Murraya Paniculata min-a-min


Murraya Paniculata min-a-min

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Many who choose to add the orange jasmine to their garden do so because they are looking to add some sweet aromas to their backyards and around their homes.

Adding the yummy scents of orange blossoms from the orange jessamine to a garden will definitely upgrade the landscape design and will make house guests and family members enjoy being seated outdoors all throughout the day.

The dwarf orange jasmine, or Murraya min a min as it is often called by landscapers, is an extremely fragrant flower that fills the air with its beautiful and memorable scent all summer long. It is said that the flower is most fragrant during summer evenings.

Perhaps the reason this flower is so beloved by homeowners is due to the old memories of summer fun that are brought back when they get a whiff of the orange jasmine flowers.


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The Fragrant Sweet Smelling Murraya min a min

Perfect for Hedging

The Murraya paniculata min a min plant is very widely used to create hedges or screens in Australia and the neighbouring countries.

Conveniently named the mini Murraya, this beautiful plant grows thick like a large shrub with glossy green leaves and gorgeous flowers.

The plant grows fast compared with other border hedge varieties, small and very dense, and which means your hedge will be full and impermeable to the wondering eye in no time!

You will rarely find missing chunks in between the Murraya min a min leaves, which will leave all your hedges looking absolutely perfect all year round.

The smaller varieties of the orange jessamine are also used to create low hedges to add style to the landscape design.

On top of that, the growth pattern of this particular plant makes it very easy to maintain, so you won’t have to worry about reshaping your hedges very often throughout the year.


Shaping and Topiary

While the Murraya min a min plant does grow incredibly fast for a plant of its kinds, it is actually best left without over pruning and shaping.

It is recommended that you prune your orange jasmines only once or twice a year to get rid of any dead or broken branches.

Like previously stated, this plant is very easy to shape due to its size and dense growth pattern, your landscaper will be able to create a hedge shape, tree shape, or shape the bushes into the artistic designs of your liking.

The shrub shape is often adopted by those looking to add a mystical theme to their garden. The branches on the Murray min a min bush twist and turn as they grow upwards and look rather wicked when they are revealed through the shaping process.

Also, these sturdy branches holding the glossy evergreen foliage of the plant make it easy for the orange jasmine to hold all types of shapes.

You will often find the orange jessamine plant shaped in many different shapes in the same garden including spherical, rectangular, spiral, triangular, and even shaped like your favorite animal or cartoon character.

Thanks to this versatility in shaping and topiary, the orange jessamine is used in both commercial and residential landscaping to add beauty and artistic finesse to the area.


It is All Edible!

Along with its gorgeous smell and beautiful appearance, this amazing plant is also completely edible.

That’s right! Every single part of the plant, except the branches, is completely safe to consume by humans.

Being part of the citrus family, this plant grows citrus berries that look a lot like kumquats and are safe to eat and are even often added to salads or eaten on their own by owners of these trees.

On top of that, even the leaves of the plant are quite appetizing and are used to make delicious tea all over the world.

If you are ever hanging out around the orange jessamine tree while it’s flowering, grab some of the stamens from inside of the flower and have a taste!

It is absolutely delicious, and it is kind of fun to eat a flower right off of the branch.

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