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Everything You Need to Know About As-Built Drawings and How They Can Help Your Business

As-built drawings, also known as record drawings or red-line drawings are detailed and accurate depictions of the structure or facility after construction or renovation. These drawings can be of significant benefit to businesses in various industries, from construction and engineering to architecture and facility management. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore what is as-built drawings, CAD drawing services, and surveying services are, how they differ from traditional drawings, how they can help with various use cases, the benefits of using as-built surveys, drawing analysis, and survey data analysis for design and construction projects, and the different types of as-built drawings available.

What are "as-built" drawings, and how do they differ from traditional drawings?

As-built drawings are the final set of drawings that reflect the structure or facility after construction or renovation. These drawings accurately represent the building's dimensions, locations of mechanical and electrical systems, and other critical components. They also include any changes that were made during the construction process.


As Built Drawing Example - Reds Landscaping and Design
As Built Drawing Example - Reds Landscaping and Design


In contrast, traditional drawings are the initial set of drawings that are used during the design and planning stages. They serve as a blueprint for the construction team to follow during the building process. Traditional drawings often lack the level of detail that as-built drawings have, which can make it challenging to identify and address any issues that may arise during construction.

How As-Built Drawings Help with 5 Different Use Cases

3D Laser Scanning Services: As-built drawings can be created using 3D laser scanning technology, which allows for precise and detailed measurements of the building's components. This technology provides a high level of accuracy that traditional drawings cannot match. It can also capture the building's exact shape and size, which can be critical in retrofitting and renovation projects.


3D Laser Scanning - Reds Landscaping and Design
3D Laser Scanning - Reds Landscaping and Design


3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition: As-built drawings can also be created using 3D point cloud data acquisition technology. This method uses a combination of laser scanning and photography to create a detailed 3D model of the building. This technology can capture data from hard-to-reach places and provide a comprehensive view of the building's structure.


3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition - Reds Landscaping and Design
3D Point Cloud Data Acquisition - Reds Landscaping and Design


Engineering Surveying Services: As-built drawings can be used to facilitate engineering surveying services, which are essential in determining the feasibility of construction projects. These services help identify any potential issues and provide solutions to ensure a successful project outcome.


Engineering Surveying Services - Reds Landscaping and Design
Engineering Surveying Services - Reds Landscaping and Design


Building Information Modelling: As-built drawings can be incorporated into building information modelling (BIM) software, which is an advanced tool that allows for the creation of digital models of buildings. BIM software can be used to visualise and simulate construction projects, identify and address any issues, and optimise building performance.


Building Information Modelling - Reds Landscaping and Design
Building Information Modelling - Reds Landscaping and Design


Drawing Analysis: As-built drawings can be analysed to provide insights into building performance and identify areas for improvement. This analysis can help businesses optimise their operations, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall building performance.


Drawing Landscape Design Plans - Reds Landscaping and Design
Locate all of your existing hardscaping features on your plan.


The Benefits of Using As-Built Surveys for Design and Construction Projects

Using as-built surveys or construction surveying services can provide significant benefits for design and construction projects. Lets discuss them below:

Accurate Information: As-built surveys provide accurate and reliable information about the building's components and structure. This information is critical for ensuring that design and construction projects are completed successfully.

Reduced Costs: As-built surveys can help reduce costs by identifying any issues or conflicts early on in the process. This allows for timely solutions to be implemented, reducing the risk of costly rework.

Improved Efficiency: As-built surveys can improve the efficiency of the construction process by providing a clear understanding of the building's structure and components. This can help optimise workflows and reduce the time required for construction.

Better Communication: As-built surveys can facilitate better communication between all parties involved in the construction process. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals, which can reduce the risk of misunderstandings and mistakes.


Benefits of Using As-Built Surveys - Reds Landscaping and Design
Benefits of Using As-Built Surveys - Reds Landscaping and Design


What Are the Different Types of As-Built Drawings? 

There are various types of as-built drawings available, depending on the specific needs of the project. The following are the main types of drawings:

Architectural Drawings: These illustrations concentrate on the general plan of the building, including the placement of the floors, walls, and windows.


Drawing Construction Plan - Reds Landscaping and Design
Drawing Construction Plan - Reds Landscaping and Design


Electrical Drawings: These drawings concentrate on the building's electrical systems, including where switches, outlets, and electrical panels are located.


House Electrical Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design
House Electrical Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design


Mechanical Drawings: These drawings concentrate on the building's mechanical systems, such as the plumbing, fire suppression, and HVAC systems.


Mechanical Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design
Mechanical Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design


Structural drawings: These drawings concentrate on the building's foundation, columns, and other structural elements like beams and roofs. Incase you are looking for Structural Design Package Plan, Look no further than Reds Landscaping & Design! Our package includes engineering details and documentation for all civil and landscaping projects. Plus, our Structural Landscaping Drawing Plan feature ensures that your project is designed to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Structural Design Services.


Structural drawings - Reds Landscaping and Design
Structural Drawings - Reds Landscaping and Design


Topographical surveys: These drawings concentrate on the surroundings of the building, such as the surrounding terrain, streets, and other buildings. They can be helpful for building initiatives that affect the neighbourhood.


Topographical surveys - Reds Landscaping and Design
Topographical Surveys - Reds Landscaping and Design


Site Mapping Software: Site mapping software can be used to create detailed maps of the building and its surroundings. This site mapping software can be used to identify potential issues and conflicts early in the process, which can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Site Mapping Software - Reds Landscaping and Design
Site Mapping Software - Reds Landscaping and Design


How Can I Find Topographical Surveyors Near Me?

If you're interested in utilising as-built drawings and surveying services for your business, there are various options available. One way to find these services is by searching online for "as-built surveying services near me," "land surveying services near me," or "topographical surveyors near me." You can also reach out to local construction and engineering firms for recommendations.


Businesses in a variety of industries can profit significantly from as-built drawings and surveys. These instruments give precise and trustworthy information about the structure and parts of the building, which can lower expenses, boost productivity, and improve the building's performance. Using as-built drawings and surveys can be a great investment for your company, whether you work in construction, engineering, or facilities management.

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An Introduction to 2D Landscape Design and How It Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

It's critical to have a clear understanding of your goals while constructing your outside area. Whether you're looking for architectural 2D garden design, an outdoor living area, or a functional outdoor space design for entertaining, 2D landscape design can help you bring your vision to life.

What is 2D Landscape Design and What Makes It Different From 3D Design?

2D landscape design is a type of landscape architectural drawing that is done on a two-dimensional plane, such as paper or a computer screen. It differs from 3D design in that it emphasises the arrangement and placement of things on a flat surface rather than including three-dimensional features such as height and depth. There are also landscape design software available on the internet.


2D Landscape Design VS. 3D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping
2D Landscape Design VS. 3D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping


Creating a Unique Outdoor Space with a 2D Landscape Design

2D landscape design allows you to plan and visualise your outdoor space before you start the actual work. Using landscape design software or a garden planner, you can create a detailed plan that includes the placement of plants, hardscape elements, and other features. Landscape planning software or a landscape planning app can help you create a virtual representation of your space, which can be modified and adjusted until you find the perfect design. This type of software is also beneficial for creating a budget for your project since it allows you to see the cost of each element before you begin. If you prefer to work with a professional, many landscapers offer landscape design online services. By working with a professional, you can receive expert guidance on creating a cohesive design that meets your specific needs and fits
your budget.


