Landscape design is the key to making an outdoor garden, whether you live in a small courtyard in a city or a large estate in the country. Several landscape designs make your outside space more beautiful and appealing. Hampton-style landscape design is one of them.

Hamptons Style garden landscaped design.

The Hamptons style landscape design mixes hard landscaping, like pavers, and soft landscaping, like grass and plants. It is clean, uncluttered, and inviting, with abundant greenery and non-flowering trees and plants. The characteristics of a Hamptons style landscape have become recognisable over time. Hampton-style landscape design is influenced by English and French gardens, but with its unique elements. The Hampton style is all on open plan living, with doors connecting indoor to outdoor living. The original Hampton design landscape is vast and well-planned.

Hamptons Style coastal garden landscaped design 3D render.
Hamptons Style coastal garden landscaped design.

In Australia, particularly in coastal regions, the Hampton-style landscape design has been popular for many years. It is simple to create and maintain and helpful during the hot summer months. Australians are beach-loving people. Therefore a seaside outdoor lifestyle is lovely for them. A Hampton-style outdoor environment focuses on elegance and relaxation in the sun.

Tips for creating your own Hamptons Style Landscape Design

It is simple to create a Hampton-style landscape. Start with a white backdrop and layer in ocean blues, natural linens, and wooden furniture.

Landscaping with olives in pots on a white balcony.
Landscaping with olives in pots on a white balcony.

Some common elements of Hampton garden are hedges, open lawn areas, hydrangeas and other classic flowers, a colour palette of rich greens and muted whites, blues and bluish purple, gravel pathways and driveways, geometrically shaped garden beds, symmetry outdoor entertaining spaces and beautiful swimming pools. Here are the top seven tips for creating a sophisticated Hampton landscape design.

Murraya Paniculata hedge in pots.
Murraya Paniculata hedge in pots.

Framing your Outdoor Area.

When designing gardens, we tend to focus mainly on landscaping and plants, but how we frame our outdoor area may significantly impact how it appears and feels. Framing can also be the perfect final touch for any garden landscape.

Photo taken by Callum O'Brien I Reds Landscaping.
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Everything in a coastal Hampton-style garden should be well-framed and sometimes double-framed. Such as a double row of hedges around the garden because hedging provides a softer appearance, driveways with a double row of paved edging and potted plants on both sides of walks or entryways to have an enormous impact.

Custom design lap pool
A custom designed lap pool photo-realistic visualisation using landscape design tools. A pool framed by hedges.

The wide driveways are frequently bordered with hedges or garden beds because they make sense of comfortable elegance everywhere. The frame creates the impression that everything has been well arranged and also provides a touch of sophistication.

Planting in Layers

Layering is the practice of inter-planting many different species in the exact location to create a garden that retains its interest over time. As one plant reaches the end of its prime flowering season, another begins to flower to maintain the display. Layering also involves selecting beautifully integrated plants, creating visual interest from back to front and side to side. A well-designed layered garden has plants of different heights, textures, shapes, and colours that go well together.

garden layers for hamptons style garden design
Plan the plant heights to create a layered effect. Make use of plant foliage to create colour contrasts. Make trees in neighbouring gardens part of the view.

It will be a good idea to plant both short and tall plants in the layer, with the shorter plants acting as a frame or border for the taller plant. You may create a sense of balance, order, and symmetry by growing plants of various heights and in a repeating pattern in a Hampton-style garden. When boxy hedges and rambling flowering bushes are placed next to each other, it gives the appearance that things in the garden are peaceful and under control.

Colour Schemes for a Hamptons Style Garden

A garden can be created to generate a specific colour appearance by using flowers, trees, and shrubs with various shades. Much attention should be paid to their arrangement to develop an exciting design.

The primary colour green is shown in Hampton-style landscape design in the vast green lawn, hedges, box balls, and trees. The addition of peaceful white, blues, and purples adds variety and beauty while preserving the relaxing environment of the garden.

Hamptons is a classic design style. Magnolia Little Gem in a fibreglass pot. Magnolias are non-toxic to pets. The buxus however, contains alkaloids, which are toxic to dogs
Magnolia Little Gem in a fibreglass pot. Magnolias are non-toxic to pets. The buxus however, contains alkaloids, which are toxic to dogs

A repeating set of plants and a reliable colour combination that goes through your garden will help everything feel more pleasant. Hydrangeas and white gardenias are excellent flowering plants for Hampton-style landscaping.

