Prahran Landscaping

17 Lexton Grove, Prahran VIC 3181

Prahran, a neighborhood sandwiched between South Yarra and the rougher district of Windsor, is renowned for its chic pubs, Southeast Asian restaurants, and late-night clubs. A well-known hotspot, Greville Street is home to trendy cafes, specialized shops, and the landmark Greville Records. At Chapel Street Bazaar, shoppers dig among the stalls selling antique furniture and clothing. Let’s have a look at the Prahran Landscaping.

Prahran Terrain

The elevation/altitude/height above sea level of Terrain Prahran is 26.4 m. About 653 mm of rainfall occurs in Prahran each year.

Prahran Living Environment

Prahran is a vibrant and fashionable suburb with a hip Melbourne edge and is frequently referred to as a complete mini-city in itself. It offers its residents a sought-after Melbourne lifestyle with the perfect blend of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and cafés.

Prahan 3D Design and Residential Exterior Design Services

We finished a Prahran Landscaping in Victoria in August 2020. The project included services for both 2D and 3D landscape design. The house was in the ideal location, but it needed help with the outside and swimming pool design. A Red’s Landscaping team of experts went directly to the location and evaluated the space that was there. Following the client’s observation, a 2D landscape design plan was created and shared with them. The 2D plan was later converted into 3D for a clearer view, and the client was pleased with the accuracy. We chose materials of the highest quality for the construction of the pool and the surrounding area.

The Swimming Pool Design

The swimming pool has stairs inside in a straight, rectangular design. Expert craftsmen used high-quality concrete to build the entire swimming pool, and we added some gleaming, spotless tiles to finish it off. Additionally, the plants that were selected to encircle the pool’s edges were healthy, green, and appropriate for the surroundings. The placement of the sanitary and water systems ensures that there will be no water issues with the pool. The water entering the pool has been thoroughly cleaned and purified. There was no evidence of any water leaks. The client was pleased with the outcome of the Residential Swimming Pool Design Melbourne overall, and we are glad everything was brought to completion according to plan.

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