Italian-Style Home Landscaping

2 Yacht Street, Southport, QLD 4215

The classic Italian-style home is located in South Port on Yacht Street. Australia’s Queensland state includes Southport as a seaside neighborhood of the City of Gold Coast. The population of Southport was 31,908 according to the 2016 census. The Gold Coast Central Business District is located there.


Located at 27.9605° S, 153.3997° E in western Southport, lies the neighborhood of Musgrave Hill. The Nerang River (27.9756° S, 153.4225° E), which empties into The Broadwater at Moreton Bay’s southernmost point, borders Southport to the southeast. Moreton Bay then encircles the suburb to the northeast. King Reach is a stretch of the Nerang River.

Outside Living Environment

A humid subtropical climate characterizes Southport, with hot, rainy summers and mild winters. For tourists, it is the perfect location to walk around in a healthy setting with pure air. The area’s planned features include restaurants, parks, and real estate.

External Design Service

In December 2018, we finished a significant job on a home property on Southport’s Yacht Street that stood out to us. The house was a magnificent, incredibly huge Italian-style home. The project is comprised of Residential Exterior Design Services Gold Coast and Garden Landscaping.

The external design service and the carefully considered swimming pool contributed significantly to the overall appearance of the Italian-style home.

The grass and bushes were kept up and decorated with stripes, and our crew chose the best plant species for the Southport environment to bring freshness to the home. Each property component was carefully designed and positioned in the ideal location while keeping in mind how it would appear from above. The mansion now has a fresh look thanks to the painting of the exterior and the use of climbers on the pillars.

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