Public Space Landscaping at Blairgowrie

2843 Point Nepean Rd, Blairgowrie VIC 3942

In May 2020, the project was completed. Red’s professional team was tasked with creating a 3D landscape design for the Blairgowrie public space landscaping.

In the Shire of Mornington Peninsula local government area, Blairgowrie is a seaside town on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. It is situated about 63 kilometers (39 miles) south of Melbourne’s CBD. Along this slender peninsula strip, it is one of many well-liked vacation spots for Melburnians. Port Phillip borders it on the north, while Bass Strait and a string of surf beaches punctuated by breathtaking cliffs and rocky ledges border it on the south. In the summer, travelers frequently visit, and it has been highlighted on several travel shows.

Terrain of Victoria

Despite being small, Victoria has a wide range of climates to choose from. The weather might be mild and cold by the coast or semi-arid and temperate with gorgeous sunshine in the northwest. Victoria’s largest landform, the Great Dividing Range, is a factor in the state’s central region’s cold mountain climate. Compared to Sydney or Brisbane, we get less rain overall. It is typical to see Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne’s suburbs, and the Dandenong High Mountains from a high vantage point.

Outdoor Living Environment Victoria

The average day-to-day high temperature in Victoria, one of the coldest districts in Australia, is 22 degrees Celsius. The most favourable month to travel is January because of the warmer weather. Less appealing are the chilly months of May through September.

3D Design and Landscaping of Public Space at Blairgowrie

A public area, furniture placed close commercial market. A grass pattern, and plant arrangement were all part of the landscape design. The woodwork, which was intended to be done as a boundary wall, was a wonderful addition to the landscape; it improved the space and served as a barrier between the path and the ground.

The 3D design was really helpful in the construction. The landscape designer and the client can decide on an achievable vision for the property with the use of 3D landscape design software. You can sketch out the design’s layout and also settle on the smallest of elements. The landscaping was done per the planned landscape drawings, and the area’s final beauty was seen to be amazing.

The construction contained a patio for the woodwork as well as exposed concrete pavement. An outdoor sitting area was created for the public.

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