Sketch up is a key tool for Landscape architects is features, usability, pricing and its ability to syn with other apps make it my number one choice in architecture software

  • Sketch up can combine with Lumon to create beautiful 3D renders
  • Sketch ups core routes are CAD which makes it a great tool for creating detailed engineering diagrams
  • Sketch up has a 3D archive with thousands of pre-made pools, spas pergolas, arbors, courts and buildings
  • using sketch ups tools you can download and of these pre-made objects, adjust and modify them into your desired piece. Then insert them into your drawing

How to use Sketch up

Step 1

  • After a meeting with your client, open google earth on crome and zoom in on your clients property.
  • Snap a screenshot of the property.
  • Edit the screen shot to just show the Clients property
  • Open Sketchup and import the screenshot image using the import feature under file
  • make sure the image is on layer 0 rename this to background

Step 2

  • Click create new layer under the default trey, call this layer Tracing
  • Proceed to trace your background image to your best ability the better you trace the better your drawings will be.
  • Be sure you have traced every last detail including property boarder. home, house, roofpitch lines, Driveway, curb and pathway.

Step 3

  • Click create new layer under the default trey, call this layer house,
  • proceed to create rectangles as each room of the house



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