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How to keep your lawn healthy in colder weather

The winter is characterised with weeds, heavy soaking, low sunlight levels, and frost, which, for us humans, means rugging up, staying covered and resting mostly indoors. But for lawns, the winter is a critical time to survive and need as much help as possible to stay healthy. Here are tips to keep your lawn healthy during the colder months.

  1. Provide abundant sunlight to your lawn

It is advisable to leave grass clippings after mowing during the warmer months. This is because they can supply nutrients from the grass. Also, leaving behind grass clippings can save you lots of work.

But during the autumn and winter, you will be better off removing clippings and leaves from the turf. This way, your lawn will receive ample air and sunlight that it requires to survive during the cold months.

If there are lots of trees on your lawn, you should prune them to ensure your lawn receives more sunlight.

  1. Mow higher and less frequently

The first thing you will notice when the cooler months set in is that the rate of grass growth will become slower. When this happens, you are advised to raise the mowing height so as to avoid damaging the grass, something that can lead to browning and scalping. Frequent scalping in turns weakens the grass, leaving it exposed to weeds and diseases.

When mowing your lawn, avoid cutting the grass lower than 2.5 cm. Also reduce the frequency of mowing your grass like once every 3 or 4 weeks. You can also mow your grass when the grass blade length exceeds 6 cm.

  1. Aerate the soil

High traffic volume, coupled with higher lower temperatures, can make the soil to be more compacted. This, in turn, can prevent the roots of the grass from getting the optimal resources required for their thriving and growth. You can choose to manually perforate the soil using a hand rake. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a professional to do the job for you.

  1. Fertilise

Although your grass will grow remarkably slower during the winter, it still requires a steady delivery of nutrients. Firstly, make sure your soil is checked to see what nutrients are lacking and then buy the right fertilizer that contains the right nutrient combination.

  1. Stop watering

You should desist from watering your lawn unless the grass appears very dry. And the best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. If you water your lawn too much during the colder months, it risks inviting fungi to your grass.

6. Weed Vigilantly

Weeds, unlike other types of turf, are unbowed by the harsh winter conditions. As a matter of fact, they appear to thrive in these unforgiving conditions. Be proactive and come up with a weekly weeding regimen to keep the unwanted plants in check.

Reds Landscaping Can Help!

Does it appear like the grass is always greener on the other side? Are your lawn care tips for the winter not working? Maybe you need to call in a pro. The experts at Reds Landscaping offer free tips and advice to help you keep your lawn and property in the best states. Just email or call us on 0424 350 910 for professional assistance with your lawn care this winter.

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Lawn Care Melbourne

Lawn Care Melbourne – The ideal time to top dress and renovate your lawn.

Lawn Care is best done in early Autumn on the Melbourne. Take the  time to assess your lawn and plan for some renovation and repair work. Start by walking over your lawn and checking for any bald patches, or high spots or dips. Turn on your irrigation system and check if all parts of the lawn are getting adequate water. If you cannot push the tines of a fork into the bald patches, then the soil might be compressed or the irrigation is not reaching that spot. Also check for weeds and other pests and diseases whilst you are there.

Lawn Care Step 1 – Lawn Weed removal

The first step in a successful lawn renovation is to remove the weeds. If the weather is sunny, you could use a selective spray, but do not be afraid of digging the weeds out by hand.

Lawn Care Melbourne – Broad leaf weeds can be removed by hand or with a selective spray. Gardener Melbourne

Lawn Care Step 2 – Aeration  of the lawn

To make this job easier, give the lawn a really good soaking or do it just after a good rain. Using a granulated or spray on soil wetter will help too. The slugs of soil should come up the aerator tines and drop out onto your lawn.

Lawn Care renovation work  with a Mechanical lawn aerator. Gardener Melbourne

If you have a smaller area of lawn, then Bunnings Southport have a hand held aerator that is reasonably priced. You can get a  cyclone aerator at around $55 – $60. This is money well spent.

