Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens Benowa

Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for garden ideas or landscape design ideas, then a great place to visit is your local botanical gardens. In most of these you can see exotic, native and indigenous plants and get some ideas on how to plan your own landscape. On the Gold Coast we have the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens in Ashmore Road Benowa. This is just a short drive from the city or if you are a keen walker, a good walk from Nerang, Carrara, Bundall or Ashmore. The botanical gardens provide a valuable green space for people to enjoy as well as important habitat for native fauna. It is also a learning experience for kids and adults alike. It was great to visit there last week and discuss gardening with people from the Friends of the Gardens. It is always interesting to chat with the hard working volunteers who are so passionate about plants and horticulture. Since the gardens were established around 20 years ago the friends of the gardens have planted more than 20,000 Australian Native Plants.


Perhaps it is appropriate that the name on the town Benowa comes from the aboriginal word for the Red Bloodwood tree as there are quite a few in the area. The Red Bloodwood Eucalyptus gummifera or Eucalyptus corymbosa gets its name from the red resin the tree produces. The place name Benowa indicates the importance of this plant to the aborigines. It has both medicinal uses and it’s bark can be used to make a dye.

Eucalyptus corymbosa
The place name Benowa comes from the Red Bloodwood or Eucalyptus corymbosa.


One of the many plants that caught my eye in the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens was the Pink Kangaroo Paw ANIGOZANTHOS (Bush Pearl). The plants are indigenous to the southern part of Western Australia and are a beautiful cut flower. They are a great way to add some colour to your native garden. You might see some black ink fungal disease, but if you remove the affected leaves, the plants should survive a few years. These plants are not particularly frost resistant, but can be grown in pots on patios. The nectar from these plants will also attract birds to your garden.

Gold Coast
Anigozanthos Bush Pearl. Pink Kangaroo paw at the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens.


Garden Gold Coast Region

Make sure you visit the Horticulture Display Garden and see the hedged gardens combined with gardenias and magnolias alongside grevillea, bottlebrushes and red flowering gums. When you see a plant you like, write down the species and variety. Also take note of whether it is in shade, part shade or full sun. Entry is free and it is a great way to design your garden.You can also see the floral emblem of the Gold Coast, Banksia aemula. Also known as Banksia serratifolia or Wallum banksia, Banksia aemula can be seen naturally in the coastal pink bloodwood open forests to woodlands and coastal heaths from around Fraser Island south to about Wollongong. This makes it a great choice for your Gold Coast coastal garden in sunny, sandy areas like Mermaid Beach.

Banksia aemula is the floral emblem of the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens.

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Pink Kangaroo Paws

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