Outdoor Space with a 2D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping
Outdoor Space with a 2D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping

Utilising 2D landscape design has several advantages, one of which is that it enables you to visualise your outdoor area before you start the actual job. By doing this, you can prevent costly errors like planting trees or bushes in the incorrect place or putting hardscape components in an uncomfortable position. You can experiment with various design concepts and layouts thanks to the flexibility of 2D landscape design. Until you find the ideal layout that satisfies your requirements and matches your taste, you can experiment with different plant combinations, hardscape components, and outdoor furniture groupings.


Outdoor Space with a 3D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping
Outdoor Space with a 3D Landscape Design - Reds Landscaping

A Look at the Benefits of Using 2D Landscape Design for Your Project

Outdoor space visualization software, outdoor space designer apps, and outdoor space building software are all types of 2D landscape design tools that offer numerous benefits for your project. These tools allow you to create a virtual representation of your outdoor space and experiment with different design ideas and layouts, helping you achieve your dream outdoor space.

Outdoor space visualisation software, for example, allows you to create a digital representation of your outdoor space that you can modify and adjust as needed. This type of software typically offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to add plants, hardscape elements, and outdoor furniture and to adjust the layout and design to meet your specific needs.

Outdoor space visualisation software - Reds Landscaping
Outdoor space visualisation software - Reds Landscaping

Outdoor space designer apps are another popular tool for creating 2D landscape designs. These apps typically offer an intuitive interface and a variety of design elements that you can drag and drop into your virtual space. Many of these apps also offer pre-designed templates or suggested layouts to help you get started. Finally, outdoor space building software can help you plan and design the construction of your outdoor space. This type of software is particularly useful if you're planning on adding hardscape elements, such as a patio, walkway, or retaining wall. It allows you to plan and visualise the construction process, ensuring that everything is done correctly and efficiently.

Overall, these types of 2D landscape design tools offer numerous benefits for your outdoor space project, helping you to visualise and plan your space before you start the actual work, avoid costly mistakes, and experiment with different design ideas and layouts until you find the perfect combination.

Exploring Different Types of 2D Landscape Designs

You can look through many various kinds of 2D landscape designs to get ideas for your project. You may find a tonne of design concepts and layouts to think about using; for instance, a free online landscaping tool and garden design ideas app is available on the web which can help you with generating designs and new ideas. Online resources for easy landscaping ideas are also available to you if you want to design your space in a straightforward yet effective way. These concepts can be used to produce a special design that satisfies your requirements and tastes.


Backyard garden and patio design plan.
Backyard garden and patio design plan - Reds Landscaping


There are several types of 2D garden plans used by landscape designers and architects to help visualise and plan a garden space.

Site Plan

This is an overhead view of the entire outdoor space, including the house, driveway, walkways, and any existing trees or plants.

Landscape Design Sample Plans
Landscape Design Sample Plans - Reds Landscaping


Planting Plan

This type of plan focuses specifically on the placement of plants, trees, and shrubs within the garden. It includes information about the size and spacing of each plant, as well as any special planting instructions.

Planting Plan - Reds Landscaping
Planting Plan - Reds Landscaping


Hardscape Plan

This plan focuses on the placement of non-plant elements within the garden, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, and water features.

Drawing Landscape Design Plans - Reds Landscaping and Design
Locate all of your existing hardscaping features on your plan - Reds Landscaping


Lighting Plan

This type of plan shows the placement of lighting fixtures within the garden, including path lights, spotlights, and accent lights.

Lighting Plan - Reds Landscaping
Lighting Plan - Reds Landscaping


Drainage Plan

This plan is used to ensure that the garden has proper drainage, which is essential for keeping plants healthy and preventing water damage to buildings and other structures.

Drainage Plan - Reds Landscaping
Drainage Plan - Reds Landscaping

Irrigation Plan

This plan shows the placement of irrigation systems, including sprinklers and drip lines, and how they are connected to a water source.

Commercial Irrigation System Schematic - Reds Landscaping and Design
Schematic of a commercial irrigation system with both sprinklers and drippers - Reds Landscaping

Perspective Drawing

This is a 2D drawing that shows a three-dimensional view of the garden, providing a sense of how the finished space will look and feel.

Perspective Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design
Perspective Drawing - Reds Landscaping and Design


What to Consider When Choosing a Professional for Your 2D Landscape Design Project

There are a few factors to take into account before hiring a landscape designer in Melbourne for your 2D landscape plan. Finding a landscaper with experience in designing 2D garden plans and a portfolio of prior work should be your first step. Make sure the project's cost fits within your budget by taking it into account as well.

Garden Lighting - Reds Landscaping and Design
Garden Lighting - Reds Landscaping and Design


To guarantee that your vision for your outdoor space is realised, it's crucial to locate a landscaper with whom you can communicate successfully and with whom you feel at ease working. You can easily get this by simply typing professional landscape designer near me in your search engine.

Landscape Pool Lightening - Reds Landscaping and Design
Landscape Pool Lightening - Reds Landscaping and Design



A unique and useful outdoor place that suits your particular demands and preferences can be made using 2D landscape design. You can construct a virtual depiction of your space and experiment with various design concepts and layouts using landscape design software or by hiring a professional landscaper. Why then wait? Plan the outdoor area of your dreams immediately.

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3D Rendering Made Easy: 10 Essential Tips for a Successful 3D Model

Introduction to 3D Rendering

Making a two-dimensional image from a three-dimensional model is known as "three-dimensional rendering." It is used in various industries such as architecture, landscaping, 3D modelling, video game design, and motion graphics. 3D rendering is very popular in Perth and the West. If you are new to 3D rendering, it can be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry; here are 10 essential tips to help you get started on your 3D modelling journey.

Understanding the Basics of the Software

3D Landscape Rendering Package - Reds Landscaping and Design
3D rendering involves creating a three-dimensional model of an object or scene and then rendering it into a two-dimensional image.

It is necessary to understand the basic steps of the process. 3D rendering involves creating a three-dimensional model of an object or scene and then rendering it into a two-dimensional image. This can be done using specialised software such as 3D Studio Max or Blender.

There are many software options available for 3D rendering, both free and paid. Some popular free options include Blender and SketchUp, while paid options include 3D Studio Max and Maya. It is essential to familiarise yourself with the basics and then buy the software you choose to use before diving into more complex projects.

Knowing what to create

One of the most challenging aspects of 3D rendering is deciding what to create. It can be helpful to start by looking at designer portfolios for inspiration or considering architectural visualisation projects. It can also be helpful to start with simple objects and work your way up to more complex models.