Hand Held Lawn Aerator. Great for renovating your lawn.

The holes made in the lawn by the aerator, will allow oxygen, water and nutrients to quickly get to the lawn roots. This is especially important if you have some high traffic areas that may have had some compression and wear.


Typical lawn topsoil Profile.

Lawn Care Step 3 – Over sow lawn seeds.

If you have hybrid roll out lawn, then you will not find lawn seeds of the exact same type of grass. Your local plant nursery will be able to suggest something that looks similar. Sowing Lawn seeds in early Autumn, means that the new lawn grasses have all winter and spring to get established before the next hot summer.

Lawn Care Step 4 – Top dress the lawn.

Top dress the lawn with either a high quality sandy loam with organic matter, or a course sand. The course sand works well in high traffic areas, but a topsoil high in organic matter is better at holding  moisture. For real problem areas, try top dressing with a fine textured potting mix. When topdressing, take care to fill any low points and bring the lawn level up evenly to any paths or edges. Protruding pavers can make a real mess of your mower blades if the lawn is lower than your pavers.

Top dress the lawn to match the height of your pavers. Gardener Melbourne

Lawn Care Step 5 – Soil Wetter and Liquid Fertiliser.

Give the lawn a liquid fertiliser like Neutrog Seamungus as well as some more soil wetter. The liquid fertiliser will encourage plant and root growth. The soil wetter is required as often the top dress soils are hydrophobic, resulting in the water just running off the soil. If you repeat this last step for 3 or 4 weeks the results will be amazing.

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For some landscape garden design ideas, take a look at our Garden Design blog.

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Gardening Services Melbourne



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Caring For Your New Melbourne Landscape Garden

Caring for your new Melbourne Landscape Garden.

If you have just spent tens of thousands of dollars on your new landscape garden, then you will probably be looking at ways to protect that investment. Ongoing gardening maintenance for your new garden will help to protect and enhance your property value.

In the past it was normal to have irrigation systems with pop up sprinklers giving everything a thorough soaking. Often, we would see lots of water running down driveways and streets resulting in a huge waste of water. Water is much too precious and expensive resource to do that with these days.

Roll out lawn on a Melbourne Nature Strip, just starting to get established.

Pop-up sprinklers are also very prone to damage, so a lawn mower or vehicle can easily cause a lot of expensive damage to a pop up sprinkler system. Also, the irrigation systems are designed and installed to not only save water but also bias the flow towards plants that need watering the most. As a result of this, your new landscape garden is vulnerable to drought and dry weather until the root systems can get fully established. To lessen the effects of dry weather, landscape gardeners will favour the use of higher quality top soils with a good amount of organic matter. Different top soils are used for lawns as a hard-wearing lawns needs to have a very free draining topsoil. This can have an effect on water conservation however.

To make best use of the water available, soil wetting agents and fertilizers are spread over the finished gardens and lawns. Top quality mulch with a slow breakdown is used as much as possible. Despite all of this, new landscape gardens, and in particular lawns, require extra care or gardening maintenance in the early stages of getting established.

lawn, grass, green, fertilizer, care, weeds, eliminate, spreader, toxic, summer, spring, healthy,

Gardening Maintenance -Spreading of soil wetter and appropriate fertilisers will keep your landscape garden looking great and save water.

To best protect your new landscape garden, it is recommended that a maintenance gardener regularly checks on the garden and gives the lawn a good water.


Lawn Care for your new Melbourne lawn.

