Old Government House Gardening Services

62 Gardens Point Rd., Brisbane City

The Old Government House building at 62 Gardens Point Rd. is situated in Brisbane City, the nation’s capital of Queensland in Australia. With a variety of retail, cultural, and entertainment options, Brisbane City is a thriving urban hub.


The property at 62 Gardens Point Road is located in the heart of Brisbane City, within walking distance of many of the city’s major attractions. It is situated near the Botanic Gardens, which provide a beautiful green space in the heart of the city. The property is also close to the Brisbane River, which offers stunning views and a range of recreational opportunities.

Outdoor living environment

The Old Government House itself is a commercial building with a range of office and retail spaces. It is well-appointed, with modern facilities and amenities, and designed for comfortable and convenient working environments. The building also provides easy access to public transportation, with several bus and train routes passing nearby; a comfortable and modern working environment in the heart of Brisbane City; and access to a variety of amenities and attractions. Its central location makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to establish a presence in the city centre.

Gardening Services at the Old Government House

Redslandscaping and Design, a leading professional landscaping company, successfully completed a comprehensive gardening project at 62 Gardens Point Rd., a commercial property situated in the heart of Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia. In July 2021, our skilled team diligently executed a range of essential services to enhance the Old Government House’s aesthetic appeal and ensure a well-maintained outdoor space.

The project encompassed several key tasks, including expert lawn mowing to achieve a neatly manicured appearance. Our experienced team also meticulously pruned the hedges, giving them a defined and polished look. We diligently watered the flowerbeds, nurturing vibrant blooms and ensuring a flourishing garden throughout the year.

To guarantee safe and seamless passage, we cleared the garden pathways, removing any debris or obstacles that may have hindered access. Additionally, our team dedicated time to cleaning the ponds and water fountains, restoring their pristine condition, and enhancing their visual allure.

Pruning Services

Understanding the significance of palm trees in the landscape, we prioritised their care by providing professional pruning services. This careful attention to detail ensured the palm trees maintained their natural elegance while promoting healthy growth and long-term vitality.

Through our meticulous and comprehensive approach, Redslandscaping and Design successfully transformed the commercial property at 62 Gardens Point Rd., creating an inviting and visually stunning outdoor environment that perfectly complements Brisbane City’s bustling and vibrant urban setting.

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