Working with Camera Angles and Zoom Levels

When working on a 3D modelling project, it is important to consider the zoom levels in the model and the camera angles in 3D modelling. This can help add depth and perspective to your scene and make it more visually appealing. What you can do is:

  1. Start by selecting the camera angle for your 3D rendering. Consider the size and shape of the object you are rendering, as well as the environment and lighting, to determine what angle would best emphasise the features you want to highlight.
  1. Next, choose the zoom level for your 3D rendering. For most 3D renderings, a medium zoom level works best, as it allows you to show off the details of the object while maintaining a sense of depth. For more dramatic renderings, a close-up zoom level may be necessary.
  2. Adjust the camera angle and zoom level as needed to achieve the desired effect. Experiment with different perspectives and distances to achieve the perfect combination of focus, depth, and atmosphere.
  3. Use the camera controls to adjust the field of view (FOV) of your 3D rendering. The FOV determines how much of the scene is visible in the image, so it is important to select a FOV that best captures the desired effect.
  4. Finally, use the camera controls to adjust the roll, tilt, and pan of the camera. This will allow you to fine-tune the angle and orientation of the camera to get the exact shot you are looking for.

Understanding Lighting and Materials in Your Scene

Lighting and materials are crucial elements in 3D rendering. It is essential to understand how different lighting setups and materials can impact the overall look of your scene. Beginners can start by playing around with different lighting and material settings to get a feel for how they work. You can look for a beginner's guide to lighting.

3D Landscape Rendering Package

Eco Pools - Reds Landscaping
House with an environmental pond pool. 3D CAD rendering

3D landscape rendering is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of a proposed land development. This type of rendering is often used in the planning and design stages of a project to give stakeholders an accurate visual of what the final product will look like.

3D landscape rendering can be used to create images of proposed buildings, roads, and other structures in order to give decision-makers a clear idea of the project scope. This type of visualisation can also be used to create animations of the development process, which can be helpful in marketing the project to potential investors or buyers.

If you're looking for a way to improve the planning and design of your next land development project, consider using 3D landscape rendering. Reds Landscaping & Design offers a high quality 3D landscape rendering package that includes As Built Drawings and 3D landscape rendering services. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and offer our services to local businesses. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with high quality As Built Drawings and 3D landscape rendering services, then please contact us today.

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Habitus South Melbourne Landscaping

SouthSouth Melbourne Landscaping for Habitus Apartments are located in the heart of South MelbourneMelbourne on 10-16 Boundary Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3205.

South Melbourne Lifestyle

One of the great elements about this location is that it is only a ten-minute stroll to the iconic South Melbourne Market. This market has been going since 1867, when it was established on a license of land in what was then known as Emerald Hill. This marks the market as the oldest and continuously running market in the whole of Melbourne. The original 10 acres of land for the market was in the area bounded by the St Kilda Railway line and Cecil, York and Coventry Street. Having the market nearby was convenient when ordering lunch for the landscapers.

South Melbourne Market
South Melbourne Market - Photo Credit Qantas Travel Insider.


In a historically under-used corner of South Melbourne, yet offering a location with brilliant proximity to the Bay and CBD, Habitus offers a new form of urbanism for the area, leading the way in an accelerating gentrification and offering residents a unique, visionary presents lifestyle opportunity.

Habitus invites one to experience the finest inner city living with exceptional quality townhouses in prime locations. Offering a resolutely local neighborhood character and unparalleled access to Melbourne's most treasured landmarks and cultural attractions, Habitus sets a whole new standard in contemporary residential architecture.

The ultimate contemporary lifestyle. Habitus Townhomes showcases handcrafted forms to create a rich, fulfilling and integrated living experience for its residents. A big part of the lifestyle for these residents was our South Melbourne Landscaping.


DKO Architecture has built the Habitus Apartments in South Melbourne to deliver quality-crafted contemporary apartments. These apartments are conveniently placed, with just a short stroll to Montague Tram station. This provides effortless access to the Melbourne CBD and tram connections to St Kilda’s Fitzroy St. The rooftop balconies provide views of the Melbourne CBD. The location in South Melbourne is also just an easy walk to the now very fashionable Bay Street in Port Melbourne. The apartments, more precisely known as "townhomes", are available in three different styles, each with their own architectural character. The architects envisage a rich and fully integrated lifestyle for the new residents.


South Melbourne Lifestyle

The name Habitus is in fact Latin for "character,” which is something these apartments truly possess, as well as showcasing a determined commitment to quality. Lifestyle in South.

DKO was founded in 2000. Founding partners Koos de Keijzer and Zvonko Orsanic wanted to independently implement their own vision: creating ingenious spaces that are equally appreciated by the eyes, mind and soul. In the space of a decade, the office – with Koos de Keijzer as director – has grown from its humble beginnings into a design powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific region. DKO is a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 professionals working from six offices in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

One of the great things about this location is that it is only a ten minute walk to the iconic South Melbourne Market. The Market has been going since 1867 when it was established on a grant of land in was was then known as Emerald Hill. This makes the market the oldest continuously running market in the whole of Melbourne. The original 10 acres of the market was in the area bounded by the St Kilda Railway line and Cecil, York and Coventry Street. Having the market nearby was handy when ordering lunch for the landscapers.

Red’s Landscaping and Civil has been contracted to provide extensive landscaping, paving and integrated green spaces. Included in this will be the construction of the people friendly spaces between the buildings. The video below shows the very early stages of landscape construction of the rooftop gardens. We will post some more photos later in the Melbourne Spring. Habitus South Melbourne

Landscaping the Rooftop Gardens

You may have read or seen our recent projects, whether they were about swimming pools or gardens, for which we have received a lot of admiration and respect. Our recent project was something different because it included rooftop gardening, which is getting popular nowadays.


Our Distinctive landscape. South Melbourne Landscaping at Habitus

Rooftop gardening is especially popular in cities, where available ground-level space is limited, heat buildup is a concern, and water overflow is an issue. Gardens can really reduce a building's overall heat absorption, lowering energy use and helping to combat smog. But that's not all these tiny environmental superheroes can achieve. They also provide an area for cultivating low-cost, long-term crops, relaxation, and animal migration routes.

Modern rooftop gardening may make a difference in our own future, just as ancient rooftop gardens did for human existence. Roof farming, according to Red's landscape service proponents, might be the answer to urban food insecurity, and environmentalists hope that these green spaces will have a positive impact on climate change and adaptation.

Rooftop gardens, also known as living roofs or green roofs, provide a number of advantages, including increased room for agriculture, aesthetic appeal, and improved air quality. Plants extract carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen that we need to inhale during photosynthesis.

Rooftop gardens may help keep buildings cooler on hot summer days than standard roofs, especially larger buildings with tar and gravel roof surfaces. Traditional rooftops' temperatures tend to increase above the actual air temperature since they remain in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Because this heat radiates back into the environment, metropolitan regions are significantly warmer than rural and suburban locations. You may have noticed the temperature difference if you reside in a big city or have visited a shopping mall with a lot of concrete and buildings during the summer. When heat is reflected back into the environment from rooftops, a region with many buildings, such as a city, can experience a 5 to 7-degree Fahrenheit spike in local air temperatures! The urban heat island effect is the name for this occurrence.

Our South Melbourne Landscaping of Rooftop gardens take plant appreciation to new heights. On the streets below, cars speed by, while gardeners on rooftops and terraces take advantage of the setting's unique perspectives. These gardens have their own distinct atmosphere. Because they are so much smaller than the ordinary backyard, they force gardeners to consider what is truly important, and the results can be surprising and eye-catching.

