Kew Garden Style Landscaping of an Eichler Home

35 Wimborne Ave, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

This property is a fantastic option for families because it is surrounded by lovely, well-kept gardens and provides rear gate access to the Earimil Creek Bushland Reserve, which winds its way down to the shore. This split-level Eichler home architectural addition features tall ceilings and glass walls that exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

This elegant house from the 1960s is situated on a 970 square meter lot that is larger than normal for the Ranelagh Estate (approx.). This is a sought-after position because it is close to the village’s cafés, restaurants, and shops, as well as several good schools.

The house features a wood-burning fireplace, gas-ducted heating and cooling, three parking spaces, two living rooms, and three bathrooms.


A 44-kilometer drive will take you to Mount Eliza from the CBD. On the Mornington Peninsula, there is a sizable bayside neighborhood called Mount Eliza. The area is typically inhabited by older, moderately wealthy households. The area surrounding Mount Eliza’s shore is made up of uneven cliffs with picturesque walking routes perched above stretches of sandy beaches in tiny coves and bays.

Outside Living Environment

With several schools, pre-schools, and some of the most prestigious private schools on the peninsula, Mount Eliza is a fantastic family destination, not to mention the lovely parks, cafes, and beaches that surround the area. In the 1950s, Gregory and Ava Gardener’s film “On the Beach” was shot on the beach of Mount Eliza, making it distinctive.

Landscaping of an Eichler Home

The project in an Eichler-style home in October 2013 was spectacular because of the distinctive building and garden style. The owner requested a Japanese-style garden for his home, so our team did everything possible to create it.

The “California Modern” style of modernist architecture, of which Eichler homes are examples, is characterized by glass walls, post and beam construction, and open floor plans. We ensured the presence of four key components to transforming the garden into a Japanese-style “Kew Garden” setting: rocks, water, plants, and ornaments. It was crucial to bear in mind the primary design tenets of a Japanese garden, which include asymmetry, enclosure, borrowed landscape, balance, and symbolism, when choosing and placing these components in the area.

We chose a variety of plant types, and after plants and flowers filled the entire house, it appeared vibrant and stunning. In between the plants, benches were positioned. Lavender, jasmine, and other flowers were among them. Jasmine and lavender offer medicinal qualities in addition to having a lovely scent.

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