The Creation of Hamptons Style Pathways

Pathways are essential components in Hampton-style landscape design because they split large open spaces into smaller and more pleasant areas. Paths may clarify your landscape and give focus points to any garden. They can match the style of your landscape, whether it is classy, shabby, or somewhere in between.

Garden Benches and aggregate paths.
Garden Benches and aggregate paths.

Several walkway concepts may be included in a Hampton-style garden. For example, include solid paved pathways, a creative combination of pavers with grass or stones in between, gravel pathways, or even simple grass walkways between garden beds. The installation of paths can add variety and beauty to your landscape.

Building Alfresco Areas and Patios

Outdoor living and entertainment are significant elements of the Australian lifestyle. Most of the country has great weather for being outside, and it’s a part of Australian culture to spend time with family and friends in the outdoor environment. An alfresco area is a form of outdoor space where you may eat, rest, or enjoy the scenery. It is not a patio, but it might be made into one.

Shade over the outdoor entertaining area.
Shade over the outdoor entertaining area. Using the landscape design tools, the outdoor entertaining area can be checked for shade. Is the shade is insufficient, then shade cloths can be added to the design.

Alfresco areas may be built almost everywhere in a Hampton-style garden. Several seating areas around the garden create a more relaxed atmosphere, which is especially important if you enjoy outdoor entertaining. It is typical and lovely to see entire dinner parties set up in the grass or beneath a tree. Cape cod chairs are frequently seen in a Hampton-inspired garden. They offer a calm ambience to your space and are extremely pleasant. Don’t forget to place a beautiful garden seat in a hidden garden area to create a delightful corner.

Adding a Swimming Pool to your Hamptons Style Garden

A lovely pool may be as peaceful for the mind as it is energizing for the body. Even a nice view of the water, whether from within your home, yard, patio, or porch, may calm the soul.

The Hampton pool emphasizes simplicity and the natural surroundings. The most recognizable characteristics of a pool designed in the Hamptons style are its absence of a deck, its incorporated spa, and the use of cobalt blue limestone.

Swimming Pool Design Hamptons style garden.
3D render of formal pool and landscape

Pools are the crown gem of the outdoor space in Hampton’s gardens, frequently surrounded by beautiful green turf. Sun loungers and sun umbrellas typical of a resort provide realistic vacation feelings. Surrounding the pool with magnificent classic garden elements creates the impression of a great state, even in a more suburban setting. So, if you have a pool in your yard, try planting some hedges around it to give it the effect of a classic Hampton design.

The view of the entertainment area. 3D Landscape Design of a Hamptons style garden.
The view of the entertainment area. 3D Landscape Design

Planning your Garden Lighting

Putting lights all over the garden is a great way to make it a magical and inviting space, even at night. If you have a beautiful lighting plan, you may spend more time outside in the evenings. This could include lights for trees, lights on pathways, and lights in and around a swimming pool. Water feature lighting, as well as lighting for patios and the exterior of your home. You can hire a professional to make a lighting plan that will turn on when you flip a switch. You can install some solar lights and add more as time passes.

pool and landscape design package
Lighting business for luxury backyard swimming pool. Relaxed lifestyle with contemporary design by professionals.

Plants for your Hamptons Style Garden

Trees are a garden’s most permanent feature, adding much-needed shade, privacy, colour and value to your garden. The tree sizes, shapes, and colour range are vast enough to suit any gardening scheme. The most popular planting trends in the Hampton-style garden are Tristaniopsis luscious, Lilly pilly, Agapanthus, gardenia radicans, and Magnolia. The great place to plant these is near an entrance or entertaining areas, the front part of a garden bed and around pools.

Tristaniopsis laurina luscious Trinity St Kilda hamptons style
Tristaniopsis laurina luscious Trinity St Kilda

You can take all of the features of a Hampton garden and implement them on a smaller scale if you have a small suburban yard. Even in a small area, you may build a unique plan with paths, grass, garden beds, and seating places. This will provide a sense of more space. It is incredible how much you can fit into a small space with a few straightforward ideas.

3D CAD Landscape Design for your Hamptons Style Garden

Our 3D landscape design package will allow you to collaborate your Hamptons Style Landscape Design in real time with one of our senior landscape designers. Using some advanced software/hardware we can create immediate 3D renders. This allows visual assessment of the design from every viewpoint. It will let you see and understand how all the elements are intended to come together giving an instant serenity.


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