Plants in rooftop gardens are exposed to more harsh conditions than plants in the ground, but if you choose and care for them wisely, they will thrive. Although a watering can or hose may suffice, drip irrigation should be considered, especially for big rooftop gardens.


Landscaping the Rooftop Gardens at Habitus. South Melbourne Landscaping

More information about Habitus in South Melbourne

Presenting the townhomes


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Romsey Ecotherapy Park | Reds Landscaping & Design

Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping

Romsey Ecotherapy Park

Romsey is a town in Victoria, Australia, that is part of the Shire of Macedon Ranges local government region. It is 61 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD. The population estimate for Romsey, as of June 30th, 2021, is 4,380.

Romsey in Autumn - Reds Landscaping & Design
Romsey in Autumn. Photo Visit Macedon Ranges.

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park is located in Romsey, Melbourne, on the corner of Main and Palmer streets.


Climbing Forest - Reds Landscaping & Design
Climbing Forest - The forest sits alongside the beautiful oak cubby and provides an exhilarating challenge for the young, the brave and the young at heart. -Photo credit MRSC

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc. committee (REP) initiated a community-led campaign to create a welcoming and freely available recreational open space for local residents and regional visitors. The design focuses on offering a unique sensory and rehabilitative experience to people of all ages and abilities through interaction with nature.

The City of Romsey Council purchased the former Romsey Primary School site from the Department of Early Childhood and Education and Training in September 2015 in support of local community efforts to create an all-abilities park.

The Department of Early Childhood and Education and Training sold the former Romsey Primary School land to the Council in September 2015 in support of local community efforts to develop an all-abilities park.

Importance to the community

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Commercial Park Seating - Reds Landscaping & Design
Romsey Ecotherapy Park. Quality commercial park seating, a three metre high ropes course, lookouts, a rope bridge, avertical climbing net and a hammock.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park was created to provide a variety of active contact and physical challenges for both children and adults. The Romsey Ecotherapy Park's mission is to develop a sense of community while also encouraging a connection to the environment as a means of improving health and well-being.

A community space and park that serves as a key meeting point for inhabitants and visitors to the region who want to engage with nature. This one-of-a-kind all-inclusive nature environment is designed for people of all ages and abilities to explore, play, and discover.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping

Romsey Ecotherapy Park Romsey Ecotherapy Park

The Romsey Ecotherapy Park landscaping was completed in 2019. It was completed for the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The experience we had at this facility was simply amazing, and this is why we are highly excited for the second stage.

"The Romsey Ecotherapy Park is a different all-inclusive nature space for people of all ages and physical abilities to explore, engage and play with and discover nature.

It is a unique, nature-based healing space located in the Macedon Ranges which is almost an hour from Melbourne. It is just a stone’s throw from Spa and Daylesford.

The Park is constructed not only to excite and entertain children and people of all ages but also to provide sensory incitement and healing space for relaxation and reflection for all ages.

Being Located on the old Romsey Primary School site, the fascinating school building and grand old oak tree remain, honoring Romsey’s heritage. The site reinforces the Park as a place to assemble and strengthen community links." – Romsey Ecotherapy Park Website.

Park landscaping

Landscape design not only improves the appearance of your yard but also increases the value of your home. Landscape design and maintenance, on the other hand, is not an easy undertaking for homeowners. This is especially true if you lack the necessary time or experience. Let Red’s Landscaping company take care of the dirty work. We are a landscape contractor. We provide a number of services that will undoubtedly improve the curb appeal of your home, park, or garden.

Landscape Architecture

Red’s Landscaping company creates your landscape based on the present look, lifestyle, and preferences of your home. We collaborate closely with you to design a yard with plants, hardscape, and other features that highlight your home’s natural beauty.

Maintaining Your Lawn To keep a lawn looking clean and healthy, it must be maintained on a regular basis. For your grass and soil, our commercial lawn and landscaping service uses high-quality equipment and fertilizer. Throughout the year, we ensure that your lawn is thick, homogeneous, and disease-free.

Exterior Lighting

After a long day, do you want to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings? Are you interested in hosting regular nocturnal gatherings at your home? Outdoor lighting must be both attractive and functional. Even at night, we design our solutions to bring out the best features of your landscape!

Sprinkler Installation and Repair Sprinklers are a quick and easy way to keep your grass moist. Sprinklers are strategically placed throughout your yard by our crew to provide optimal coverage. Give us a call if your irrigation system isn’t working properly, and we’ll fix it as quickly as possible.

Removal of trees

Even if you wish to retain a tree that has been growing in your yard for years, if it is diseased or damaged beyond repair, it will be an eyesore. You can enlist our assistance in safely and efficiently removing the tree from your property.

Tree Pruning and Care Allow our tree care staff to take care of your tree if you don’t have the time or capacity to keep it healthy and safe. We utilize high-quality tools and supplies to keep your tree disease-free and away from your roof and power lines all year.

Romsey Ecotherapy Park

Project founded by freemasons_official
Plants supplied by thenursery. co

Media Release from Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas

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Mill Park Aquatic Center Redevelopment

Mill Park is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 11 miles northeast of Melbourne's CBD. Its local government is the City of Whittlesea. As of the 2016 census, Mill Park had a population of 29,710.

tactical planting
Tactical planting of attractive cycads in a raised garden near a buildings main entrance. Plenty of mulch is provided to keep the moisture in the topsoil.

The area is named for the corn mill that George and Francis Coulstock built on the Plenty River in the 1840s. The property was sold to Henry "Money" Miller (1809-1888). He bred racehorses and conducted a range of dairy and grazing activities sufficient to employ 65 people who were housed in a village on the property. The Findon Hounds and the Findon Harriers Hunt Club - a name associated with Miller's residence - Findon in Kew - were based in Mill Park.

In 1980s, Mill Park experienced rapid residential development with state and church elementary schools (Mill Park Primary School, Saint Francis Primary School). The Mill Park Post Office opened on August 1, 1983.

Mill Park suburb
Mill Park facilities. 3 is Mill Park Leisure Centre.

Why did it need redevelopment?

Mill Park Leisure is modern watersports and recreation facility in Mill Park, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Known for its diverse range of programs and services, Mill Park Leisure is an inclusive center catering to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

commercial landscape garden maintenance
Public space commercial landscaping is designed for low maintenance. Mill Park Leisure Centre.

With over 680,000 annual visits, families from across the city of Whittlesea choose this facility for its quality service, world-class programs, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Commercial landscaping is just part of Mill Park Leisure's $25 million redevelopment. The fully landscaped outdoor area for this project includes play equipment, BBQ grills, and outdoor exercise equipment.

The much-anticipated redevelopment of Mill Park Leisure was scheduled to begin in mid-2018 and provide $25 million for a full upgrade of the fitness and aquatic areas.

Just a few minutes walk from South Morang train and bus stations, the new development meets community feedback which showed there was significant community demand for it.

Mill Park Leisure

At Mill Park Leisure, Red’s Landscape Design and civil is part of the crew transforming the Mill Park Leisure Centre into a state-of-the-art, recreation, aquatic and wellbeing hub.