New roll out lawn has very short roots. To give the roots good contact with the topsoil, new lawns are given a light roll and top-dress when laid. As the roots as minuscule, for the first two weeks the lawn should be hand watered for at least an hour per day. Watering first thing in the morning is best, as less water is lost to evaporation from the hot sun. Evening watering is also good, but there is a slightly higher risk of fungal diseases if the lawn is damp all night. Always check if there are local watering restrictions in place. As the lawn root system becomes established the watering frequency can be reduced to twice per week. Check the grass joins for any signs of distress. If the grass is starting to brown around the joins and the joins are not closing up, then more watering is required. Spraying on a liquid fertiliser and plant tonic like Neutrog Seamungus Liquid can be a great help to stimulate root growth of your new lawn. If the new lawn does dry out, use a spray on soil wetter to prevent the water just running off the lawn. Depending on the weather and garden maintenance, there should be enough root growth for the irrigation system to maintain the lawn after about 9-11 weeks. These measures will also make your new lawn more drought tolerant.

Gardening Maintenance Caring for your new Melbourne Garden.

Lawn Maintenance Melbourne.


Lawn Weed Control

An essential part of gardening maintenance is lawn weed control. As part of the ongoing lawn maintenance, it is important to remove any lawn weeds before they can get established in your lawn. Some aggressive grass weeds will spread rapidly and ruin your new lawn before you know it. This is where having a maintenance gardener who is an expert in plant identification is of great benefit. Lawn weeds need to be identified and appropriately and thoroughly eliminated from the new lawn. The best protection from weeds is a healthy sward of lawn growing vigorously.

Garden Maintenance keeping this beautiful lawn in great condition protects your property value.

Ongoing lawn maintenance.

To keep your lawn looking great, the lawn should be aerated, and top dressed every Autumn. The organic matter in high quality top soil can settle or break down a little over the first 12 months, so the lawn should be checked over for any unevenness or sinking relative to paths and lawn edging. Early Autumn is also ideal for checking on the effectiveness of the irrigation system as dryer areas of lawn will be easier to spot.



Ongoing Gardening Maintenance Melbourne.

Care for Garden Beds

As with the new lawns, it is also important that the garden beds are checked for any weeds trying to take over. Again, a qualified horticulturist who is an expert at weed identification is best placed to protect your landscape garden investment. Mulch should also be replaced as it rots down, and the condition of garden edging and irrigation systems should be checked.

In the first few weeks of planting a new garden, the garden should be watered by hand twice per week. Use of a plant tonic like Neutrog Seamungus will also help to get your plants established.

A well maintained Garden Bed

Gardening Maintenance and Hedge Trimming

A garden hedge that is not regularly trimmed will soon get out of hand. To look their best, the hedge needs to be regularly shaped. If the hedge grows too tall, it becomes difficult to maintain. Hedges that have gone out of shape often need to be cut back hard, which gives them a bare appearance.

A hedge that is not properly maintained may have to be cut back hard. This can leave a bare appearance.
Neatly Trimmed Hedge with terracotta pots.


Contact us to find out how to make Red’s Landscape Gardening your property management partner.

By Callum O’Brien

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For some landscape garden design ideas, take a look at our Garden Design blog.

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Efficient irrigation for water conservation guideline from the Queensland Government

Information on Neutrog Seamungus





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Gardening Services Melbourne

Gardening Services

Gardening Services is one of the gardening and landscaping services provided by Red’s Landscape Gardening. We believe that excellent garden maintenance is both great for your business image and great for property values.

Gardening services work in progress on a Melbourne nature strip. Copyright Red’s Landscape Gardening – Gardener Melbourne.

Gardeners Melbourne

Our experienced and expert technical staff have knowledge not only in landscape design and construction but also in chemistry, horticulture, biology, floriculture, infrastructure, turf systems, and irrigation. All up we have over 50 years of garden maintenance behind us as well as the technical knowledge to make a garden look great. Our team of experienced landscape gardeners take a pro-active approach to gardening services. We can even suggest a few landscaping ideas during our visits.

Garden Maintenance Plan

To fit within your budget, we have come up with a four-tiered garden maintenance plan. Each of these will give you an excellent return on your investment and give your house or business instant kerb appeal.

