Sir Bruce Smalls Boulevard Landscaping

3 Sir Bruce Smalls Boulevard, Benowa QLD 4217

The house is located on Benowa’s Sir Bruce Smalls Boulevard. The residence offers all the amenities that a luxurious home needs, including wonderful architecture and a large yard. One can enjoy the lavish lifestyle to be deserved at beautiful Benowa Waters. This beautiful performer advertises expansive views of the Gold Coast’s skyline from the other side of the open, shimmering lake. As you enter this magnificent, recently restored residence through the gate, magnificent, well-kept grounds set the atmosphere.

Benowa Terrain

Benowa is located 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) west of Surfers Paradise. There are three primary regions in Benowa. On the north side of Ashmore Road are two long-standing Benowa communities: Benowa Hills and Benowa Waters. Benowa is attracting a lot of interest from renovators despite the fact that some of the original homes were built in the 1980s, due to its close proximity to Surfers Paradise as well as Broadbeach as well as the number of excellent facilities in the area. Benowa’s canals are renowned for offering easy access to the Nerang River.

Outdoor Living Environment at Benowa

Benowa is a developing area on the Gold Coast, offering a range of residences, green space, and amenities. Benowa experiences maritime weather. Every month of the year sees rain. The average yearly temperature in Benowa is 23 degrees. Benowa Primary and Benowa High are just a few of the area’s numerous prestigious schools. Families also like using daycare facilities.

2D design, landscaping, and gardening of 3 Sir Bruce Smalls

The client wanted to add some landscaping and other renovations to the exterior of the house given that it was already beautiful in every way. The Residential Exterior Design Services were finished in July 2018. The entire landscape was initially planned and created; the 2d design made the most of every square inch of the available space, and the client adored the creation.

Although there was already a garden, the house had a large space for it that could be used with some landscaping and upkeep. We chose climbers because they are attractive and have ornamental value, adding to the charm of your garden and house. Climbers had covered the wall, which looked spectacular.

Irrigation System Installation at 3 Sir Bruce Smalls

Installing an irrigation system for the garden was a significant part of the project since, without one, it might not survive. We carefully designed the irrigation system with Irrigation Plan Design Services to ensure there are no leaks and that every area of the garden receives enough water to start fresh and alive in order to ensure regular upkeep. There was a fountain in the center of the garden, which undoubtedly had a significant impact on how the house looked, but it wasn’t working because it needed repairs. Therefore, our crew fixed the fountain and gave it a water supply.

The sidewalk outside the house had some bare spots of grass and no curb. Apart from the roadside curbing, we also took care of the grass to cover the bald patches.

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