Mill Park Leisure Centre
Mill Park Leisure Centre

This redevelopment is definitely a significant investment into the community and the Red’s team is proud to work with the City of Whittlesea and landscape architects ‘Land Design Partnership’.

Mill Park Leisure Commercial Landscaping

The landscape design is an open and free-flowing space with;

  • Artificial turf
  • Plenty of landscaped gardens
  • Rubber soft floor
  • Coloured exposed aggregate concrete
  • Rain gardens, water retention via rock, fabric, and soil
  • Class two in-situ concrete
  • Raised planter beds
  • About the Mill Park
  • Aquatic Centre Redevelopment


Building facilities by CICG

The redevelopment of the facilities is being conducted by CICG Pty ltd. The improvements to the facilities include group fitness rooms, weight training, cardio areas, and three new swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Facilities by CICG

The existing swimming pool has been improved by including an all-abilities ramp and retiling. In a nutshell; upgraded 25-meter pool which includes complete re-tiling and the installation of all abilities ramp

Three new pools, including:

  • One for recreation, with water play equipment
  • One for swimming lessons
  • A new warm water pool with access to the ramp
  • Hard Landscaping by Red’s Landscaping Melbourne

The commercial hardscaping part of this project includes in-situ concrete stairs and retaining walls and outdoor gym exercise equipment as well as soft wet pour rubber sports surfaces.

Soft Landscaping by Red’s Landscaping Melbourne

The commercial softscaping part of this project includes the planting of thousands of autochthonous and Australian native trees.

Also included;

  • Lawn areas of Village Green Kikuyu
  • Mill Park Leisure Progress Photos and detailed information on the Melbourne landscaping project.

Red’s Landscaping company believes that landscaping is the basis to transform public spaces and houses for a wonderful impression. To maintain or glorify your parks and gardens and simply boost the aesthetic charm of your space. It’s associated with the promising impression of your property on others.

It is undeniable that the landscaping service for proprietors or newly created property should be delivered by professional landscapers because experimenting with the property might lead to unexpected outcomes which can degrade the value of the space and when it comes to parks which are the center of attention, experimenting might lead to the unpredictable scene.

Red’s Landscaping Company provides a team of professional architects and landscaping experts holding ample acquired experience and assembled customer support team, that will definitely make your experience free of annoyance.

The team will correspond with the property owner about their perspective and budget for the project and recommendation the list of options with the provision to promote in the future. We guarantee you satisfying services.

Red’s Landscaping Company plan helps to provide the service of maintenance, improvement, and restoration for your parks and other landscape.

Mill Park Leisure Project Funding

The Mill Park Leisure Centre redevelopment has been together funded by the local government and the State Government of Victoria.  For the entire project, funding of $25 million has been invested, and the State Government of Victoria has contributed $5 million to this project. The Growing suburbs fund has contributed $2 million, and $3 million has been contributed by the Community Sport Infrastructure Fund.

About the Growing suburbs fund

Growing Suburbs Fund

The Growing Suburbs Fund supports investment in significant local infrastructure in Melbourne’s diverse and fast-growing interface councils.

Victorian Government Growing Suburbs fund

About the Community Sport Infrastructure Fund.

Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program

The Victorian Government is investing about $68 million to build and upgrade the community sports facilities across the state. The investment will not only support local sporting clubs, but it will also create jobs and boost Victoria’s economic recovery.

Victorian Government Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

We thank the City of Whittlesea and the landscape architects ‘Land Design Partnerships’ for their support and business.

Commercial Landscaping Hampton Townhouses

Hampton Commercial Landscaping

Hampton Commercial Landscaping project for some luxury townhouses in the Melbourne seaside suburb of Hampton. The bayside suburb of Hampton is around 15km south of Melbourne on Port Phillip, between Brighton and Sandringham. The strip of shops along the thoroughfare of Hampton Street is one of Hampton’s major attractions.

Hampton Shopping Strip
Hampton Shopping Strip is a major attraction in the suburb. (Photo Credit Travel Victoria)

The suburb is also known for having an excellent swimming beach. Hampton Beach is a safe, sandy bay swimming beach with a popular boating and sailing area. It has an extensive foreshore reserve with barbecue and playground facilities, and a walking and cycling path.

Hampton's safe sandy beach. (Photo credit: Travel Victoria)


The townhouses showcase the modern architectural creativity over four extraordinary levels. The landscape gardening was planned to ensure less maintenance and to be tolerant of coastal seaside conditions. The gardens and townhouses perfectly suit the requirements of modern families with convenience and public transport close by. Hampton is one of the Melbourne’s vital coastal suburbs and these townhouses were just a short walk to Hampton’s beautiful beach.


Hampton Townhouses
Luxury 4 level townhouses showcasing the modern architectural creativity.

Hampton Commercial Landscaping

Hampton Commercial Landscaping for this brand new, multi-level town residence. The location and style of the Hampton Townhouses. The townhouses are conveniently located just off beachside Hampton’s lively shopping, dining and transport strip with only a short walk to Hampton station.

The landscaping of Hampton Coastal Gardens

This kind of beachhead garden landscape calls for hardy coastal plants. The plants chosen by the client for this job included native dogwoods and native grasses, such as Lomandra Tanika, Banksia Integrifolia and Correa Alba. These plants are ideal for Hampton commercial landscaping projects due to their hardiness and salt tolerance.

Plants selected for the Hampton Townhouses

The Australian native dogwood (Jacksonia scoparia), not to be confused with European Dogwood. Australian native dogwood (Jacksonia scoparia) is a small shrub or tree which can grow to around four meters in height in ideal growing conditions. It is native to the Queensland’s milder mountain areas and New South Wales. It is a great tree to plant for covering a fence or to provide a little shade.

Banksia Integrifolia also known as the Coast Banksia, grows nicely in seaside or coastal areas like Hampton. The good part is that it is tolerant to salt spray as well as frost. The attractive dark green leaves have a distinguishing silvery underside and the plant is a common sight on Melbourne Bayside suburbs and especially the seaside or coastal reserves.

Banksia Integrifolia
Banksia flowers are a popular feed for the birds including this rainbow lorikeet at Umina Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia


hampton commercial landscaping
Hampton commercial landscaping

Lomandra Tanika, also known as the Basket Grass, is a member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family which indicates it is related to the icon of the Australian native bush garden the Australian Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea). Lomandra Tanika is the gold leaf form of the well-known Australian native grass Lomandra Longifolia.


Lomandra Tanika
Australian native green lomandra longifolia tanika grass or basket grass


The hardy plants we selected are also ideal for coastal gardens because they can tolerate both salt and wind. An additional advantage for the Hampton commercial landscaping project is that the plant is suitable for densely shaded locations as well as full sun.

hampton commercial landscaping Lomadra Tanika
Hampton commercial landscaping project. Lomadra Tanika in a mulched garden.

Lomandra Tanika are also a very good plant selection for low maintenance gardens. Once it is established very little watering is required to these plants and they do not require regular pruning. If you want a bluer green foliage, take a look at Lomandra Seascape.

