Commercial Construction

Our team of qualified tradesmen, trained staff and skilled contractors have years of experience in all aspects of commercial garden construction and commercial landscapingRed’s Landscaping and Design will ensure that the construction of your project is both cost effective and time efficient, while guaranteeing the best quality outcome. Modern horticulture is not just about flowerbeds and borders. Our experience and training in horticulture, and our landscape design expertise, will bring your Gold Coast Landscaping vision to life.

Natural/Bushland Areas

The Red’s Landscaping and Design Gold Coast team are passionate about protecting natural and bushland areas.

We aim to contribute to the longevity of ocean, rivers, rainforests and native bushland by applying sustainability principles to our work.

Our team includes park and garden specialists who are avid in caring for and regenerating natural, indigenous environments.

  • Bushland regeneration
  • Environment weed treatments
  • Bio retentions
  • Dry rainforest gardens
  • Water course rebuild and repair
  • Turf
  • Wildlife habitat (Construction and repair.)
Urban Landscaping

Australia’s rapid urbanisation has led to a growing demand for shared green spaces, such as community gardens, recreational spaces and local parks.

Such spaces are crucial to urban fabric, for the health and well being of society as well as countering climate issues, such as urban heat islands.

The team at Red’s Landscaping and Design have experience working with local councils, community groups and universities to improve the quality and usability of shared urban green spaces.

  • River beds (Wet & dry)
  • Water features
  • Arbor construction
  • Bio retention basins
  • Park boundary bollards
  • Drainage
  • Pathways
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Publicly used commercial areas need to be executed and designed to perfection, not only for the wildlife it homes but to show society the importance of having a balanced Urban area with a neat, tidy and professional aspect. This rule can also help with marketing the area and keeping the local council happy. Knowing the council regulations and requirements is a big tip to have on your side. Red’s Landscape and Design Gold Coast, understand commercial areas are widely used by the public, so presentation is of utmost importance as well as function and safety.
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