Hampton Court Gardens south west of London

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Gardens south west of London

Hampton Court palace

Hampton Court gardens and palace lie around 20 kilometres south west of London. It is near to Kingston upon Thames and is within the borders of the borough of Richmond upon Thames. There was a substantial building on this site since at least the early 1400s and a Hampton Manor was mentioned in the Domesday book in 1086.

Hampton Court Palace behind lavender plants
Hampton Court Palace behind lavender plants


The Tudor era at the Palace

The Tudor part of Hampton Court palace was constructed style by Cardinal Wolsey in the early 1500s. Wolsey had been granted a 95-year lease on the property in 1515. Tudor palace architecture is heavily influenced by perpendicular gothic architecture. In the early 1500s the influence of Italian craftsmen and architects brought a strong renaissance influence to the architecture. This can be seen in the terracotta roundels by Florentine sculptor Giovanni da Maiano in 1521. These roundels contain the busts of eleven roman emperors.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

In the mid 1520s King Henry VIII had taken a liking to the property and was also finding Cardinal Wolsey unable to get his divorce approved by the pope. As a result of this Wolsey lost his lands. In 1525 the lease was transferred to the King. Henry VIII was granted a freehold to the property in 1531.

Architect Sir Christopher Wren.

After the death of King Henry VIII, William of Orange and his wife Queen Mary made substantial changes to the building. These changes were designed by famous architect Christopher Wren.

Wren was commissioned to remodel and extend Hampton Court Palace with a new courtyard and apartments for the King and Queen. The great fountain garden was created by architect Daniel Marot, who had been brought over from Het Loo. This remodelling of the garden led to much more French and Dutch influence in the gardens.

The Gardens become a public space

After the time of William and Mary the palace fell out of use as a royal palace and eventually the gardens were made open to the public by Queen Victoria in 1838.


Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton court palace gardens currently cover over 24 hectares by the banks of the Thames. Every year the Royal Horticultural Society holds a flower festival in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. The gardens themselves are an attraction for garden lovers from around the world. The gardens include a Dutch garden, a yew tree maze with over 1000 trees and a spectacular fountain.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace



Palace gardens. Formal Palace parterre gardens with fountain.
Formal Palace parterre gardens with fountain



Hampton Court Palace garden parterre formal gardens.
Hampton Court Palace garden parterre formal gardens.


Hampton Court Palace gardens
Hampton Court Palace gardens. Formal Palace gardens with terracotta pots aggregate pathways and neat hedges.



Palace rose gardens
Hampton Court Palace rose gardens



Garden Fountain and aggregate paths
Garden Fountain and aggregate paths

Hampton court Palace Garden Festival

The Royal Horticultural Society runs an annual garden festival on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace in early July. As well as a floral marquee and plant village, there are Show, Lifestyle and Global Impact gardens from inspiring garden designers and landscapers. As with the Chelsea Flower Show, this show is a favorite amongst garden lovers, as well as residential and commercial landscapers.




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