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The 5th of December was the United Nations “World Soil Day”. This is an important time to remember its importance, not just in garden maintenance, but in life itself. An indispensable ingredient for the life of humans, animals and ,of course, plants. The soil supplies nutrients and raw materials, storage and filtered water. It can degrade harmful chemicals but healthy soil should not be taken for granted. If we allow it to be overused, or allow a hard crust to form, then it will require amendments to replenish the nutrient store and to make it friable. Water will tend to run-off taking some of the soil and nutrients with it.
A healthy top soil will not only contain a great deal of life for your plants, but is a first step in garden maintenance. Not just microorganisms like bacteria and fungus, but also earthworms. Many of these will form a symbiotic relationship with your plants.
In Queensland we a lucky enough to have some great resources to improve and maintain the health of your soil and garden maintenance gold coast. First of all, you should be using a layer of mulch. Mulches such as pea straw and sugar cane mulch will decompose relatively quickly and bring your soil to life. This is especially true when used with an organic fertiliser. If you are after a different look to the sugar cane mulch, you can always use a different mulch over the top. Take care not to mulch up to the truck of trees or shrubs, as this can lead to collar rot. If using a mulch like pea straw, make sure it is weed free. Secondly, consider using a soil tonic like Sea Sol. This will benefit the plant and the microorganisms in the soil.

Gold Coast Soil Types

On the Merrimac floodplain around Carrara and in the Robina Lakes system around Mermaid Waters some of the soils that have been developed for housing and canal estates were once mangrove and tea-tree wetlands.
The disturbance of these soils can expose acid sulphate to the air resulting in a low PH (acidic) soil. This is sometimes the case In the north of the Gold Coast around Woongoolba and Jacobs Wells on the Pimpama River and on the Coomera River around Hope Island. In can also be the case amongst the canal estates of Broadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters and Robina. When developing gardens in these areas, a PH test is often a good idea. If your soil is acidic, then organic matter and gypsum can act as a buffer to stabilise changes in PH. Gradual applications of garden lime will help if your soil PH is too low. Remember to keep lime away from acid loving plants like azaleas and rhododendrons.
The beaches and coastal dunes of the Gold Coast are a great asset to the area, but also create a challenge for establishing and landscaping a garden. Much of the sand that forms the beaches of the Gold Coast were originally eroded from the New England Tablelands of Northern New South Wales.
When creating a sustainable low maintenance garden in seaside areas like Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach and Miami, organic matter can help retain moisture and stabilise the soils. As with the canal estates, some research and appropriate plant selection will pay dividends. For more information on improving your garden maintenance gold coast, start with soil. Feel free to take a look at our blog Lawn Care on the Gold Coast.

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