Mermaid Beach Nature strip with Oz Tuff "Oz-E-Green" couch grass turf lawn.

On Our recent turf laying project in Mermaid Beach, we chose Oz-E-Green Oz Tuff couch grass. (Cynodon dactylon) “Oz-E-Green”. This is a variety of Bermuda or green couch that was developed in Queensland to be hard wearing, salt tolerant and drought tolerant. An added bonus is that it requires mowing less often due to limited inflorescence production. This means that it does not produce the masses of protruding stems, stalks, flowers and seeds that you often see on other couch grasses. Its drought tolerance and infrequent mowing requirements makes Oz Tuff a low maintenance sustainable choice. Coupled with the salt tolerance, Oz Tuff is the ideal choice for your Gold Coast beach side lawn in Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach or Mermaid Beach.

Mermaid Beach Apartment Turf laying project
Mermaid Beach Apartment Turf Laying with Oz-E-Green

Its characteristic spreading by both runners and rhizomes also help to stabilise sandy soils and fight against coastal erosion. Some care may be required to keep it out of your garden beds, but the spread is generally slow. The high wear tolerance, due to its moderate thatch, and great recovery, has also made Oz Tuff a popular choice for sports grounds. It has been found practical for golf course fairways, tees, and other recreational areas, such as parks and footy grounds.
This is not a variety you will find in a seed box at your local plant nursery, it is propagated vegetatively (i.e asexual reproduction) by sod, plugs, sprigs, tillers, pieces of rhizomes or stolons. Fortunately, it is readily available from Gold Coast turf suppliers in rolls. This grass has a preference for full sun and warmer temperatures. For shady areas take a look at our blog on Sweet Smother Grass.

Planter Box and Oz Tuff Oz-E-Green Couch turf.
Planter Box and Oz Tuff Oz-E-Green Couch turf.

To ensure there were no wear marks left in the lawn from pedestrian traffic, concrete pavers were set into the lawn. The extra work to get everything level is well worthwhile and makes the lawn easier to maintain.
When ordering couch grass it is easy to get confused. In Queensland Cynodon dactylon is often referred to as Green Couch. In most parts of Australian and South Africa this grass is simply referred to couch grass. In the United States it is called Bermuda Grass even though it originates from the Middle East. (Whereas in Bermuda it is called crab grass.) In the United Kingdom and North America Elymus repens is commonly known as couch grass but that is an invasive weed.
The name “couch” comes from a corruption of Old English cwice “living, alive” and is related to the word “quick”. Perhaps this can be the quick lawn solution for your garden.
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