1)    Lawn mowing
2)    Brush cutting
3)    Hedge Trimming
4)    Tree Planting
5)    Tree Pruning
6)    Palm tree cleanup
7)    Examination for Pests and diseases.
8)    Pest and Disease Control Plan
9)    Pressure Cleaning.
10) Irrigation System Repair or upgrades.
11) Garden Lighting repair or upgrades.
12) Paving repairs
13) Fence Repairs
14) Drainage Checks.
15) Mulching.
16) Lawn Aeration
17) Fertilizer application.
18) Soil wetter application
19) Garden Bed weeding.
20) Soil Amelioration / Amendments.
21) Planting and care of annuals.

Pressure Cleaning of Decks and Pavers.

Pressure cleaning your decks and paving will make your garden safer and more attractive. If you are looking to enhance your property for sale, this will really give your property a boost.

Garden Services. Paving after a pressure clean looks crisp and clean. It is also safer to walk on once the moss is removed.

Garden mulch for low maintenance gardening.

To keep your garden looking healthy, and to save on water, mulch should be topped up regularly. Some species of plants can suffer from collar rot if mulch is applied to the trunk. Experienced landscape gardeners and qualified horticulturists will know this.

Garden Landscaping. Water saving Garden Mulch applied by experienced Landscape Gardeners will keep your garden healthy. Copyright Red’s Landscape Gardening – Gardener Melbourne.

Hedge Trimming gardening services.

A well maintained, neatly trimmed hedge looks great on commercial, residential and  body corporate sites. Our keen eye for detail will keep your hedges looking pristine and neat.

Hedge trimming Garden Services package. Neatly trimmed hedges.


Tree planting by experienced Landscape Gardeners.

When planting trees, an experienced landscape gardener will make sure the hole is an adequate size and correct soils and fertilisers are used. As part of our Gold and Platinum packages we will prune and maintain you trees. Small trees will be replaced as part of the package, but the cost of the tree itself is not included.

Garden Services. Preparing the ground for tree planting. Melbourne Gardening services.
Melbourne lawn mowing. Street Trees in your nature strip provide shade and give your property a lift. They need to be well maintained so they do not become a hazard for pedestrians or cyclists.

Minor Fence and Gate Repairs

A fence in a state of disrepair can be both a security and a safety issue. As part of our Platinum package, we will check on the safety of your fences and carry out minor repairs.

A recently repaired fence by Red’s Landscape Gardening creates a great first impression on this Melbourne House..

Garden Maintenance Plans include Soil wetter granules.

Our garden maintenance plans include the use of soil wetters and the most appropriate fertilisers for your garden. This will save on watering and keep your garden looking great. An uneven lawn is difficult to mow and can become a tripping hazard. We will check your lawns and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Soil wetter and Top Dress gardening services.

Garden and Lawn before adding soil wetter and top dressing.

Irrigation maintenance and repairs.

A well maintained irrigation system will save water and keep your plants healthy. Minor irrigation system repairs are included in our Platinum garden service package. As installers of premium irrigation systems with WIFI controllers, solenoids, manifolds and fertiliser dosing, we know what makes these systems tick. We can check liquid fertiliser levels and make sure your system is working efficiently.

Irrigation system with controller, solenoids, manifolds Tee pieces and fertiliser dosing. Irrigation Maintenance Melbourne

Irrigation Repairs

A premium irrigation system with controller, manifold , liquid fertiliser dosing and solenoid valves. Minor irrigation repairs and maintenance are part of our platinum package, but expensive replacement parts are extra. Ideal for your business or home garden. Sprinkler maintenance Melbourne

Drainage Maintenance gardening services.

Our Platinum gardening service includes minor repairs and cleaning of drainage pits and checking for blockages. This can help prevent an expensive flood when the heavy rains come.

Gardening Services Melbourne. Drainage and Irrigation repairs. Minor maintenance, repairs and testing is part of our platinum package.
Agricultural, French and Spoon Drains. Minor repairs and Maintenance are included in the Platinum Plan.

