Integrated swimming pool and landscaping packages are a cost-effective solution for Melbourne homes. Not only do they add value to your property, but they also provide a range of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Let us discuss the reasons why you should opt for Pool and Landscaping Packages below:

1) Landscape Design

The swimming pool or spa should be the landscape design focal point for the home landscape. Creating the design as a swimming pool and landscaping package is a great way to make this happen.

pool and landscape design package
Landscape design with the pool as a focal point. The access paths and poolside entertainment areas are part of the design.

The swimming pool as a landscape design focal point

Using the Landscape Design 3D design tools, the focal point for any viewpoint in the landscape can be designed. The design of water features as a focal point in the landscape is a landscape design principle that goes back at least as far as the ancient Babylonian paradise gardens. Water was an important focal point in the Islamic, Roman, and Italian gardens of the High Renaissance.


Ancient Pool Canopus - Redslandscaping
Ancient Pool Canopus, surrounded by greek sculptures in Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana, 2nd century AD), Tivoli, Italy
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Our 3D Landscape Design Render package is a great way to achieve these design goals.

2) Cost-effective landscape design with pool and landscaping packages

Digging separate trenches for swimming pool infrastructure, like swimming pool plumbing and electrical wiring, and landscaping infrastructure, such as drainage, irrigation, and garden lighting, is a waste of money. Integrating the pool and landscaping means that infrastructure trenches are shared. It also saves the labour of having to run pipes and wiring under paths and paving.

Installation of Swimming Pool Infrastructure.
Installation of Swimming Pool Infrastructure.

Materials required for both the pool and landscape can be bought in bulk to save money, and materials removed from the dig can sometimes be reused.

3) Design of Garden Lighting

With integrated swimming pool and landscape design packages, there is a great opportunity to harmonise the design of garden and pool lighting. The shared infrastructure is also an opportunity to save money.

Landscaping and Pool design package. Checking the garden lighting.
Landscaping and Pool design package. Checking the garden lighting with the landscaping CAD model.


pool and landscape design package
Integrated Pool and landscaping lighting

4) Lower Swimming Pool Maintenance

lap pool design
Careful pool landscaping plant selection reduces pool maintenance and may save your pool pump.

Careful selection of the plants around pools in Melbourne can save money on swimming pool maintenance. Selecting the wrong plants next to your home swimming pool can result in constant cleaning of the pool skimmer box. A blocked skimmer box can lead to cavitation in the swimming pool pump, leading to a much shorter pump life. The landscape should be designed with plants that will not block the skimmer box.

5) Swimming Pool Privacy with the Pool and Landscaping Package

Using modern 3D landscape design tools, the privacy of the swimming pool can be checked from any viewpoint. These viewpoints can even be your neighbour’s window or the footpath at the front of your home.

Pool and Landscaping Package. Checking the Privacy.
Pool and Landscaping Package. Checking the Privacy. Fast growing screening plants or climbing plants can be added if any deficiencies are found in the CAD model.

6) Swimming Pool Supervision and safety

Young children need to be under close supervision at all times, and this should be close to the pool. Sometimes parents like to keep an eye on older children as well. Using 3D design, the view from the windows and balconies of the home can be checked when designing the landscape. This also adds emphasis to the use of the swimming pool as a landscape design focal point.

pool and landscaping packages
Pool and landscaping packages using 3D CAD and photorealist rendering. Checking the view of the pool from the balcony.

The view of the pool and landscape can also be visualised from inside the home.

Pool and Landscape viewed through the window of the home.
Pool and Landscape viewed through the window of the home.

7) Hiding the Swimming Pool Pump and Filter

The design packages can be used to find the optimum position for the pump and filter. These less attractive parts of the pool design can be hidden from view and placed in a location where the noise from the pump is less noticeable. Access to the pump and filter can be checked for ease of access for maintenance.

lap pool design.
Lap pool design. Checking the view from the entertainment area using 3D CAD Landscape Design.

8) Designing for Swimming Pool Shade

Using the 3D landscape design tools, the shadows of buildings can be factored into the design. If there is insufficient shade for the swimming pool, then a pergola can be added to the design. This is a much cheaper option than adding the pergola later.

pool and landscaping design. The view from the pergola.
The view from the pergola. Shade can be designed into the design package. Note the partial shade from the Pergola over the spa.

9) Putting it all together as a Pool and Landscaping Package

The design package can be brought together and presented as a virtual fly through for the client. This makes the overall client approval process much easier.


lap design
Lap Swimming Pool design


The view of the entertainment area.
The view of the entertainment area.


Outdoor Play Area
Outdoor Play Area


CAD Design
A View generated with CAD.

Pool and Landscaping Packages

In summary, there are many reasons for choosing Pool and Landscaping Packages for your home’s landscape design. Among these are the opportunities to save money through reduced waste and economies of scale. More importantly, an integrated package will result in a better outcome for your home’s landscape design.

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