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Council Landscaping in Melbourne

Reds Landscaping is a full-service Landscaping company that specializes in facilitating council contracts, we place a great emphasis on the safety of our clients and onto the environment, which has made us one of the most credible construction companies in Melbourne. The team at Reds Landscaping is highly experienced and always strives to exceed the expectations of the client and further cement our place in the industry as one of the finest.

When you work with us as your Landscaping firm of choice, you can rest that you are in a safe pair of hands as we have dealt with many clients before. Our full range of insurance policies, pre-qualifications, fully implemented safety, and licenses, coupled with our stability, means you can trust us to handle even the most intricate job.

Our experienced project managers guarantee value for money and quality, and our dependable crews have a fantastic track record for delivering civil infrastructural projects throughout Melbourne.

Industry Leader in Civil Construction Melbourne

All projects are delivered to the exact specification of our clients and in line with all the necessary regulatory requirements. We commit to customer satisfaction and are always driven by an urge to meet our obligations to partners and clients. Our team of professionals is dedicated to attaining improved efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Our approach is a “best for the project” one that ensures that our practices are in tandem with every job’s unique nature. Some of our values include innovative thinking, adaptability, and attention to detail, things that continue to cement our reputation as Melbourne’s civil contractors of choice. We value collaboration, which can be attested to by the long-term relationships that we nurture with our clients.

Call us for Unparalleled Service Delivery

Whatever the size of your project, our vibrant team guarantees to deliver unparalleled results that reflect the level of workmanship that you expect. Give us a call today and let us discuss your project with you.

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The Red’s Landscaping and Design Melbourne team are passionate about protecting natural and bushland areas.

We aim to contribute to the longevity of ocean, rivers, rainforests and native bushland by applying sustainability principles to our work.

Our team includes park and garden specialists who are avid in caring for and regenerating natural, indigenous environments.



Australia’s rapid urbanization has led to a growing demand for shared green spaces, such as community gardens, recreational spaces and local parks.

Such spaces are crucial to urban fabric, for the health and well being of society as well as countering climate issues, such as urban heat islands.

The team at Red’s Landscaping and Design have experience working with local councils, community groups and universities to improve the quality and usability of shared urban green spaces.