16 Watts Parade Pool Design

16 Watts Parade, Mount Eliza, VIC 3930

Red’s team of professionals finished the swimming pool design and construction at 16 Watts Parade, Mount Eliza, Victoria, 3930 in September 2020. The house has five bedrooms. It is situated on a 4346 square metre plot of land. An estimate of the value of this house is $5.23 million, with a range of $4.59 million to $5.87 million.

Terrain Around 16 Watts Parade, Mount Eliza

At Mount Eliza, Daveys Bay, Ranelagh Beach, Half Moon Bay, Moondah Beach, Canadian Bay, and Sunnyside North Beach are a few of the beaches and bays. The Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve, Ballar Creek, Manmangur Creek, Earimil Creek, Gunyong Creek, and Manyung Creek are just a few of the numerous rivers that can be found in Mount Eliza.

The Outdoor Living Environment

Living in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula is a wise choice. This quaint and welcoming environment, which has a variety of boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants along the main strip, will make you feel right at home. The best weather is most likely to occur in March, April, October, November, and December, when average temperatures range between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius.

3D Rendering and Design for 16 Watts Parade

It was a great experience to have worked on the house, which was located in a fantastic location with a great ocean view. It had to have an incredible poolside entertainment area. Therefore, the task was to plan and build a swimming pool at the home with the ideal appearance and functionality. The same approach was used from the outset—3D design with 3D rendering was presented to get the best visual effect, followed by the construction.

Outdoor Pool Design and Construction at 16 Watts Parade

To assure its endurance, we used high-quality materials throughout construction. Concrete was used to build the pool, and tiles were later added for a fantastic aesthetic. The water system was ideal for the pool, and the plants were strategically placed in the landscaping around the pool to take advantage of the local temperature.

The client adored the concept and could not wait to see it because the swimming pool’s 3D model seemed so lifelike. We got started right away and finished the project. The outdoor space was excellent for having fun.

For the following reasons, cast in situ walls were also included in the project:

  • This type of concrete is highly preferred and utilized all over the world because it can easily adapt to any building shape.
  • The joints are only provided at the same structural level since cast-in situ concrete can be more or less monolithic.

The two-way structural system naturally uses this sort of concrete. Concrete that has been cast in place is particularly flexible for post-tensioning. No crane is required while putting concrete in this manner.

The open-air gallery above the pool was encased in glass yet presented any sort of hindrance to the scenic ocean view and the view of the pool beneath.

Right under the gallery, the spa was built, which was open to the outdoors yet covered from the top.

The poolside pergola was built for an outdoor dinner setting, and the roof was decorated with climbing plants.

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