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21 Belgravia Ave, Mont Albert North VIC 3129

13 kilometers east of Melbourne’s Business district, in the City of Whitehorse local government area, is Belgravia Ave, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia called Mont Albert North. Mont Albert North was the first name of the neighborhood. Then it was given the name Box Hill North, and then it was given the name Mont Albert North again.


Being a Melbourne suburb, Mont Albert North is located in the city’s hilly east. As people prefer to reside on hills, eastern hills are much preferred.

Outdoor Living Environment

Mont Albert North experiences a chilly, mild, and largely dry summer.

The third coldest month of the year, August, is in the winter at Mont Albert North. Maximum daytime temperatures often hover around 14°C (57°F), while 6°C (43°F) is the norm at night. It is a great destination for tourists because it is clean and has a variety of picnic areas, including parks and restaurants.

Residential Exterior Design at Mont Albert North

The mansion at Mont Albert North was an August building, and its elegant style was quite spacious. In October 2020, our team finished a project for exterior design and exposed aggregate concrete paths. For both the owner and Reds Landscaping and Design, the project was of utmost importance. We conducted extensive research into the region and made major improvements to the home’s outside design and appearance. We painted the house, which altered the overall appearance of the property. To further alter the appearance, we added flower pots and various plant species to the patios and balconies. However, the house’s yard needed to be leveled off because it was uneven. Since exposed aggregate concrete pathways are more dependable than conventional concrete pathways, we used them in their construction. Compared to conventional concrete, exposed aggregate has several advantages, but most significantly, it looks better and has more curb appeal. However, exposed aggregate is also more weatherproof, more durable, requires less upkeep, and is simpler to clean.

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