Lomandra Seascape

With its beautiful blue grey foliage and elegant weeping habit, it is no wonder that Australian native grasses like the Lomandra Seascape is so popular. What might be surprising, is to see it growing in the Belgium city of Bruges. The Lomandra is both drought tolerant and frost tolerant. It is evergreen in most situations and almost indestructible. The toughness of the plant which makes it ideal for an outdoor potted plant in Belgium, also makes it a great landscaping plant for the Gold Coast. This applies whether you are in Guanaba in the foothills of Mount Tamborine, Robina or in Mermaid Waters.Most varieties are native to Australia and many are also indigenous to the Gold Coast.
A versatile plant for garden design, Lomandra Seascape is ideal for mass plantings, patio pots, rockeries and border perimeters. Try it as a border plant in your small garden. In fact, the name Lomandra is from the Greek Loma meaning an edge or border and aner meaning man. An added bonus is that this grass is both non invasive and low maintenance. This makes it an ideal plant selection for a low maintenance sustainable garden. Once established, the plants require very little watering or maintenance.
Other varieties of Lomandra available from local Gold Coast nurseries include Lomandra “Lime Tuff”, and Lomandra longifolia ‘Sungold’. Sungold, as the name suggests, is a variegated variety and is tolerant to the humid climate of the Gold Coast. Lomandra Lime tuff has beautiful thick lime green foliage. Look for these varieties in your local plant nursery.
Lomandra was once thought to be in the same family as Xanthorrhoea and the two appear to have a lot in common. Lomandra are actually members of the sub family Lomandroideae  and the family Asparagaceae.
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