Kangaroo Paw in the subtropics

Landscaping Gold Coast, Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’ also known as Pink Kangaroo paw.
Native to Western Australia, Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’ are lovers of harsh dry arid conditions. I’m surprised to find how well they perform in the Gold Coast subtropics. Kangaroo paw are notorious for struggling with humidity in Victoria, they tend to turn black, rot and die off during the winter months. These plants have proven their versatility.
With correct planting in well draining, sandy loam soil and the use of low phosphorus organic fertilizers, kangaroo paws will flower year round in the Gold Coast. Kangaroo paws have co-evolved with native birds, the structure of the inflorescence attracts indigenous birds to aid with pollination and seed distribution. They are another must have sustainable native to incorporate into the Australian Garden, the Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’. If you are the person who enjoys colours, textures and unique then the kangaroo paw is the plant for you.
Adding some Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’ into your garden will dramatically increase the colour vibrancy and brighten up any landscape garden design, especially since they perform so well on the Gold Coast. These beauties will be sure to out live any other plant in your garden, and they look amazing in pots for on your outdoor decking or entertaining area. Another great advantage of having kangaroo paw in your garden is the entertaining show that the native birds and honey eaters will put on as they feed on the plant, so be sure to place the plant in area that you are able to observe nature do it’s thing.
Anigozanthos 'bush pearl'

Anigozanthos 'bush pearl'
Anigozanthos ‘bush pearl’