Correa Alba is a hardy frost and drought tolerant dense shrub that grows to around 3 metres. The white flowers which arrive in autumn and winter, are star shaped, nearly flat and sometimes it has a pink tinge. This Australian native emerges naturally along the coasts of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Which is another great choice for Melbourne Coastal Gardens and for Hampton Commercial Landscaping.

Correa Alba Hampton commercial landscaping
Correa Alba one of the hardiest of Australian native plants. It can be grown successfully in most reasonably drained soils in either full sun or semi shade. It is very resistant to salt spray and is tolerant of at least moderate frosts. Once established it is tolerant of extended dry periods. These characteristics make it ideal for coastal gardens in seaside suburbs like Hampton.

Commercial Landscaping

The commercial landscaping for the Hampton Townhouses also includes the hard-landscaping of concrete paths for the characteristics.

About Red's Landscaping

Apart from Hampton Commercial Landscaping, Red’s Landscaping & Design offers a wide range of experiences, from landscape design consultation, right through to full turn-key management and construction of both soft and hard landscaping across residential and civil projects. Our expert designers can help you, your business, or council departments discover exactly what kind of design or works you need.

It’s sometimes hard to put your vision into words, it’s our job to navigate and turn it into a reality for you. Our 3D landscaping renders provide photorealistic pictures to help you visualise your new landscape design.

Read more

Landscaping Balwyn Community Centre

Balwyn Community Centre Commercial Landscaping Project

The Balwyn Community Centre at 412 Whitehorse Road Surrey Hills was upgraded to ensure it would continue to support the needs of the local Balwyn Community. As well as the upgrades to the buildings, there were landscaping works for the parkland, natural wetlands,  exposed aggregate concrete pathways and tennis courts. For this project we were able to showcase all of our commercial landscaping services.


The site of Balwyn Community Centre

The main building overlooks eucalyptus trees, green grass, and wetlands. Several rooms are available for rent at Balwyn Community Centre including small rooms, medium and large multipurpose rooms, a demonstration kitchen, a workshop, and art studios. The rooms are ample spacious and neat, temperature-controlled, and provide the latest audio and visual equipment.

Balwyn Community Centre is a hidden oasis in the Surrey Hills.  The community centre offers an extensive range of services for the Balwyn/Surrey Hills area including courses for adults and children in creative arts, crafts, languages, ​​and more.

A communal garden is a welcoming place. People of all ages, as well as families and couples, enjoy being part of the beautiful garden community.

Our Part

The Balwyn Community Centre is set in a glorious bush setting, it is a vibrant place to be inspired, grow, meet, and escape. The Balwyn Community Centre has always been a beautiful peaceful place for the Surrey Hills community.

When the chance came to work with the Boroondara City Council and Angelo Carrafa Landscape Architects (ACLA) on its landscaping reconstruction, the team at Red could not wait to be part of it.


Balwyn Community Centre Landscape Architecture

ACLA are real visionaries and working with them on taking the project to life has been one of our most memorable projects till now. The Red’s Landscaping Civil and Design team observed the project thoroughly from beginning to end, starting with foundations and footings, right through to the maintenance and final details. We made it all.

Balwyn Community Centre Outdoor Gym Area
Balwyn Community Centre Outdoor Gym Area

Pictures tell a thousand words, so you are requested to see below for images of the project. We thank the Boroondara City Council and Angelo Carrafa Landscape Architects (ACLA) for their support and business.

Melbourne Landscaping

We welcome you to Melbourne Landscaping. We are proud to have a professional team of landscape designers and horticulturists. Reds Landscaping Melbourne Company shares a great amount of experience, proficiency, and creativity to give you the result you yearn for. Whether you are thinking of designing something modern or simply tidying up your existing garden, Red’s Landscaping Melbourne is available to work with you right from the introductory consultation till the end outcome, guaranteeing to transcend your expectations. Working with some of Melbourne's best architects, builders, and interior designers, we are competent enough to undertake almost any project. Using our closely linked network, we will endeavour to create the ideal outdoor living experience for all-sized projects, whether great or small. Red's Landscaping Melbourne is a completely licensed and insured company that is confident in its ability to always meet deadlines. We have an outstanding history. We wish you to rejoice in our project pages, holding and headlining clients' testimonials.

We provide a wide range of landscaping services depending upon your needs, whether they are commercial landscaping or commercial maintenance.

Commercial Landscaping

The purpose of the commercial landscaping design of public spaces is to make the public area a welcoming and broad place for the pleasure of people of all ages. It is critical that landscape architects and urban planners keep the users as the primary focus of the design. We have been lucky enough to work with some of Melbourne's best landscape designers on projects like the Balwyn Community Centre

Commercial Maintenance

Business maintenance is also provided by the same crew of Melbourne that specializes in the art of commercial landscaping. Our commercial maintenance crew is managed by horticulturists with extensive knowledge of plant health and identification. Experts in horticulture irrigation systems, concrete restorations, and other elements of commercial gardening make up our commercial maintenance team.

First impressions matter and the garden areas surrounding a business's facilities are frequently where those first impressions are made. We can make sure that your business's healthy landscape makes a good impression on both clients and staff.

Landscape Design, Photo taken by Callum O'Brien I Reds Landscaping.

Italian Garden In Southport

Italian gardens are often characterised as being green with few flowers. Often with evergreen shrubs, manicured into geometric hedges or topiaries. As with most styles of Mediterranean gardening, Italian gardens are a practical solution for Australian landscape design.

Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool - Reds Landscaping and Design
Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool.

Italian Landscape Design Style

Touring an authentic Italian garden will appeal to gardeners with an eye for classic design and an interest in history. The hallmark of the Italian garden is order, expressed through symmetry and an ultra-neat look. Most homeowners can not afford to implement the design. It requires the use of hardscape, formal lines, and extensive maintenance. However, some properties and components can also provide an Italian flair in the home garden.

An Italian garden is a type of formal garden design perfected in Renaissance Italy. It is characterized by a heavy reliance on hardscape features, manicured evergreens, and Mediterranean plants.

The Origins Of The Italian Garden

The Italian-style garden has its roots in ancient Rome. Wealthy Romans complemented their majestic villas with equally impressive outdoor spaces. These rooms were separated by boxwood hedges and masonry walls, and the use of topiary was also pleasing to the eye. Pliny the Younger describes his Tuscan estate in such terms, speaking of clipped box hedges and other box trees formed into topiary with animal depictions.

Construction Of Italian Garden In Southport

Is it good to live in Southport?

Southport was once an exclusive, highly fashionable English style seaside resort for Brisbane’s elite in the 19th century. Southport is now an important commercial and administrative centre in the northern part of the City of the Gold Coast.

This structure certainly makes an entrance. Designed by Callum, who is the founder and lead designer, this project was reviewed and seen thoroughly from end to end and contributed to with the property owners' best interest in mind, and of course, with the professional recommendations of our experts leading the way.

Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool Drone Footage - Reds Landscaping and Design
Traditional Italian House and Swimming Pool Drone Footage.

Some gardens and landscapes require a more heightened sense of drama and scheme than the lush and well-maintained gardens of the Italians. The homeowner wanted a space designed which considered the pre-existing architecture of the home and also connected traditional elements of the Italian landscape.

