade to North facing windows in Melbourne. Manchurian Pear, Crepe myrtle, Chinese pistachio, Ginkgo biloba and golden Robinia are the best choice. This tree will protect you from the hot sun of the summer and allow the sun in the winter, which you can enjoy maximum time in your garden throughout the year.

Use a Splash of Colour in your Backyard Landscape Design.

If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden, you could plant something with bright colours or a different texture. Ornamental and flowering trees are a great start. Water gum plant, Dwarf magnolia, Griffith pink, and bottle brush are some ornamental trees you can use.

Landscaping for Backyard Privacy

Trees may also be used as a privacy screen to soften harsh landscapes. They also survive longer and are less expensive than regular fencing. Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’, Weeping lilly pilly, Ficus hilli ‘Flash’, Portuguese laurel, and Leighton Green Cypress are some best choices for Privacy and screening.

Backyard Landscape in South Yarra. Fast growing screening plants.
Backyard Landscape in South Yarra. Fast growing screening plants.

Easy and Simple Backyard Landscape Design

Landscaping is not rocket science. It is straightforward, and many simple designs can make your backyard beautiful and attractive. It just allows an exciting border to the lawn area with simple wooden posts laid in as a border. You can also make a stunning backyard landscape with multi-coloured fencing, gravel, beautiful lighting fixtures and multi-coloured seasonal or perennial flowers in the flower bed. In addition, the easy plants like clumping grasses and evergreen shrubs interest all seasons. The garden will look even more beautiful with the addition of colourful wooden furniture in the middle.

A Backyard Garden

Eating lunch in the sun in the winter season is delicious in your backyard garden and with greenery around you. It is just excellent and beautiful feelings. And how amazing is that to have a barbeque party in the backyard garden with family or friends on a chilly winter night, and there is smoke from burning coal around you and the delicious smell of the spices on the barbecue.

Low Cost Landscape Design Tips

A beautiful yard may look like it would cost a lot of money, but it doesn't have to be. You can make a cute, comfortable yard for little or no money by reusing an old watering can, bottles, paint buckets, putting down free mulch, hanging free string lights, and placing cheap wooden furniture. Plant perennial plants return with colour every growing season. Since you won't need to buy and grow annuals yearly, you may save money and time in the garden. Using containers to grow plants is also a cheap way to decorate your backyard. Flowers are affordable, pretty, and often the first thing people notice when they come over. Vertical gardening is also good for your wallet. So, with these tips, you can make your backyard look nice without spending much money.

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