The Outdoor Pool Shower as a Landscape Design idea.

If you are living one of the Gold Coast seaside suburbs like Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach or Miami, an outdoor pool shower is a great idea for your Gold Coast Garden Design. The outdoor pictured features matching pool tiling, copper pipe and brass shower head.
Outdoor pool showers are very practical solution especially in a climate like the Gold Coast where swimming pools and beach access as well as great surfing are part of our lifestyle. The outdoor pool shower is a good way to avoid having beach sand taken through the house. It is also a handy way to quickly remove salt or pool chlorine and other chemicals from your skin and hair. It is probably one of the best swimming pool landscaping ideas.
The design of the outdoor shower involves more than just the part you can see above the ground. Consideration must be given to the appearance of the shower from every possible angle. Plumbing to and from the shower should be integrated into the initial design and not just put in as an afterthought. The garden and landscape design in the immediate area of the shower need to be able to cope with the added humidity, water splash and pool chemicals. Plants which are prone to fungal diseases should be avoided. For example, the common staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) will soften the design and create a natural look, but may need regular maintenance to protect it from fungal diseases. Consider using Foxtail Palm trees (Wodyetia bifurcata) Giant Bromeliads, (Alcantarea), crotons and White Spider Lilies. A well designed outdoor pool shower should also create a feature piece in the garden.

Outdoor pool shower under construction
Outdoor pool shower under construction by the team at Reds Landscape Gardening.

Consideration should also be given to easy access to the shower without having to walk over slippery surfaces. The safety of the customers should always should always be considered with any garden design. The shower wall itself needs to be well secured into the foundations to keep it vertical and ensure safety and design requirements are met.
Outdoor Pool Shower
An Outdoor Pool Shower with Foxtail Palm trees (Wodyetia bifurcata)
Giant Bromeliads, (Alcantarea), crotons and White Spider Lilies

Below are some links for outdoor shower design ideas. These range from the rustic to the very formal.
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