Design & Construction
Landscape Design and Construction of this beautiful Formal Garden, Mermaid Beach.

Unfortunately this garden is no longer being maintained by the new owners, who refuse to pay for maintenance…

I Started this job back at the start of 2015 i am a firm believer that a garden’s design should always be drawn from the architecture of the house. Walking through this modern, expansive and open plan home, I felt that the same principles of design should be reflected in the garden. The scale was hard to work with as it was only a tiny front garden. I knew it would be difficult to avoid overcrowding while trying to create a Formal Garden in Mermaid Beach.

Using mass plantings of ground cover, creepers that grew tight against the walls and trees that had a canopy over head hight. I managed to give the illusion of space. Despite being a beach front home I felt formal was the most fitting style due to how grand the 6 story home was. By using French and English Styles, I feel i managed to create a formal garden that married perfectly with the architecture of the home.

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