2D Landscape Design Package


Our 2D Design Package is very similar to a house plan, showing a ‘birds eye view’ of the property. Our 2D package contains detailed plant schedules, quantities, spacings and placement location in accordance with a set of irrigation and hydraulic drawings. The collaboration and synergy of these two documents is fundamental to your landscapes success, it will ensure that no plant goes through its establishment period without consistent daily watering.

Our 2D package also comes with a landscape lighting plan, which will allow you to turn your focal points into a lit up a solar powered feature a night, adding interest and security to your outdoor space. If your considering constructing this design as it may not require licencing or engineering this package is all you need to get from start to finish. These plans contain all information required to start and finish the build.



A 2D Plan is very similar to a house plan, showing a ‘birds eye view’ of the property. These plans are delivered scaled to size, which means the plans show the exact dimensions of what is going to be built, allowing a builder to work off the plans to execute them at a later stage. The plans are black and white to keep the drawings neat and easy to interpret, with labels that clearly identify what each drawn element is. To showcase certain elements, we use moodboard or ‘palettes’ alongside our 2D plans to give indications of what the design element looks like – this is great for people who have some trouble reading 2d.


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