Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance by the same Melbourne team highly skilled in commercial landscaping construction. Our Commercial Maintenance team is led by qualified horticulturists who are highly expert in plant health and plant identification. Our commercial maintenance team also includes experts in horticultural irrigation systems, concrete repairs and all aspects of commercial gardening.

First impressions count, and the garden areas around a business premises are usually where the first impressions of your business take place.  We can ensure that the healthy commercial landscape generates a positive impression for your clients and employees alike.

Gardens have been shown to benefit the peace of mind of employees, so a well maintained, tranquil outdoor space will usually lead to happier employees. Additionally, a well-maintained commercial landscape can keep the buildings cooler, reduce noise and help to keep the air cleaner around the property. Keeping buildings cooler can help to save money on air conditioning for businesses sweltering in the hot Melbourne sun.

Most importantly, businesses have a duty of care for employees and any members of the public who used the area as a public space. Trees need to be checked for branches that could fall and branches that are face level hazard. Concrete paths and irrigation sprinklers need to be checked and repaired for tripping hazards.  Shrubs and hedges need to be maintained to prevent damage to cars and drivers in and around carparks and ensure there is sufficient room for opening car doors and alighting from the vehicle.

Commercial Gardening Services is one of the gardening and landscaping services provided by Red’s landscaping and CIVIL Pty LtdWe believe that excellent garden maintenance is both great for your business image and great for property values. As skilled and experienced commercial landscape construction experts, we are please to be able to provide a high quality standard of  commercial landscaping maintenance services for your business premises.

The landscaping services we can provide includes the following

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