[vc_row][vc_column][heading subtitle=”Commercial Landscaping for Hampton townhouses” size=”3″ heading_class=”heading” heading_style=”style-1″][/heading][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Hampton Commercial Landscaping for this this brand new, multi-level town residence.

The location and style of the Hampton Townhouses

The townhouses were conveniently located just off beachside Hampton’s vibrant shopping, dining and transport strip with only a short stroll to Hampton station.

The townhouses showcase the latest in architectural innovation over 4 outstanding levels. The landscape gardening was designed to ensure low maintenance and to be tolerant of coastal conditions. The townhouses and gardens  perfectly suit the requirements of modern families with amenity and public transport close by. Hampton is one of Melbourne’s vibrant coastal suburbs and these townhouses were just a short stroll to Hampton’s beautiful beach.

Commercial Landscaping Hampton Townhouses
Commercial Landscaping Hampton Townhouses

The landscaping of Hampton Coastal Gardens

This type of beachhead garden landscape calls for hardy coastal plants. The plants selected by the client for this job included native dogwoods,native grasses such as  Lomandra tanika, Banksia integrifolia and Correa Alba.

Plants selected for the Hampton Townhouses

The Australian native dogwood (Jacksonia scoparia), not to be confused with the European Dogwood, is a small tree or shrub which can grow to around 4 metres tall in ideal growing conditions. It is native to the milder mountain areas of Queensland and New South Wales. It is a great tree to plant for to cover a fence or to provide a little shade.

Banksia Integrifolia also known as the Coast Banksia, grows very well in sea side coastal areas like Hampton. It is even tolerant to salt spray as well as frost. The attractive dark green leaves have a contrasting silvery underside and the plant is a common sight on Melbourne Bayside suburbs and especially the coastal reserves.

Lomandra tanika, also know as Basket Grass,  is a member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family which means it is related to the icon of the Australian native bush garden the Australian Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea). Lomandra Tanika is the fine leaf form of the well known Australian native grass Lomandra Longifolia.  These hardy plants are also ideal for coastal gardens as they can tolerate both salt and wind. An added advantage for this type of commercial landscaping is that the plant is suitable for heavily shaded locations as well as full sun. They are also a very good plant selection for low maintenance gardens. Once established very little watering is required from the irrigation system and they can go without being pruned.  It you prefer a more blue green foliage, take a look at Lomandra Seascape.

Correa Alba is a hardy frost and drought resistant dense shrub that can grow to around 3 metres. The white flowers which appear in autumn and winter, are star shaped and almost flat and sometimes have a pink tinge.  This Australian native occurs naturally along the coasts of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Another great choice for Melbourne Coastal Gardens.

Commercial Landscaping

The commercial landscaping for the Hampton Townhouses also included the hard-landscaping of concrete paths for the properties.


For more information on Australian Native Plants.

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To Purchase Australian Native Plants

The Nursery Co – One of Australia’s leading plant nurseries.




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