All the well-known and best Italian gardens refer to symmetry, and this building is no exception. formal in design, yet playful and educational at the same time.

Because of the edible goods in the small fruit orchard and herb garden, the children of the house felt connected to the location of the product they were eating and a link back to their lineage.


Italian villa styled mansion - Reds Landscaping and Design
Italian villa styled mansion located in Queensland Australia, showcasing absolute luxury.

Our Company

Landscaping is the means of transforming your house’s front, maintaining or upgrading your gardens, or simply boosting the aesthetic allure of your space. It’s concerned with the good impression your property makes on others.

For first-time proprietors or newly created properties, the landscaping service should be delivered by professionals because experimenting with limited to no experience might result in an unpresentable and high-priced adventure.

We, at Red's Landscaping Company, provide a team of professionals with much-acquired experience and a developed customer support team, who will definitely make your experience hassle-free.

The team will coordinate with the property owner about their visions and budget for the project and propose a list of options with the provision to glorify in the future. We guarantee you the best service.

Red's Landscaping Company provides the services of maintenance, restoration, and improvement for your landscape.


If you are looking for professionals to maintain your landscape, Red's landscaping services can provide you with enough help, which includes grooming, printing, perpetual weeding, mulching, fertilizing, pest control, and irrigation. We also regularly wipe out fallen leaves, branches, and debris to guarantee that your garden retains its natural state and beauty.


If your garden has lost its beauty because of a lack of attention, we can help you bring it back to life by restoring the dead grass with new and planting or transplanting trees. Our specialists use machinery and industry-powered tools to acquire the results you are looking for.


Are you not happy with your current garden? We can bestow it an entirely new look. Our experts eliminate poorly performing plants, pull weeds, and equip the land for the upcoming season. We can adapt the project to fit your budget and preferences and suggest cost-effective solutions.

We had a recent project at Southport Italian Garden Construction, which was a stupendous experience.

How do we care for your garden?

Herringbone Armold Granite Paving - Reds Landscaping and Design
Herringbone Armold Granite Paving featured in Italian garden and Landscape GC.

Our team of lawn care experts at The Grounds Guys will assist you in keeping your house looking great all year. Customers come first; attitude, respect, and enjoying life in the process are our key beliefs.

Our customers rely on us to put their needs first and to provide high-quality care to keep their landscaping green, healthy, and pest-free.

Honest, professional, and trustworthy.

Our crew maintains professionalism by providing home lawn care services that are both efficient and reliable, in addition to appearing on time and in uniform. We take pride in our work, which is why we offer free estimates and transparent pricing. The Grounds Guys staff works hard to earn your trust by consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. You can trust us to do everything we can to make you happy and keep your home looking lovely all year.

More Information on Southport and the Gold Coast

7 Exciting Things to See & Do in Southport, Gold Coast

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Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury

The Hume Global Learning Centre is located very close to the Sunbury Central Activity District and nearby retail stores, as well as a handy public transportation hub. It is easily accessible through the Tullamarine freeway from Melbourne Airport and the Melbourne CBD.

The Hume Global Learning Centre is designed to make a significant and memorable contribution to the Sunbury region. The facility is dynamic, progressive and considered, and this will act as a powerful signifier of community values and aspirations at the gateway to the Sunbury town centre.

Hume Global Learning Centre-Sunbury. Commercial Landscaping - Reds Landscaping & Design
Hume Global Learning Centre-Sunbury. Commercial Landscaping.

Around 30,000 people currently use the centre each month to participate in several community and business learning programs and activities.

Opening of Hume Global Learning - Reds Landscaping & Design
Opening of Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury.

The three-level development is based on the plan for a lifelong learning centre that the City of Hume has successfully implemented on three other sites.

Opening - Hume Global Learning centre - Sunbury - Reds Landscaping & Design
Opening - Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury

In addition to offering conventional library facilities, the building contributes to the delivery of both academic and vocational education programmes. The centre includes:

  • A library.
  • A teaching space.
  • A business hub.
  • Flexible multi-use meeting and activity rooms.
  • Conference/events spaces.
  • A gallery/museum/exhibition space.
  • A customer service centre.
  • A visiting/hot desk.
  • Staff offices.
2D Landscape Design - Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury - Reds Landscaping & Design
2D Landscape Design - Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury. Landscape Design by ACLA Consultants.

Public Spaces and Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping of public spaces offers high-quality open green spaces that are easily accessible to the community. From walking down shady streets to commercial landscaping around libraries, museums, and community centres, landscaped spaces are local communities' hearts.

Concrete Pathway - Reds Landscaping & Design
Broad concrete pathways for community access at Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury.

Through these places, a large number of community members connect, play, stroll, and bicycle. In this manner, commercial landscaping contributes to the health and well-being of local inhabitants. The landscape design of Hume Global Learning Centre Sunbury, by ACLA Consultants, certainly meets all of these aims.

Hume Global Learning Centre Commercial Landscaping - Reds Landscaping & Design
Hume Global Learning Centre Commercial Landscaping.


Quality commercial landscape design also provides essential habitats for native species. The landscape design of commercial buildings also greatly affects the success of these public spaces.

Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury. Concrete Pathways - Reds Landscaping & Design
Hume Global Learning Centre- Sunbury. Concrete Pathways of public spaces.

Public places such as the Hume Global Learning Centre-Sunbury contribute to a high level of public amenity, particularly when linked with effective landscape design. The result is an accessible public place for the people of Sunbury.

Garden by the Window - Reds Landscaping & Design
Lomandra native grasses with a mudstone boulder in a garden by a window.


Contribution of Red Landscaping In Constructing The Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury

Red's landscaping was proud to be part of this significant place making project for the community of Sunbury. Our tasks included the following;

  • The construction and framework of a large staircase are finished in black.
  • Black and white exposed concrete.
  • Earthmoving and excavation.
  • Large turf area in which a fully controlled Wi-Fi irrigation system installed for all new softscaping.
  • Concrete sleepers retaining walls.
  • Mass planting of native trees and shrubs on green lands.
  • Soil pumping for rooftop planting.

The Red's landscaping team was excited to work on this project with the Hume City Council and acknowledged the continued support and business with the council and contractors to make areas like this possible.


Landscaping Of Hume Global Learning Centre Sunbury

The staff of red’s landscaping and civil worked on softscaping (living component) and hardscaping (non-living component) of landscaping. They worked hard to complete this project.



Softscaping (the plant component of landscaping) is one of the many specialties of Red's Landscaping and Design. Years of study, research, and experience in Australia's diverse climates have resulted in expert horticultural methods.

The team has been working on sustainable softscapes that can resist the subtropical climate produced by the harsh weather of Melbourne. Our creative softscaping methods may build fertile gardens that are not only environmentally beneficial but also produce fruit, vegetables, and cut flowers.

