Landscaping Forr Your Home

Impeccable Residential Landscaping by Accredited Master Contractors

I built Red’s Landscaping & Design from the ground up with a vision in mind. My vision is to revitalize and breathe new life into the homes & gardens of the Melbourne.

To bring the vibrant colours of nature into the tourist resorts, high profile parks and public places in which we spend so much of our lives. Into the homes we live in. My dream is to build eye pleasing open spaces that you can feel at ease in, feel inspired by and love to visit.



One of Red’s Landscaping and Design many specialties is softscaping – the plant component of landscaping.

Our approach to softscaping includes expert horticulture practices, mastered over years of education, research and experience across Australia’s varied climates.

Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions have driven the team to push for sustainable softscapes that can withstand the subtropical climate.

Our advanced softscaping practices can create productive gardens that are not only sustainable but can also yield fruit, vegetables and cut flowers.


Perfecting any hardscape requires careful consideration at the design, planning and implementation stages of a project. While there are many important considerations, the utilization of space is key.

At Red’s Landscaping and Design we aim to add value to any residential or commercial landscape by using hardscaping as a way to maximize usable space while creating an enjoyable garden.

Red’s Landscaping and Design Gardening uses only licensed and qualified tradesmen to implement lasting hardscapes that can be cherished for decades to come.
Take a look at this 3D fly-through of our latest residential design with this Youtube Video.