Outdoor gym equipment is a growing trend in the landscaping of public spaces. Our recent landscape construction projects at Balwyn Community Centre and Mill Park Leisure, north of Melbourne, have both made use of outdoor exercise equipment.

This type of facility is essential for the people of Melbourne now more than ever. Here, we’re exploring the 9 essential reasons Balwyn-area residents should definitely be using their local outdoor gym at the Balwyn Community Centre.

Outdoor exercise equipment at Balwyn Community Centre - Reds Landscaping & Design
Outdoor exercise equipment and Tennis Court at Balwyn Community Centre.


1. Exercise is Fundamental to Your Health

It’s no secret that getting enough exercise is essential to our overall health and wellbeing. To encourage more exercise among the Balwyn community, building an outdoor gym in park areas gives people an extra nudge to work out.

Whether you walk past the park on your way to pick up the kids from school or you notice it’s there on your drive to the markets, encouraging our community to exercise and stay healthy is fundamental.

Long story short, if you needed an excuse to work out at a beautiful facility, outdoor gyms are the answer.


2. Get Some Fresh Air at an Outdoor Gym

Taking your workout routine outside gives you an added boost. There’s something special about breathing in the fresh air, surrounded by gorgeous greenery and the bright blue sky.

It’s so much better than feeling stuck in a stuffy gym or working out in your garage. So, get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful Melbourne summer at an outdoor gym instead.


3. Connect with Nature at your local outdoor gym

With walking trails and outdoor furniture included in this outdoor gym, Melbourne locals can take a moment to relax and connect with the natural world before or after their exercise routine.

It’s so important to take time to reflect and unwind, especially these days. What better way to practice humility and gratitude than in the calm of nature itself?


4. Sunshine Boosts Immunity

Vitamin D is a fantastic immunity booster. Therefore, using outdoor exercise equipment not only makes you healthier by forming stronger muscles and more mobility in your body, but getting a touch of sunshine, packed with natural Vitamin D, is amazing for your health as well.

Just remember to slip, slop, and slap before heading to your outdoor exercise session!

Outdoor exercise equipment - Reds Landscaping & Design
Gym equipment, which comprises moving parts and provides a guided range of movement.


5. Engage with Your Community at your local outdoor gym

The overarching goal of the Balwyn Community Centre is to connect the community with one another. Sometimes, in our fast-paced world, we can get so caught up in our personal goals that we don’t take the time to truly engage with those around us.

Outdoor gym exercise outdoor exercise equipment - Reds Landscaping & Design
Outdoor gym exercise with chest press machine and leg raise. Outdoor gyms are a great way to connect with the community.

With an outdoor exercise and gym facility right at your fingertips, your friends and neighbours can have a healthy reason to connect with one another, whether through a community yoga class in the park or simply through more unplanned interactions during your daily workout.


6. Outdoor Gym Facilities Are Perfect for Social Distancing

Let’s face it. The world is radically different than it was just last year, and using an outdoor gym will make it easier to stay socially distant. It’s the perfect way to keep up with your fitness while keeping you and your loved ones as safe as possible.


7. No Need for an Expensive Gym Membership

One of the best parts about using your local outdoor gym is that it’s completely free. Many Melbourne gyms can be quite expensive. So, save your money and use the amazing outdoor gym facilities at Balwyn Community Centre and Mill Park Leisure instead.


8. Constructed with High-Quality Materials

Outdoor gym designers put a lot of energy and thought into creating the best possible facilities for the community.

From the cushioned EPDM wet pour rubber to protect your joints during your high-intensity workouts to the thoughtful placement of trees for shade and ambience, you can rest assured that your local outdoor exercise equipment is of the absolute highest quality and built with intention.


9. Outdoor Gyms Include More Than You’d Expect

Not only does your local outdoor gym have easy-to-use workout machines and useful exercise tools, but it also includes amenities like a tennis court, ping pong tables, walking tracks, a designated yoga area, and shaded gazebos to take a break from the sun.

No matter how you prefer to exercise, there’s something for everyone at an outdoor gym. From playing sport with your mates to breathing through an outdoor yoga session, you can do it all at this outdoor gym in Balwyn.

Yoga mat near the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre - Reds Landscaping & Design
Yoga mat near the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre.


Did you know about this incredible outdoor exercise equipment at your local Balwyn Community Centre? Well, now that you do, it’s time to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Put on your runners, slap on a hat, and invite your neighbours to get some exercise at this stunning facility.

What’s your favourite way to exercise at an outdoor gym?

A boardwalk runs past the yoga mat and the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre. - Reds Landscaping & Design
A boardwalk runs past the yoga mat and the urban wetlands. Balwyn Community Centre.

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