Garden Landscape Design Hampton

9 Thomas St., Hampton, VIC 3188

9 Thomas St. is a residential address located in the suburb of Hampton, which is a beachside suburb located in the South-eastern part of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The postcode for the area is 3188. The Garden Landscape Design Hampton project was undertaken by the Redslandscaping Team in 2020.


The terrain in Hampton, Victoria, where 9 Thomas St. is located, is relatively flat and low-lying. The suburb is situated on a coastal plain, and much of the area is at or near sea level. The land is mostly composed of sedimentary rock, sand, and clay, which have been deposited over time by the nearby Yarra River and other waterways.

The terrain in Hampton and surrounding areas is highly developed, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses. The streets in the area are generally laid out in a grid pattern, with wide tree-lined boulevards and smaller residential streets.

Outdoor living environment

The suburb of Hampton has plenty of amenities and facilities, including several schools, parks, and recreational areas. The beach is a major attraction in the area, and there are also several cafes, restaurants, and shops located on Hampton Street. Public transportation options include a train station and several bus routes that run through the suburb.

The landscaping of Hampton Coastal Gardens

As a professional residential landscaping service provider, we take great pride in delivering exceptional results that complement the architectural design of the property. Our team successfully completed the Garden Landscape Design Hampton project in September 2020, which involved several essential services, including garden pathway construction, adding greenery and flora to enhance the garden, and the crucial irrigation system.

At the heart of our project were the cement layer and tiled pathways, which we constructed with durability in mind. We carefully selected and used specific concrete pieces to add a decorative touch, while the addition of plant species enhanced the overall aesthetics of the space.

To complement the overall look and feel of the property, we selected specific plant species suited to the Hamptons climate. These species required less maintenance and remained fresh for longer durations.

Finally, we recognise the crucial role of irrigation in maintaining a healthy and thriving landscape. Our team paid close attention to every detail to ensure water was transported to every spot and that leakage was avoided. The result was a vibrant, lush, and sustainable landscape that exceeded our client’s expectations.

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