Gardening Ideas From The Chelsea Flower Show

Gardening Ideas From The Chelsea Flower Show

Gardening ideas from all around the world and from the world’s best landscapers are on display each year at the Chelsea Flower Show. Amongst the many great Landscaping and Gardening ideas on display at the 2018 Chelsea flower show, was the LG Eco-City Landscape Garden. This display garden was a brilliant representation of what could be achieved in the landscaping of green space allocated to a single unit amongst a vertical forest of residential apartments. Designed by Hay-Joung Hwang of Hay Designs, the garden showcases some impressive technology but with the emphasis on reduced energy usage. The aim here is to present Landscaping and Gardening ideas capable of reducing pollution as well as provide an outstanding garden concept for use in areas of high population density. For a landscape design company that was only established in 2015, the garden is a remarkable achievement and displays how we can create an eco friendly garden.

Gardening ideas
One of the details that can only be appreciated at nighttime is the garden lighting. According to John Cullen of John Cullen Lighting “The path to the outdoor seating area and kitchen beyond is lit with Guida floor washers, the trees with Kensington spotlights, the seating area is under-lit with Contour HDX27 and back garden with Kew spotlights. Inside Luccas light up the living wall and Square Trimless provide down light to the kitchen interior.”

Kitchen Landscaping and Gardening ideas

The landscaping design concept envisages each apartment having its own spacious terrace garden with kitchen access. A highlight of this garden is emphasis on the role of trees and plants for Carbon Dioxide reduction, temperature reduction, and the reduction in harmful particulate pollution in the context of a city apartment.
Gardening ideas

Another environmental aim of the garden was to show how residents of apartments and townhouses can provide garden plants to help pollinators such as bees and butterflies by the use of colourful wildflowers in a naturalist planting scheme.

Neatly trimmed box hedges frame the sunken seating area with garden beds full of striking Aquilegia, Trollius and especially yellow lupins. Completing the warm tones are coppery verbascums and orange geums. Contrasting with the warm bright plantings are the frothy cooler colours of white foxgloves (digitalis) white lupins and neat potted peonies. The overall gardening effect is stunning.



The attention to detail in this garden is also a real eye opener. The colours and patterns in the furniture and cushions are a great match for the colourful flowers. The stone paving used throughout the garden, also helps to link the different parts of the garden together. The shiny black pebbles and nearby chamomile plants at the front end of the stone paving, gives the garden an oriental feel. Towards the centre of the garden, the paving steps down to a sunken seating area. Landscaping your small garden on different levels like this is a great way to make your small garden appear larger. Behind the seating area the garden paving continues across the water to the stylish and elegant pavilion.

Garden Design Melbourne

These are great ideas that you can also employ when landscaping your small Melbourne garden. Finding landscaping themes which can run throughout the garden and draw the viewer’s eye along or through the theme. This is just one of the aspects that makes this an incredibly attractive garden. Many of the clever technologies on display will have applications in the Melbourne construction industry. According to LG “ Aquaponics systems have been used to provide nutrients from fish waste to nourish a vertical vegetable and herb farm, whilst solar technologies replace conventional building materials to power LED lighting that creates the perfect conditions to help vegetables and herbs grow.” Apart from the hedge trimming, this is a very low maintenance garden. The aquaponics feed and water the vertical garden and the moss and dense plantings suppress weeds. Chamomile around the paving is used instead of lawn and releases a relaxing scent.

Gardening ideas

Aquaponic garden pool and paving. This aquaponics systems has been used to provide nutrients from fish waste to nourish a vertical vegetable and herb farm. Water features in the garden help to dampen traffic noise.

Gardening ideas

Aquaponic garden pool and paving. This aquaponics systems has been used to provide nutrients from fish waste to nourish a vertical vegetable and herb farm. Water features in the garden help to dampen traffic noise.

Moss can store a surprising large amount of carbon.

About the Landscape Garden Designer

Hay-Joung Hwang moved to the United Kingdom from South Korea in 2001 to study garden design. Later she trained as a Landscape Architect at the University of Sheffield. Hay-Joung established her own landscape company, Hay Designs, in 2015. Her philosophy behind every project is to connect modernism with traditionalism. She can now add another Chelsea flower show Silver Gilt medal to her list of awesome achievements. She can be considered a little unlucky not to have won a gold medal this year. Everyone we have shown the photos to, has been very impressed with this garden.

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