Other Gardening Services. – Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing. Gardening Services from an experienced landscape gardener lawn mowing.


Contact us to find out how to make Red’s Landscape Gardening your property management partner.

One of our well maintained  Gardens

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For Gardening Services or help with the design  and development or your landscaping ideas, contact one of our experienced Landscape Gardeners. We can help with small garden design all the way up to  Commercial Landscape design.  Our specialities include fast growing screening plants, plant health and horticulture, garden lighting  and outdoor pool landscaping ideas.

For some landscape garden design ideas, take a look at our Garden Design blog.

By Callum O’Brien

More Information on Mulches from Gardening Australia


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Dog garden ideas

Dog friendly landscape design

Dog friendly landscape design often involves a play area with a nice patch of lawn.  People often ask how can I have a nice garden with my dog? A small path of lawn will provide recreational space for children and pets in your backyard and is one of the best dog garden ideas. In this landscape garden design, a stepped brush fence creates a screen for the colorbond garden shed. If you have a lot of brush fence, consider breaking it up with some vertical gardens. Having a shed in the backyard means that all of the fertilizers, garden machinery and fuels can be safely locked away from the doggie. A grevillea and a feature garden as well as screening plants add to the effect that makes the small garden appear larger than it actually is.

Dog garden ideas

Dog garden ideas – A couch lawn is ideal for pets and children to play on.

The lawn creates a valuable space for pets to play or for entertaining guests as well as contrast and a beautiful green space for the garden.


Dog friendly garden Couch lawn

Dog friendly garden Couch lawn. A stepped brush fence creates a screen for the colorbond garden shed.

What Ground Cover is safe for dogs?

Dog friendly garden surfaces

Hard wearing couch lawn can be an ideal surface for pets and children to play on.

Couch Grass Santa Ana couch

The grass chosen was Santa Ana couch Cynodon dactylon x Cynodon transvaalensis which is a hybrid variety of Nullarbor couch. Its soft matt is ideal for pets and small children If you are in a colder climate, your couch may go a little brown over winter. In this picture you can see where the shadier part of the lawn has just started to brown. This is a temporary condition and your couch will revive once the warmer weather returns. If your dog likes to wee on the lawn keep a bucket of water or a hose handy to wet the lawn down where your dog has been. The key to making the lawn child friendly and dog friendly, is in the layers below the lawns surface. The lawns should be laid on a sandy loam soil to maintain a soft surface in the case of falls. See our blog on Lawn Care for more information.

Garden Design

The lawn slopes gently down to a stained sleeper edge and raised garden bed. The blue pansies contrast beautifully with the white alyssum and white garden chairs. Herbs for the kitchen are also grown in this raised garden bed. Raised garden beds and pots help to keep young dogs and puppies away from plants. The landscape garden design features wooden decking and a rendered concrete retaining wall. Pavers sunk into the lawn help to reduce wear marks and create a contrast with the rich green couch lawn. The potted plant and pedestal along with the pavers create an illusion of depth for this landscape garden design. The lawn pavers lead to garden steps to access the lawn area.

Lawn Pavers and edge paving leading to garden steps.
Raised garden bed and  secure Rear Fence Privacy Screening for a dog friendly backyard.

Rear Fence Privacy Screening, couch lawn and elevated planters. The potted plant and pedestal with the lawn pavers create an illusion of depth in the Santa Ana couch lawn. In the top right hand corner sandstone lawn edging and antique slate steps. Limoniums handle Australia’s coastal garden conditions and climate well.

In this landscape garden design, Sandstone edging is used at the top of the antique slate step. The sandstone provides a wonderful contrast to the lawn and its neat edge helps with garden maintenance of the lawn edging. The steps can be used as seating for entertaining as well as providing access to the lawn area. Small dogs and older people might struggle with steps this height, so a dog ramp is provided by the edge of the lawn. This ramp also helps when the mower needs to be brought out to the front yard.

