Proper garden maintenance is critical to your property value in Melbourne the heart of the garden state. A well maintained garden will also save money in the long term and give visitors a sense of well being.

Garden maintenance can be a challenge in Melbourne with garden design styles varying from formal gardens with hedges to rustic native gardens. These factors can affect the cost of maintenance.

Combating Melbournes climate is not easy, however, knowing your hedges ideal height, correct pruning and ideal mowing frequencies you can easily stay on top of your workload. Frequent care of your hedges, palms and lawns minimizes surface area this reduces photosynthesis and slows growth rate. This creates a quicker job for the gardeners with less mess to clean up and a good reduction in cost.

Controlling water is also essential for reducing growth rates. Having a professional optimize your irrigation controller is essential for maintenance in the Melbourne. The program should be aimed at keeping plants alive and healthy but programmed to minimizes water to reduce excessive growth. Increasing watering frequency and reducing dryer periods allows you to greatly wind down irrigation times. We find this not only reduces growth rates but also creates healthier more resilient plants and turf. Calibrating a water sensor to shut down the irrigation through periods of rain is also critical for reducing water and slowing growth rates.

Please if you have any further questions on how getting a maintenance professional can help you with your garden, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page of give me a call 0424350910. I Have listed below some of my company’s maintenance services have a read to see how we might be able to help you.

  • Hedging

Hedge pruning, hedge trimming, hedge shaping, hedging

  • Lawn Care

Lawn mowing, turf maintenance, top dressing, turf irrigation, lawn mowing

  • Palm Care

Palm pruning, palm maintenance, palm pruning, palm shaping

  • Tree Maintenance

Tree felling, tree removal, tree pruning, tree care, tree removal

  • Pruning

Tree pruning, rose pruning, pruning, orchid

  • Brushcutting

Edging, whipper snipping, brushcutting, line

  • Weed Control

Weeding, weed spraying, selective herbicide application, pre-emergent application,

Reds Landscaping and Civil services Melbourne city and suburbs for your maintenance, design and construction needs.

Our team of professional Melbourne landscape designers, qualified tradesmen, trained staff and skilled contractors, have extensive experience in all aspects of garden construction and landscaping. Red’s Landscaping and Civil will ensure that the construction of your project is both cost effective and time efficient, while guaranteeing the best quality outcome. Modern horticulture is not just about flowerbeds and borders. Our experience and training in horticulture, and our landscape design expertise, will bring your Melbourne Landscaping vision to life.


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