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The coastal Pandanus tree (Pandanus tectorius) under threat.

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The coastal Pandanus tree (Pandanus tectorius) is now under threat from the native leaf hopper (Jamella australiae) in South East Queensland. Although the two have co-existed for a long time, the leaf hoppers numbers are normally kept in check by its natural predator a tiny wasp known as Aphanomerus pusillus. The problem is believed to have been caused by trees …

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Landscaping with Xanthorrhoea the Australian grass tree.

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Whether you are designing a small garden, a medium sized garden or a large garden, the Australian Grass tree or Xanthorrhoea is a great choice. For a small garden, it is a great focal point with its dark charcoal coloured truck its green leaves and its beige cream coloured flowers. For small gardens slow growing plants like these are ideal. …

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Orchids and Bromeliads for indoors, outdoors and vertical gardens.

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For the creation of vertical gardens, the use of epiphytic species from the Orchid and Bromeliads families are a beautiful and practical solution. These plants are also great as indoor plants and also have terrestrial or soil based species for your outdoor garden. If you are living in a Gold Coast townhouse with a small garden, vertical gardens or green walls to …

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National Eucalypt Day

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National Eucalypt Day is on Friday 23 March 2018. Events and celebrations will be taking place around Australia.  Although its natural habitat is almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere. the Eucalypt, or gum tree, is now one of the world’s most widely planted hardwood trees. Part of popularity is the tree’s characteristics of being fast growing, hardy and adaptable as …

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Weed Control on the Gold Coast.

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One of the great things about gardening on the Gold Coast is the enormous range of plants that can be grown and also how quickly everything grows especially when some good rain comes. Unfortunately, this also applies to the weeds. There is also a wide range, and they grow rapidly under certain weather conditions. The key to effective weed control …

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Japanese Garden Design. Zen and the art of Garden Maintenance.

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Japanese Garden Design The design of the Japanese garden evokes the feeling of peace and tranquillity. These gardens are not only beautiful, but they are practical too. The gravel allows rain to seep into soil and nearby plant roots thereby saving you water.To get the full impact of the colour contrast of the Japanese Garden, you probably need to be in …

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Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens Benowa

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Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens If you are looking for garden ideas or landscape design ideas, then a great place to visit is your local botanical gardens. In most of these  you can see exotic, native and indigenous plants and get some ideas on how to plan your own landscape. On the Gold Coast we have the Gold Coast Regional …

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Lawn care on the Gold Coast. Tips for creating a beautiful lawn.

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It is often a dream of home owners to have a beautiful patch of bright green lawn in their backyard. Many people will be have been watching the cricket and admiring the beautiful condition of the outfield turf covering the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Some people are a little less enthusiastic about the wicket. With the Commonwealth games beginning in April …