Hume Global Learning Centre—Sunbury

Hume Global Learning Centre—Sunbury

Red’s Landscaping Company

Red’s Landscaping Company has always been striving to make the existing gardens and homes more elegant and sophisticated with its professional, proficient architects and designers, which catches the eye of a viewer.

We built Red’s Landscaping & Design from the ground up with an image in mind. Red’s vision is to vitalize and breathe new life into the gardens and homes of Melbourne.

To carry the lively hues of nature into the tourist resorts, high-profile parks, and public places in which we spend most of our lives and the homes we live in. The goal is to build eye-pleasing open spaces that one can feel at ease in, feel inspired by, and desire to visit.

As we care for your garden, we provide various services to make your garden extraordinarily beautiful and more precisely perfect. We have designers who understand the ultimate technique to be used according to your ground; whether it is softscaping or landscaping, depending upon your landscape, the outcome is definitely wonderful with guaranteed satisfaction.


Softscaping—the plant component of landscaping—is one of Red’s Landscaping and Design’s numerous specialties. Expert horticulture practices have been mastered via years of study, research, and experience across Australia’s many climates.

The team has pushed for sustainable softscapes that can resist the subtropical climate due to Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions. Our innovative softscaping techniques can produce fruitful gardens that are not only environmentally friendly but also produce fruit, vegetables, and cut flowers.


Any hardscape project requires careful attention during the design, planning, and implementation stages. While there are many significant factors to consider, space utilization is crucial. We use hardscaping to maximize usable space while creating an attractive garden at Red’s Landscaping and Design. Only licensed and qualified tradespeople are used by Red’s Landscaping and Design Gardening to create long-lasting hardscapes that may be enjoyed for decades.

Hume Global Learning Centre

Our recent project at The Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury, is a council project by Red’s Landscaping company. Where principal contractors CICG joined Melbourne landscaper Red’s Landscaping and Civil to construct the soft and hard landscape.

It truly is a thrilling space which is sure to develop the community of Hume for the digital future, reconstructing what a sophisticated library can be for the next generation, turning it into an exciting meeting place for old and young.

Public areas like the Hume Global Learning Centre contribute to great public amenity, especially when they are combined with a suitable landscape design. The result is an available, inclusive public space for the pleasure of the people of Hume.

The Red’s team have been very delighted with the outcome of this project and have completed the project within budget and timeframe.

  • Construction and formwork of a large staircase Finish in black.
  • Black and white exposed concrete.
  • Earthmoving and excavation.
  • Large turf area. A fully controlled Wi-Fi irrigation system for all new soft landscaping.
  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Mass planting of native trees and shrubs on green lands
  • Soil pumping for rooftop planting

The Red’s Landscaping team were excited to work on this project with the Hume City Council and acknowledged the continued support and business with the council and contractors to make areas like this possible. The landscaping of the Hume Global Learning Centre—Sunbury.

Landscaping of the Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury

The Red’s Landscaping crew of Melbourne tackled the challenges of building long flights of stairs by using concrete formwork. The concrete steps in exposed aggregate create a stunning feature in the landscape. Drought-resistant lawns will have huge boulders on them that were made out of mudstone rock. They will soften the look of the retaining walls, blending both elements together in to create a cohesive effect.

The concrete and solid formwork for the long flights of stairs were a challenge for the team at Red’s Landscaping Melbourne. The concrete stairs in exposed quantity are a remarkable feature of the landscape. Mudstone Rock Boulders were utilized to give a soft look to the retaining walls and fuse the stairs into the expansive drought-resistant lawns.

Drought-resistant native plants

The landscape design of the Hume Learning Centre included drought-resistant eucalyptus trees and ground covers. The green eucalyptus trees in the planter pots or vases help to soften the new brick walls of the Hume Global learning centre.

Lomandra Garden Beds at the Learning Centre

Garden beds, along with the Global Learning Centre walls, were rooted with drought-resistant Lomandra. These provided a fascinating green space between the exposed aggregate footpaths and the walls.



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