Landscaping Balwyn Community Centre

Aerial view commercial landscaping

Landscaping Balwyn Community Centre

Melbourne Landscaping

We welcome you to Melbourne Landscaping. We are proud to have a professional team of landscape designers and horticulturists. Redslandscaping Melbourne Company shares an abundance of experience, creativity, and proficiency to give you the outcome you yearn for. Whether you are thinking of designing something modern or simply tidying up your existing garden, Red’s Landscaping Melbourne is available to work with you right from the introductory consultation till the end outcome, guaranteeing to transcend your expectations. Working with some of Melbourne’s best architects, builders and interior designers, we are competent enough to undertake almost any project. Using our closely linked network, we will endeavor to create the ideal outdoor living experience for all sized projects, whether great or small. Red’s Landscaping Melbourne is a completely licensed and insured company that is confident in its ability to always meet deadlines. We have an outstanding history. We wish you to enjoy our project pages, featuring headlining client testimonials.

We provide a wide range of landscaping services depending upon your needs, whether they are commercial landscaping or commercial maintenance.

Commercial Landscaping

The purpose of the commercial landscaping design of public spaces is to make the public area a welcoming and broad place for the pleasure of people of all ages. It is critical that landscape architects and urban planners keep the users as the primary focus of the design.

Commercial Maintenance

Business maintenance is provided by the same Melbourne crew that specializes in commercial landscaping. Our commercial maintenance crew is managed by horticulturists with extensive knowledge of plant health and identification. Experts in horticulture irrigation systems, concrete restorations, and other elements of commercial gardening make up our commercial maintenance team.

First impressions matter, and the garden areas surrounding a business’s facilities are frequently where those first impressions are made. We can make sure that your business’s healthy landscape makes a good impression on both clients and staff.

Balwyn Community Centre

Let’s have a glimpse of our recent project at Balwyn Community Centre, which was our most recent and memorable project.

The Balwyn community centre is set in a glorious bush setting, it is a vibrant place to be inspired, to grow, meet, and escape. The Balwyn Community Centre has always been a beautiful place for its population, public, members and guests.

When the chance came to work with the Boroondara City Council and Angelo Carrafa Landscape Architects (ACLA) on its landscaping reconstruction, the team at Red could not wait to be part of it.

ACLA are real visionaries and working with them on taking the project to life has been one of our most memorable projects till now. The Red’s Landscaping Civil and Design team observed the project thoroughly from beginning to end, starting with foundations and footings, right through to the maintenance and final details. We made it all.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so you are requested to see below for images of the project. We thank the Boroondara City Council and Angelo Carrafa Landscape Architects (ACLA) for their support and business.


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