Concrete Lawn pavers and sandstone lawn edging. Hard wearing dog friendly garden surfaces.

Concrete Lawn pavers and sandstone lawn edging. Hard wearing dog friendly garden surfaces.

How can I protect my garden from my dog?

Gardens can be protected from your pet dog by raising them up or using concrete or terracotta pots. Vertical gardens is another way of having a nice safe gardens with your dog. Avoid the use of lightweight plastic pots.

Raised Garden Bed Constructed from rendered concrete block construction.

Raised Garden Bed Constructed from rendered concrete block construction. This makes it difficult for small dogs to dig in the garden. Behind the pansies is the stained wooden garden edging.

Paved courtyard with table and concrete plant pots.

Dog friendly garden surfaces. Paved courtyard with table and concrete plant pots.  The aggregate near the Lilli Pilly provides good drainage and helps to prevent muddy paws.

Magnolia in a raised pot. This courtyard is a backyard designed for a dog.

Magnolia in a raised pot near the paved courtyard.

Plants to avoid for Pets and Children

For pets and small children there are many plants that should be avoided. There are plants that are toxic to pets, and some which will cause skin irritation. For example, Moses in the Cradle (Tradescantia spathacea) and Zebrina ‘Wandering Jew’ (Tradescantia zebrine) should be avoided if you have a dog, as they have been associated with allergic skin disease. Other plants to be avoided include holly, poinsettias, cycads and oleander. Another plant to avoid is the Duranta erecta which is often sold as a hedge plant but is poisonous for your pets and children. When planning your garden, talk to the horticulture expert at your local plant nursery for help with pet friendly plant selection. Even the pebble mulch we have used in this garden will be a problem if your dog likes to chew on stones. It is important to keep your dog entertained with toys and chew bones as well as keeping an eye on them in the garden.


Dog friendly Plants for Australian Gardens

For dog friendly garden plants take a look at Salvia Leucantha or Mexican Bush Sage and similar plants. Always check with your local qualified horticulturist when you are buyin plants.

Plants in pots.


Pansies and Lobelia in a concrete garden pot.

Pansies and Lobelia in a concrete garden pot.

For splashes of colour around the garden, viola, pansies and lobelias were added to the shrubs growing in pots. Out of the reach of puppies and small dogs. Snail pellets should also be avoided if you have a puppy or small dog.


Small plastic pots are easy for dogs to pick up.

The dog friendly backyard. Small plastic pots are easy for dogs to pick up and create a mess. Does that look like the face of a naughty dog or just a puppy exploring the world?


Plants in Vertical Gardens and Garden Walls

Another effective way to keep your pet and garden separated is to use a vertical garden or a garden wall. This will mean that your plant is safe from your new puppy and your new puppy is safe from your plants.

Dog Friendly Paved Courtyard


This landscape garden design features a paved courtyard, a dark green magnolia grandiflora “little gem” was planted in a square garden pot. The pot was painted dark brown to create an aged ceramic look. (The pot is actually fibreglass.) As its name suggests, little gem is a compact variety of magnolia. It will help to give your garden a tropical feel.
The orange marigolds go well with the blue lobelia and dark green Magnolia. Around the pot you can see the start of a box hedge and the pebble mulch. In the background climbing roses in concrete pots, and wall mounted pot plants add to the effect.

Magnolia grandiflora “little gem” in a planter pot.

Magnolia grandiflora “little gem” in a planter pot.

Magnolia grandifolia ‘Little Gem’ is a compact cultivar that will flower at a young age. Shiny oval-shaped leaves are dark to mid-green. Large creamy-white chalice-shaped flowers are very fragrant. You will see these flowers appear through summer and autumn. A slightly acidic, rich soil with plenty of organic matter is recommended. In this courtyard, the plant is protected from hot northerly winds. The elevated pot keeps the plants out of reach for puppies and small dogs.

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Gardening Australia Factsheet


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