CAD Garden Design using 3D design tools

CAD Garden Design for Melbourne Gardens provides us some unique challenges. Getting your landscaping design ideas on paper, or on the computer, is a great help with the overall landscape design plan. One landscape Design tool we use at Red’s Landscape Gardening is Sketchup. If you are designing a larger gardening on a sloping site, Sketchup has some great features. One of these CAD landscape design features is the ability to bring in the site topography into your design. This makes it much easier to design in the civil design infrastructure such as French drains and irrigation. If you have a site plan, you can also design in the existing services such as gas, electricity, fibre optic cabling and drainage. This can help to avoid an expensive mistake later on.

CAD Garden Design - Landscaping Services Melbourne - Reds Landscaping & Design
Landscaping Services Melbourne. Using Sketchup to turn landscaping ideas into a plan

CAD Garden Design Using 2D site plans or photos

Another really useful landscape design feature is the ability to import 2D plans or photos. With some effort to get the scale right, your garden design can be quickly drawn over the top of your 2D site plan.

Landscaping Services Melbourne - CAD Garden Design - Designing the Landscape on top of the 2D Site plan - Reds Landscaping & Design
Landscaping Services Melbourne – CAD Garden Design – Designing the Landscape on top of the 2D Site plan

Library of Plants and Landscape Design features

With Sketchup Pro, there is a huge library of 3D garden design models you can import into your design. This includes many of the commonly grown Melbourne landscaping plants such as the Canary Island Palm, Banksias , Magnolias and Eucalyptus.


3d Landscape Rendering Design - Reds Landscaping & Design
Landscaping Services Melbourne – CAD Garden Design – Designing the Landscape on top of the 3D Site plan
Landscaping Services Melbourne. Using the library of plants. Various palms, banana plants and other trees and shrubs are available.

CAD Garden design with water features, swimming pools, garden furniture, wall and fences

As well as the library of garden plants, Sketch up Pro allows you to download models of water features such as garden ponds, swimming pools, garden furniture as well as retaining walls and fences. Garden buildings such as pergolas, outdoor barbecues, and sunken gardens are also available. These can really help to visualise your landscaping design concept plans.

CAD Garden design and construction

The ability to accurately visualise a garden design on computer is a great advantage when it comes to the construction phase of the project. With the services already designed in, construction can proceed knowing that the whole garden has been designed and planned down to the last detail on computer before a sod has been turned.

Garden maintenance and designing a low maintenance garden

With a 3D garden design plan, the plants can now be arranged so that moisture loving plants are together in groups. This will help to save water and reduce garden maintenance. The same applies to selecting plants to suit conditions such as shade, part shade and microclimates. The garden can also be designed to anticipate the height the plants will grow to, so as to avoid any maintenance headaches later on.

3D Landscape Rendering - Reds Landscaping & Design
Three-dimensional visualization of green design features

Landscape Design: This Three-dimensional visualization of a garden shows the effect of clusters of brightly coloured flowers like tulips contrasting with grey green foliage. This rendered image is so realistic, it is difficult to tell from a real photograph.

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