Lawn Care Gold Coast

Lawn Care Gold Coast. The ideal time to top dress and renovate your lawn.

Lawn Care is best done in early Autumn on the Gold Coast. Take the  time to assess your lawn and plan for some renovation and repair work. Start by walking over your lawn and checking for any bald patches, or high spots or dips. Turn on your irrigation system and check if all parts of the lawn are getting adequate water. If you cannot push the tines of a fork into the bald patches, then the soil might be compressed or the irrigation is not reaching that spot. Also check for weeds and other pests and diseases whilst you are there.

Lawn Care Step 1 – Lawn Weed removal

The first step in a successful lawn renovation is to remove the weeds. If the weather is sunny, you could use a selective spray, but do not be afraid of digging the weeds out by hand.

Lawn Care Gold Coast - Broad leaf weeds can be removed by hand or with a selective spray.
Lawn Care Gold Coast – Broad leaf weeds can be removed by hand or with a selective spray.

Lawn Care Step 2 – Aeration  of the lawn

To make this job easier, give the lawn a really good soaking or do it just after a good rain. Using a granulated or spray on soil wetter will help too. The slugs of soil should come up the aerator tines and drop out onto your lawn.

Lawn Care with a Mechanical lawn aerator.
Lawn Care renovation work  with a Mechanical lawn aerator.

If you have a smaller area of lawn, then Bunnings Southport have a hand held aerator that is reasonably priced. You can get a  cyclone aerator at around $55 – $60. This is money well spent.

Hand Held Lawn Aerator. Great for renovating your lawn.
Hand Held Lawn Aerator. Great for renovating your lawn.

The holes made in the lawn by the aerator, will allow oxygen, water and nutrients to quickly get to the lawn roots. This is especially important if you have some high traffic areas that may have had some compression and wear.


Typical lawn topsoil Profile.
Typical lawn topsoil Profile.

Lawn Care Step 3 – Over sow lawn seeds.

If you have hybrid roll out lawn, then you will not find lawn seeds of the exact same type of grass. Your local plant nursery will be able to suggest something that looks similar. Sowing Lawn seeds in early Autumn, means that the new lawn grasses have all winter and spring to get established before the next hot summer.

Lawn Care Step 4 – Top dress the lawn.

Top dress the lawn with either a high quality sandy loam with organic matter, or a course sand. The course sand works well in high traffic areas, but a topsoil high in organic matter is better at holding  moisture. For real problem areas, try top dressing with a fine textured potting mix. When topdressing, take care to fill any low points and bring the lawn level up evenly to any paths or edges. Protruding pavers can make a real mess of your mower blades if the lawn is lower than your pavers.

Top dress the lawn to match the height of your pavers.
Top dress the lawn to match the height of your pavers.

Lawn Care Step 5 – Soil Wetter and Liquid Fertiliser.

Give the lawn a liquid fertiliser like Neutrog Seamungus as well as some more soil wetter. The liquid fertiliser will encourage plant and root growth. The soil wetter is required as often the top dress soils are hydrophobic, resulting in the water just running off the soil. If you repeat this last step for 3 or 4 weeks the results will be amazing.

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