Custom Swimming Pool Landscaping

Landscaping is an attractive and significant complement to a custom swimming pool. But when the planting of trees, flowers, and shrubs differs or does not fit with the installation and function of these playgrounds, it comes to be an issue. We are glad to share that our team of experts can certainly help you deal with these sorts of issues. Holding a wonderful background in landscaping we have done numerous projects recently and satisfied our clients, which you can see on our website and decide if it suits you.

Various pool companies or landscape companies do not understand the universal backyard. Landscape designers should have a responsibility to have a synergistic relationship with all other factors in the backyard environment, as their only dog in battle. This contains the architecture of the houses and other spaces being built, the landscape of the land, and even the qualities of the clients.

A landscape design, for example, the pool, hardscape, and various entertainment areas need to complete one another. Landscapers need to assure the demand list our clients fill out. A well-thought-out structure with all its compositions is a useful investment in the lifestyle of our clients.



A custom swimming pool is designed and built by our landscaping experts. We bring you our proficiency and our construction skills from our Melbourne commercial landscaping and incorporate these with custom pool structures using modern computer-assisted landscaping designing tools. The result is a nicely thought out and cost-effective outcome for your custom swimming pool design and project.

Melbourne Design Trends

Our expert landscape designers are up to date with the latest swimming pool designing trends and have recognized the following design trends as the ones to stare in Melbourne.

Top 5 Custom Swimming Pool Shapes

  • Infinity Edge Pools
  • Lap Pools
  • Kidney Pool (Palm Springs style and elegance)
  • Beach Bench Pools (sun-lounges in the pool)
  • Plunge Pools

We can deliver design and construction of these fully combined with Landscape Design, Garden and Pool Lighting.

Melbourne Swimming Pools

Custom swimming pool designs and construction packages from Red’s Landscaping Melbourne will provide you an integrated architecture with your pool as the focal point.  Working with our experienced and competent partners in the pool industry, and by using our 3D CAD landscaping designing skills, we are able to provide our clients a complete integrated, complete swimming pool and landscape package.

custom swimming pool

Our 3D CAD landscape and pool design will ensure the client to have the ideal bespoke pool for their home. We can even examine to ensure you have the best planting strategy to ensure maximum privacy for your swimming pool.

As an expert horticultural team, we are well aware of the ideal plants to landscape your swimming pool the best way whilst assuring ongoing swimming pool maintenance will be minimized.

custom swimming pool

By integrating the Swimming Pool landscape design with the swimming pool, we can guarantee that money is saved by sharing trenches and other infrastructure around the swimming pool area. Garden lighting and Swimming pool lighting can be integrated to save money and also ensure your pool remains the focal point of the landscaping day and night.

custom swimming pool


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