During the landscape design of Hume Global Learning Centre, we focused on drought-resistant native trees, shrubs, grasses, and groundcovers, which are easy to maintain and attract birds, insects, and mammals. But the question is, why native plants? Because

The Australian climate is harsh, hot, and dry. Most foreign plants are not well adjusted to our conditions and may struggle. Australian natives have all the features that make them ideal low-maintenance garden plants. They are always resistant to drought, tolerant to harsh conditions, and not harmed by various native insects that might damage typical garden plants. Here are some of the native plants we include in our landscape designs.



Eucalyptus is a dominant Australian tree genus with over 800 species inhabiting many diverse ecosystems throughout Australia. Eucalyptus is generally well adapted to drought. Eucalyptus from the drier environment is also often inherently more drought tolerant. Eucalyptus trees are appreciated for their landscaping uses. Many eucalyptus species have beautiful forms and textures. Some of the flowers are striking in shape and brilliant colours. For these reasons, eucalyptus trees are often used widely in commercial landscaping. This was also the case for the landscaping of Hume Global Learning Centre-Sunbury. Eucalyptus trees planted include "euky dwarf", "leucoxylon rosea", and "eucalyptus scentuous" (lemon scented gum).


Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Euky Dwarf' - Reds Landscaping & Design
Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Euky Dwarf' Dwarf SA Blue Gum Notes Uses: For use in smaller gardens where standard SA Blue gum is too large. Flowers appear in large clusters from Autumn through to Spring. Flowers especially attract bees which make excellent honey.


The eucalyptus leaves are the main source of a koala’s diet. Koalas also rely on the moisture in eucalyptus leaves for most of their hydration needs. They also sleep in the eucalyptus tree. Therefore eucalyptus trees are very important for conserving koalas in the urban environment. Due to these qualities, eucalyptus is always on the favourite list of landscape designers.

The eucalyptus trees were planted in the planter pots and vases, which helped to soften the new brick walls of the Hume Global Learning centre.



Westringia is a perennial shrub with dense blue-grey foliage that resembles rosemary. It is an easy care plant with a tidy habit. It has masses of vivid bluish purple flowers. It flowers profusely in spring and regularly at other times of the year. It is a heat-, humidity-, and highly frost tolerant shrub and is well suited to the native flower garden.

Westringia ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ (Coastal Rosemary) flower - Reds Landscaping & Design
Close-up of Westringia ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ Coastal Rosemary flower. Westringia are great plants for commercial landscaping.

Westringia blue gem has a naturally attractive bushy growth habit and responds well to pruning. It is fast growing and does well in a wide range of conditions. It is used for hedging and bordering. It is also suited for containers.


Anigozanthos bush diamond, commonly known as Kangaroo Paws, is a flower native to Australia. Bush diamond is a compact, off-white flowered kangaroo paw that acts as a great colour contrast in multiple plantings.

Anigozanthos bush diamond - Reds Landscaping & Design
Anigozanthos bush diamond.

This native plant is naturally heat and drought tolerant and enjoys full sun in well-drained soil. However, extra irrigation during flower bud formation will benefit flowering performance.

Anigozanthos are extensively used in commercial landscapes and home gardens. It flourishes best in warm and sunny places, such as balconies, terraces, and courtyards. This plant will be conspicuous and enjoyable in decorative pots, jars, and freely planted in beds in the garden. It will attract the native birds and bees to feed on the nectar.


Lomandra, more popularly known as mat rushes, is an Australian perennial herbaceous plant genus. They spread in big, open, spherical tufts, resembling green fountains or fireworks. This spherical, symmetrical form makes them perfect for solitary plantings, such as in the centre of a bed or lawn as a display plant. The clean shape of Lomandra is also maintained without the need for trimming or clipping. They make an impressive impact when used in mass plantings for extremely low-maintenance gardening.

Lomandra Commercial landscaping - Reds Landscaping & Design
Lomandra Commercial landscaping.

You can place Lomandra pretty much anywhere in your garden. They will grow in wet areas like the garden pond's damp edge and dry ones like a dry herbaceous border. We plant the drought tolerant lomandra along the walls of the Global Learning Centre. This plant provides a fascinating green space between the exposed aggregate footpaths and the walls.

Banksia Birthday Candles

Banksia birthday candles are a dwarf cultivar of Banksia spinulosa and are the highest-selling native plant in Australia. It is a tough, evergreen, low-spreading small shrub with dense, dark green foliage and spectacular golden yellow flowers in autumn and winter that resemble upright candles.

Its mounded shape makes it a great border plant or a miniature hedge. It is also well suited for general landscaping, mass planting, and pots. This plant is also drought and frost tolerant once established. The flowers are outstanding and can attract native wildlife like bees and nectar-eating birds and butterflies into the garden. We used this plant as the ground cover plant in designing the Hume Global Learning Centre.


Grevilleas are stunning floral Australian species that thrive freely as groundcovers in huge and dry areas. The Grevillea bronze rambler has a dense, spreading habit with thin, smooth, reddish-brown stems decorated with divided bronze-green leaves. It features deep purple-red nectar-rich toothbrush flowers that bloom all year.

It is generally fast-growing, which helps to prevent weed growth and makes for low-maintenance landscaping. It works as a ground cover in large gardens and is well-suited for slopes. It provides an excellent habitat for wildlife, such as small birds. It was also used as a ground cover in the Hume Global Learning Centre landscape design, giving a stunning and pleasing appearance.


The design, planning, and implementation stages of any hardscape project require careful attention. At the same time, there are several important things to consider, and space utilisation is the most important. At Red's Landscaping and Design, hardscaping optimises usable space while creating an attractive garden. Red's Landscaping and Design Gardening uses only licensed and qualified tradespeople to design durable hardscapes that can be enjoyed for decades. Here are some hardscaping areas where we worked in the Hume Global Learning Centre.


Concrete steps are usually the focal point of most entryways of homes and public buildings. Elevating concrete steps from bland to grand makes them the dramatic focal point of any front entrance. The concrete steps in exposed aggregate create a stunning feature in the landscape.

Commercial Concrete Steps - Reds Landscaping & Design
Commercial Concrete Steps at Hume Global Learning.

Concrete is a very stable construction material, which means it will not decompose or emit any toxic fumes, gases, or harmful components. This makes concrete steps ideal for hot and cold climates, as they will not quickly erode. The concrete steps are cost-efficient, use fewer labour resources, and give the construction worker several custom options. The Red's Landscaping crew in Melbourne used concrete formwork to handle the challenges of constructing long flights of stairs.


Exposed aggregate concrete is a great design solution for public spaces. The attractive, durable, non-slip surface makes it an ideal choice for a landscape architect. High traffic areas around public buildings often use this type of concrete path. The aggregate concrete is available in various colours to suit the landscape design. The aggregate paths are just as durable as any plain concrete surface and handle heavy traffic better than natural stone.

Concrete Path in Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Reds Landscaping & Design
Concrete Path in Exposed Aggregate Concrete.

The Red’s Landscaping crew installed the exposed aggregate paths at the entrance and all around the Hume Global Learning Centre, which look outstanding compared to old concrete footpaths. We use alternative colours of concrete in the exposed aggregate pathway. The mulched garden bed also softens the appearance with the planting of native grasses, which increases the aesthetic appeal of the building.


More Information on Hume Global Learning Centre - Sunbury.

Landscape Designer ACLA Consultants.