Landscaping at BLVD Gardens Townhouses

39 Pentridge Blvd, Coburg VIC 3058

Within the local government districts of the Cities of Darebin and Merri-bek, lies the BLVD Gardens Townhouses. Coburg is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Coburg’s eastern boundary, Elizabeth Street, is mostly in the City of Merri-bek, but a few nearby houses are in the City of Darebin.


From the damp, moderate environment of Gippsland in the southeast to the frosty Victorian alpine areas that reach almost 2,000 m (6,600 ft), including Mount Bogong, the tallest altitude at 1,986 m, Victoria encompasses several topographically, geologically, and climatically different places (6,516 ft). To the west and northwest are vast, semi-arid plains. Victoria is home to a vast network of river systems. The Murray River system is the most noteworthy. Ovens River, Goulburn River, King River, and Patterson River are a few other rivers. Ecological communities including the Gippsland Plains Grassy Woodland, Northern Plains Grassland, and Victorian Volcanic Plain Grasslands are all critically endangered.

Outside Living Environment

The Sydney Road commercial district, the Merri-bek City Council civic center site is located on Bell Street with the Coburg City Hall, La Rose House (the oldest known private residence in Victoria), the John Fawkner Hospital which is on Moreland Road, and Lake Reserve on Merri Creek are some of the area’s most notable landmarks. The most recognizable landmark in the neighborhood is HM Prison Pentridge, which was recently converted into a housing development.

Structural Landscaping Drawing Plan of BLVD Gardens project

This construction and hard landscaping of BLVD Gardens project in Coburg was scheduled to begin in October 2020. 2D landscape design was first incorporated into the project since it aids in comprehension and project planning.

For a luxury home, using digital technologies such as 2D rendering and 2D visualization can have a lot of advantages. The elevation supplied to a particular structure can be creatively fashioned, especially when considering the external portion of the house, to make the client fall in love with his or her dream project.

Concrete Pavements

Therefore, it was important to start with a 2D design before moving on to the construction materials, such as in-situ concrete slabs, curb construction, and 3D designs. The portion of the curb construction that controls water flow and, in conjunction with the crown in the pavement, directs precipitation to the side of the street where it won’t obstruct traffic, required further attention. If the curbs are high enough, they can help keep water off the walkways, making them safer for people to walk on. To ensure the longevity of the site, we curate a “curb mix” of high quality.

Brick wall construction is thought to be a conservative method of wall construction, but it has its own value for commercial landscaping as it adds appeal to the site. We constructed brick walls and poured concrete where needed on the ground to elevate the ground level. The overall experience of the BLVD Gardens Townhouses Project was great, both with the client and at the location.

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