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Red’s Landscaping & Design offers a wide range of experiences, from design consultation, right through to full turn-key management and construction of both soft and hard landscaping across residential and civil projects. Our expert designers can help you, your business, or council departments discover exactly what kind of design or works you need.

It’s sometimes hard to put your vision into words, it’s our job to navigate and turn it into a reality for you. Once you can see your vision designed on paper you decide when we begin to build it.

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5 Top Landscape Design Trends in 2022




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Red’s Landscaping is a fully licensed and insured company that uses the most advanced design software available to produce home and landscape modeling within 48 hours.

We are a new age company looking to make a difference in residential and commercials spaces across Melbourne.

We have a history of success in Melbourne, just ask our many proud customers who know and enjoy the greatest room of any Aussie home – ‘the garden’

Commercial Landscape Architecture and Design

#020101The aim of the Commercial landscape design of public spaces is to make the public area an increased asset to the council and the community. The design needs to welcoming and enhance the enjoyment of people of all ages and abilities. It is vital that the landscape architect design for accessibly and sustainability. Designers and urban planners must consider the users as the primary focus of the landscape design.

Commercial Landscaping of Public Spaces provides quality open green and accessible places for the community. Red’s Landscaping Melbourne is proud to partner with some of Melbourne’s best builders to create these vibrant public spaces. From walkable shady streets to the commercial landscaping around libraries, museums and community centres, these landscaped areas form the heart of local communities. It is through these areas that many people in local communities connect, play, walk or cycle. In these ways, the commercial landscaping supports the health and well being of local communities as well as providing essential environmental habitats for indigenous species. The design and construction of the commercial building landscape has a significant impact on the success of these public spaces.