Breaking Down Your Design Proposal

What’s included?

To achieve the best possible outcome for your project and avoid any hidden surprises along the way, we’ve tailored the following Landscape Design package for you:

The following pages break down our two options: our 2D Landscape Package and our 3D Landscape Package.
Our turnaround on these packages is currently between 4-5 days from initial application submission; 1 day is required to amend the draft.

2D Plans – What To Expect

A 2D Plan is very similar to a house plan, showing a “bird’s eye view” of the property.
These plans are delivered scaled to size, which means the plans show the exact dimensions of what is going to be built, allowing a builder to work off the plans to execute them at a later stage.
The plans are black and white to keep the drawings neat and easy to interpret, with labels that clearly identify what each drawn element is.
To showcase certain elements, we use moodboards or “palettes” alongside our 2D plans to give indications of what the design element looks like; this is great for people who have some trouble reading 2D.

3D Renders – What To Expect

A 3D render allows you full access to see your future landscape as it would be built.
Renders allow you to visualize the designed spaces not only from top and side views but from every view: out of key viewpoints such as balconies, views from the spa, underneath the pergola: 3D modelling lets you spatially see how it all fits together.

Our render package includes 5–10 images like the one here, as well as a flythrough video, which takes you on a journey through your landscape. These are great for understanding how the area would be experienced, as you are seeing it as you would if you were really there.

Design Fee Proposal Options

Please see below the 2 options for your landscape design. These prices have been custom priced according to your brief, site conditions, and the landscape elements required.

2D Landscape Package

  • This option includes a 2D fully scaled landscape plan drawn at 1:100, with annotation depicting design elements on the plan.
  • A mood board document with indicative imagery, such as Pinterest photos of poolside paving, planting styles etc – all included to give an indication of the design intent.
  • A planting schedule and materials schedule will break down exactly what plant species and hardscaping materials are within the design.
  • You will be able to obtain quotes and build from these plans once the 2D Landscape Package process is complete and you’re happy with your design.
  • 4 hours of allocated change/revisions included in price, revisions beyond quoted amount will be charged at an hourly rate of $85 p/h.

Option 2

3D Landscape Package

  • This option includes the full 3D Landscape Package.
  • A document of 5-10 indicative 3D images showing the landscape design
  • A ‘flythrough’ video of your project
  • 4 hours of allocated change/revisions included in price, revisions beyond quoted amount will be charged at an hourly rate of $85 p/h.


Hourly Rates: Any additional work required beyond our proposed design service will be subject to a $180 hourly rate excluding GST.


  • Additional meetings at the client’s request
  • Additional site-assessment visits, if required.
  • Amendments beyond the original design brief/proposed design service
  • Amendments due to changes to the architectural base plans.
  • Information reports by others if required, i.e., site survey, arborist report, soil report, etc.
  • Information or consultation from an arborist or geologist.
  • Any costs or fees associated with council-required changes for permit
  • Purchasing of external documents, drawings, maps, and records (ie. LANDATA, etc).
  • 3D imagery and fly-through videos.
  • Additional hard copies of landscape design or documentation – Printing
  • Outdoor styling advice (beyond proposed plant and material palettes).
  • Project management
  • Liaison with another builder during the construction stage