Southport Italian Garden Construction


mediterranean garden ideas

This build certainly makes an entrance. Designed by founder and lead designer Callum, this project was consulted on and seen through from end-to-end with the home owners best interest in mind, and our professional recommendations leading the way.

Few gardens and landscapes demand a more heightened sense of drama and intrigue than the lush and orderly gardens of the Italians. The home owner wanted just this, a space designed which considered the pre-existing architecture of the home, and also connected traditional elements of an Italian landscape.

All the best well known Italian gardens refer to symmetry, and this build is no exception. Formal in design, yet educational and playful at the same time. Eatable products from the mini fruit orchid and herb garden meant the children of the house felt a connection to the whereabouts of the product they were consuming, and a tie back to their heritage.

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